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Possible Spiritual Awakening!


First of all I'd like to thank everyone for taking time to read my ramblings I'm about to write and thank anyone who may be able to offer some advice.

So I'll begin.

My name is Kev I'm 36 and live in Worcestershire UK.

I've been experiencing closed eye visions when trying to get to sleep, mostly colour flashes that has been happening for sometime but more recently I have been seeing faces!.

Now a little back story that may be of some significance.

A few years ago I went with some friends for a (bare with me!) ghost hunt experience completely skeptical about the whole thing. I won't go into too much detail but I actually had a image of a hooded figure appear over my shoulder and needless to say it freaked me out somewhat.

As a sceptic I dismissed it as getting carried away with the moment etc etc.

A couple of months later totally unrelated my father passed away due to alcoholism and shortly after my faithful old dog passed away. This had a dire consequences on my mental health and I slipped into a state of depression!

Now the part I believe is of most relevance.

Whilst battling this condition I decided to look into meditation to try and help me combat the insomnia that was plaguing me at the time.

I found various guided meditation videos and gave them a try.

I found them to be very helpful and my sleep improves and I find myself feeling better and manage to break the depressive state.

Then I found guided videos on how to open the third eye through meditation and gave them a go too.

Now if I try and meditate I find the experience uncomfortable and I get the visions I mentioned at the start.

But most recently I get these colour flashes and fleeting faces every time I close my eyes for any length of time.

So I'm seeking advice of the psychic community so I may be able to focus on these faces as I believe I may have unwittingly started on a path of spiritual awakening!

I'd like to add that I was always a sceptic and my Aunty on my mother's side always claimed to be a clairvoyant and she regularly visited her local spirtualist church. I always disbelieved her thinking she was some what eccentric, maybe she actually was clairvoyant!

I welcome any advice on what I should do next.

Thanks Kev.

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Winter_Solace (109 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-09)
Hello, there are times I see these faces as well. I used to see them all the time any second I closed my eyes. But that was years ago. I still get closed eye visuals/visions. The faces I believe to be spirits either around you or thinking about you. It's too bad your circumstances that occurred before all this. I wish you the best in any remaining recovery.

I recommend you keep meditating, and connect to Source/Creator to help. You'll get better in time, I am sure. I hope the best for you and your awakening journey.
Gabbie (55 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-24)
[at] Kevkar1981

That sounds great:) I will be looking forward to your email. Be safe! Talk soon!

Kevkar1981 (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-24)
Thank you Gabbie for your reply. I'm currently away on my holiday for a few more days and my internet if very hit and miss. I will definitely contact you very soon.
Thanks again Kev.
Gabbie (55 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-23)
Hello Kevin, and thank you for sharing your experience with us.

At first, let me start by saying that going to places which are believed to be "haunted", can be a dangerous thing in itself, as it is as if you are allowing different situations and beings come to you, and that can potentially be quite harmful. That is one side of things.

Now on to some general information. It is true that apart from the physical side of this world, also exists another world, that of the spiritual. Within the spiritual, exist a quite big variety of beings, creatures, energies etc, some of which belong to the Light, some of which belong to the Dark and some of which remain Neutral, and just exist doing whatever they want to do. As humans, we are born with the spiritual already part of ours, it's just that some are born with that side already active (which means they begin experiencing the spiritual as soon as they are born), some awaken at some point in their lives (either triggered by an experience or because of another reason that has to do with the person's purpose here on Earth), and some never realize that it even exists or deny it and move on with their lives.

Due to the connection we have to the spiritual, we inevitably become influenced by situations that concern that side.

Everything we do, feel, think, translates itself into energy. And energy roams freely around us, as we don't know how to protect ourselves spiritually. As a result, we influence and get influenced (a lot of times people experience a sudden change of heart, or emotional fluctuations, thinking something is wrong with them, when in truth, in many cases their situation is connected to something spiritual- I am mentioning this as another reason as to why you might have had such a hard time after the death of your favorite people - could be that it was a bit heavier due to something else).

When you begin to meditate, and do it without the proper protection, you are wide open among the spiritual, making yourself a "lantern", drawing the attention of different energies, and beings, as well as information, as you connect to random places, beings, energies etc.

I would gladly explain more about these situations, and also help teach you how to protect yourself from harmful energies and anything that might wish to harm you.

I believe that there is a possibility that hooded apparition you believe to have encountered, might be around you until now, so would be good if we could work together to make sure you get rid of everything unnecessary, so that you can get your life back.

Be strong, and take care. My email is on my profile, so don't hesitate to contact me:)


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