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Curious About Being A Possible Medium


Recently, I was painting a house. As I was sitting on the floor to paint the frame of a door, I just started smelling moth balls out of nowhere. They have a distinct scent, and much different than the smell of paint. Mind you, the room is completely empty of items except a few paint tools. I got up and smelled everything, and nothing produced the moth ball smell. It only came out of thin air. Maybe I'm a medium and picked up the presence of a ghost? My theory is that my grandfather was visiting the house, since he always used moth balls in his closet, and it's something I always smelled when we visited him. This seems more ghost-related, but it could be a sign that points me to the path of a medium, maybe. I also tend to get feelings about buildings. I was walking by an old school at night a few weeks ago (going home after an evening of drinking at a friend's place), and I didn't want to be near it. Maybe it was because it was night-time, but that place creeped me out so much that I chose to bike on the other side of the street. A minute later after I pass the school, I see a woman on the other sidewalk (where the school was) and she was just standing there, looking down the street (in the opposite direction of me) and wasn't saying anything. Then after 5 seconds of just staring, she silently put her hands above her head, and started running in the direction of the school, without a sound. No one else was around either. It was creepy as hell. I think, that my feeling of switching sidewalks could've been either to avoid bad energy from the school, or it was just an internal warning about a possible danger ahead (Idk what was wrong with that lady, maybe drugs since it was a friday night).

Another instance was when I was at a late-night party a few years ago. I was at a friend's frat party, and as everyone was downstairs, some of us were hanging out upstairs in one of the bedrooms. We were all about to smoke (mind you I trusted these guys & didn't feel threatened), but then I had a sudden urge to just get out of there. I excused myself and left. Nothing bad happened to me, but I came outside to see two of my friends in the center of attention because they were doing something stupid. Maybe something in me said "hey, leave now. Go be there for your friends because they're about to do something embarrassing".

(There is another instance of me feeling something in my gut that made me act like this, but I forgot what it was as soon as I started telling the previous story, ugh!)

Another instance is quite recently. I was thinking of religion, and asked a question in my head if there was a greater force or being in this world, and I got a flash of a strange vision. I never have visions, but this mental image came to me in a second and it really stuck in my mind (super vivid). The image looked like an egg yolk, but one of the bloody egg yolks where there was a red circle in the middle of yellow, and the red radiated from the yellow. Kind of like how when you see oil in water - how the colors look in water, but kind of like an eye as well. Anyways, this abstract vision is really stressing me out, because I don't think I imagined that on my own. And it wasn't a dream, since I was awake (just lying in bed, about to go to sleep).

This being said, I'm unsure of whether or not I might be a medium. I could be either: a novice medium that doesn't know how to tune in to the spiritual side of things yet, or I could be just an empath with ADHD and an overactive imagination. However, if anyone could tell me if my "vision" was legit or not, that would ease my mind (just because it's stressing me out, since whenever I imagine things, they never stick out as vividly as that picture).

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OliviaMarie (2 stories) (4 posts)
3 years ago (2021-04-29)

Most times developing as a medium, you feel exactly as you described, like you have an overactive imagination. Be reassured that you're in the awakening phase. My advice would be to just don't let fear take over, there's a lot going on in the beginning and its just a way of preparing you for opening your senses. We are all psychic and if you start to become more aware of things, it can help you to strengthen your perception. Hope this helps! ❤

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