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First off I want thank you for taking the time to read this. I for one have never actually published a story like this talking about myself or really talked to much about these experiences I've been having. I'm making this because i'm trying to seek some clarity and some direction on what I should do, or at least what direction I should take.

Ever since I can remember I have been having precognitive dreams, where I would dream of an event and it would transpire from usually a day too a couple years. They have not happened that often, but the thing that shocks me is that they are so precise. When I was nine years old, I had a dream that I was riding in my mothers car to go to play a game of tennis with her. As she moved into the turning lane, a red jeep would veer in front of us with a playboy bunny sticker on the back of the trunk and at the same time, nine doves would swoop done beside the jeep flying behind it for a couple of seconds before flying off into the distance. That morning when I woke up, I had assumed it was just a dream, but it wasn't. By mid day I got into the car with my mother and I experienced that same event exactly 100% my dream had shown me. Another dream that had was in the year of 2005, I dreamed that I was playing on a second generation Ipod touch, and at the time there was not any of that tech around. I woke up thinking that one day I was going to get one, and sure enough it happened four years later. The second I was in that moment, I instantly remembered my dream a couple years back.

These are the biggest precognitive dreams that I have had so far, but ever since I had the one with the doves, I have been able to change my "fate" around me. Each time I get a new precognitive dream, I can change the scenario of it. An example of this was that I had dreamed that I was going to get into a verbal fight with a fellow student about some kind of video game. As soon as I was in that moment I said something different which averted the fight rather than sticking to my dream. It might sound kind of confusing, but a better example would be that I had a dream where in high school I was walking down a hallway hurrying to class, I wanted to get a drink of water, but because the bell rang I didn't. When I got to class, one of my friends had tripped me, causing me to fall on the floor and scatter papers. The following day, when I was in the moment of walking down the hallway, the bell rang. I wanted to get a drink of water, remembering my dream, I went against it, and got a drink of water rather than hurrying to class. When I arrived at class, I noticed another student had fallen, scattering papers in my place, whereas that was supposed to be me, if I hadn't got that drink of water. I don't know if I should be altering my future like that, and its one of the things I have been wondering about.

Precognitive dreams haven't been the only things that I have experienced though. When I was in junior high, I used to see a lady in red in the corner of my vision sometimes, I felt her presence following me every now and then. Sometimes I would get a bit scared so I would flee from the area where I saw her. One night however, I had a dream. I was sitting on the floor, and I was looking up at this lady who was sitting in a chair. I saw her red dress, I saw her nails which were pointed and painted red. As I looked up her body I saw what looked to be the lady in red, whom I had seen out of the corner of my eye from time to time. The one thing that I just couldn't see was her face. It appeared blurred, and when I tried to get a glance, she grabbed my left arm and dug her pointed red nails into my skin, it felt like my skin was on fire, and it woke me up due to that pain I had experienced. When I looked at my arm in the morning, I lifted up my shirt sleeve and I noticed a red scratch on my skin right where she had dug her nail into me. I know for certain that I never had never had that scratch before. I don't know if I did that in my sleep (because I was wearing a shirt that night), or if it could have been her. That experience really scared me, and I actually stopped remembering my dreams for a couple years after that event. Any time I saw this red lady, I denied her existence, because whoever I told thought that I was just screwing around and making this stuff up. So I convinced myself that was so, and I never saw her again.

Lately I think I've been going through a "spiritual awaking". I moved away from home to live on campus at uni, one of my roommates who is a lot older than me, has re sparked my interest into this and has giving me inspiration to find answers and look for the truth. Since living on campus I have met a bunch of spiritual people. I even got a reading from a shamen, who told me that I was an elemental or something (can't fully remember what she told me lol), and that I was also what's known as a "fairy on earth". The thing that really shocked me about meeting this person was that she knew so much about me, and my past, and according to her, what's to come. She had literally told me what was in my past and the things I had been holding onto. I had never met this person before either, and in the twenty or so minuets that I talked to her, it was a really good experience. She had cleansed my chalkras opening up a couple of them because they where closed.

Since then I have been reflecting on the past and I have been working at developing myself spiritually and trying out different kinesis' (At the moment fire kinesis seems to be the only one that works for me). I've been keeping a dream journal, and since writing in it almost everyday, I have been having quite a few precognitive dreams this month. I have been meditating and working at opening my third eye. Also I've been working on seeing aura's, so far I can see white auras around people. One thing I have been seeing is shadow people out of the corners of my eyes, and catching them in reflections too. I have only seen about 6 or so. Most out of the corner of my eye, and one woke me up for school when I was about to sleep in. It was waving its arms which I saw once, then when looked back to see if I was making it up, I saw it a second time, so I know it wasn't my imagination, and then it dispersed. I notice that sometimes when I meditate, I've caught glimpses of white orbs of light that fly around my room, and I've also been seeing flashes of white light too. It literally looks like someone used their flash on their phone, but each time I've gone to investigate there's nothing that could have made that happen in thin air. One thing that I notice a lot, is that there seems to be a mist that likes to occupy my room sometimes. There are two different kinds I've found. One is a dark mist, which makes my room darker and I feel a bit uneasy when its there. I make it go away by envisioning a white ball of light that cleanses the corners of my room and when I open my eyes its a lot a brighter and the dark mist is gone. The other is more of a white mist, that looks transparent, and I notice it quite often in other buildings too (I'm not really bugged by this one). Quite often I also see the air seeming to shimmer in front of me and I always feel like my eyes are playing tricks on me or that I am making this up. I've had my eyes checked and I have 20/20+ vision, so nothing wrong there.

Oh also, I have found that for whatever reason lights have been flickering around me, I have no clue why. One day I was talking to my roommate about some of these experiences that I was having, and the whole time the light beside me was flickering, I kept pointing it out to him, but he didn't seem to notice, it flickered a good eight times, and then later on I saw a white flash of light in that room which illuminated a good portion of our kitchen which to my surprise he never saw. With my roommate, he has a couple decks of tarot cards, which we both have been using to give each other readings and boy, are they accurate. They literally predicted a move in that I had with my girlfriend 4 months before it happened. I don't know why, but each time I use tarot cards with him, I always seem to get a really nervous knot in my stomach, and it's almost like I can feel another presence watching us. On that note, today I was using the washroom and I felt something come behind me. The air got all chilly and I felt lots of cool air being blown on the back of my neck like something was standing behind myself and breathing on me. Even as I'm typing this now, I can feel it breathing on my hands and my neck. This actually has me really spooked and I don't know what to think about this yet.

Finally I think that my closet has a portal in it. Each time I go inside, I check the temperature of the air outside of it with my hand, when I put my hand inside of the closet, it always has a different temperature around it. Sometimes the air is really hot there and it feels like my hand is slightly slowed when I\'m moving through that air space (like there is a bit of resistance). Other times it will be icy cold, and I can feel a bit of wind, as weird as that sounds. Another thing I've seen is when I run my hand through it, it seems like I can see my aura being reflected off my hands. It looks like a pale beige color that's being extended from my fingers in the shape of a flame which extends about 10 or so millimeters. So I don't know what to think of this yet, but I've been researching as much as I can. My roommate thinks I should try to astral-project into my closet to see what's in there, but I don't know how to yet (been practicing it though).

Again thanks for taking the time to read this, if you can relate or even tell me about some of the things I have been experiencing and know more about then I, I would like for you to express you opinions if you have the time. I am really curious and wanting to know more, have a great night all.

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Liam39876 (3 stories) (12 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-16)
Hi KikiGirl

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you! I've been afk for a while as I've been focusing on a lot of spiritual stuff. I'm putting out a part two tonight, hopefully this can make up for taking so long to get back to you!

KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-15)
Hi Liam39876! I am so super excited to hear back from you. I've checked this post every now and again, but, you hadn't responded or posted since so I thought, maybe something IS going on but he won't post it... And then, I thought you plain forgot about posting again!

Ping me! *Lol when you do post a new article? And, hey!? It's not fair to leave us so long wondering what's going on, if there is.

Liam39876 (3 stories) (12 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-13)
Hi KikiGirl

Thanks for showing interest! Honestly so much has developed, and I'm going to write a part two, with what's been going on in the past couple of months.

KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-20)
Hi Liam39876! Do you have any updates on what's going on with you? I'd love to hear about it!

Will you post any further stories? I would love to read with you and hear about everything, the good and bad that's coming up.

KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-17)
Liam39876! I've just awarded you a karma point for your response, I loved the following:
"As for astral projection, I will listen to your advice as it doesn't feel right going into that portal."
"I will stay smart and use my brains to work out these situations."
"All this stuff I have experienced has been through out my life time and having support from other people like you really helps to make me believe way more in this and want to continue developing these talents."

... In other words, I LOVED your post!
Liam39876 (3 stories) (12 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-04)
Thanks also KikiGirl, all this stuff I have experienced has been through out my life time and having support from other people like you really helps to make me believe way more in this and want to continue developing these talents. As for astral projection, I will listen to your advice as it doesn't feel right going into that portal. Thanks again for the advice, I will stay smart and use my brains to work out these situations.
Liam39876 (3 stories) (12 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-04)
Thank you Boson for your reply. Honestly it helps a ton, I never thought that with precognitive dreams that it could be the most probable scenario, that's really helpful! As for the portal i'll see if I can find somone to check it out for me as there as some people who I know who are good with that stuff.
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-03)
Hey Liam,
I'm glad you are taking baby steps towards discovering the gifts that may be at your fingertips. I relate a lot to you in the way of;
Having made a point to forget my gifts or sixth-sense because of an event, only for it to resurface anyway. And, eventually finding my way back to the path to discover what I am actually experiencing or doing with my para-sight.

I also want to say that you most definitely have much stronger gifts or clarity then I have ever had. I admire and revere what you can do.

Two things stood out for me;
1. The feeling with the tarot cards. Although I am not a trained medium, I have also done tarot readings, guide reading and angel card readings. In the beginning, I would mix the deck as I felt it would give me a more comprehensive reading. But, I got the same feeling that you got when you say, you feel uneasy when dealing with a tarot deck. Looking closely at my readings, I feel that tarot cards have a way of putting... A swing on things? A... Suspicion or covert the complete truth about a situation. I leave them out of my readings now.

2. I really don't think that astral projection into your closet is a good idea. Some sort of residual or para-energy is manifesting or growing, taking energy and using it in some way to create its own life-force within that area for whichever reason. Pivoting yourself and your mental image or even astral body into such a space without any idea of what's going on, leaves more questions then answers and can be dangerous. I know of a spiritual plane whereby if your mental image or astral body is cast into it, you lose something within you. It's not something you see immediately, but it is something you definitely feel immediately and there is no way of getting that part/energy of yourself back.

I hope that on this venture into the spiritual, you hold onto your instincts and remember that good begets good and bad/evil begets the same. Bad things do happen to good people but you have to protect yourself and use your brains.

No matter what is happening, no matter what may influence or manipulate the things around you, you will always feel in your heart or in-and-of yourself, if what you are doing is good or bad.
Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-29)
Hi Liam39876,

That's a lot going on for you spiritually in your life on so many levels. I just want to comment on a a few of your experiences based on my experiences. You mentioned portals, yes they are certainly real. I have never come across a portal that doesn't assist dark entities. So I would recommend that you find someone to close that portal, which is not really that complicated.

Then you talked about precognitive dreams. That's one of my favorite topics. I have had them all my life. Well, what you see in those dreams is not always what happens because the dreams (or any psychic vision of future for that matter) show you the most probable scenario. So this means that if you see a certain event in your dream it will occur but only with some likelihood. It's a warning that it might happen if you don't act. So even if you didn't take action on what you saw in a dream it may not occur after all. Sadly, some events cannot be completely removed because that particular experience is planned. So if you were to circumvent that event, it would still happen as a similar event at another time to give the same experience.

I hope it helps a little.

Universeteachings (guest)
7 years ago (2016-12-18)
Very interesting. If you want to know more of these things and how to see them, I can teach you how to do it.
Step by step, with determination and love.
From the light and darkness.
Universeteachings [at]
Stay determined,

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