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My experience has been rather intense. It started with dreaming things and would read about them the next day in the newspaper. I would have prematures while talking to people, thinking of stories involving the person in the back of my head and then days later it will happen. I then started to notice all the houses I would happen to go to would all be number 7 or number 11. I then started journeling all my coincidences and started noticing what was happening. I have always believed in the after life, good luck charms, sometimes see what I though were ghosts. I started seing energy at night time when laying in bed. They would always just walk passed my bed real quick. This happened for about a month. I started meditating at the beach, started seing intense flashes,orbs,sparkles. I then started seing numbers everywhere started off with number plates, clock, order numbers, started seing numbers forming in the clouds, will lay down and stare into the sky and I just see loads of numbers. Started looking at photos and when I stare at them numbers appear everywhere. If I stare long enough the numbers move up and down. Then last sunday got home from a friend's and all of a sudden could see spirits clearly, walking passed my bed. I would lay in bed and feel I am being pulled down the mattress, lifted from my bed, constantly being touched up and down my arms and legs. I would look at my sliding wardope and it will open and close I was thinkimg it was a spirit. My blind cord would sway when I would look over at it. I then noticed that when I would stare at the match stick box it moved, when I looked at the wardrobe it would sway, looked at my pen on the bed and it started to move, stared at my big industrial fan and it moved. This has all happened in 7 weeks and I still havr not fully awaken. Has any one elee have a similar experience? Thanks

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emmy007 (23 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-04)
Hello Cherib333, I have also had my fair share of experiences after I received my spiritual awakening. I started seeing the numbers 111, 11:11,222,333 and other numbers in my dreams. I have also dreamt of other events which have come true. Recently, I dreamt of the numbers 7 and 11. I am still trying to figure out what they mean. You can get in contact with me for further discussions at emmarexx3 [at]
Historian (2 stories) (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-27)
Hello I'm Miles,

I'm so happy I found your post. You just described my life for the past almost two months. Obviously some details are very much different. I went through so much emotions that seemed to consume me. Now I can do and feel other people's feelings. Influence over the people around me has intensified. I no longer feel rage towards anything. Unless it's myself.
We should email seriously. It would be nice to have someone to talk to about this on a level playing field.

Iloveyouberniethebear [at]

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