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I wrote a previous post about my childhood leading up to last years events. This post I will be talking about everything that's been going on with me lately. If you can relate or have questions, I would love to hear your input!

So firstly since my last post I have obtained much more knowledge as well as many new experiences. The biggest thing that has sparked my development was my roommate. Since day one when I met my roommate, he's told me that his goal was to ascend. He has opened me up in many areas, regarding spiritual activities. He is reiki attuned, can channel, and he can manifest on a crazy level. For those of you who don't know what manifestation is, manifestation is the ability to cause events to happen in life. It's essentially the law of reaping and sowing on a universal level. He's recently created a group with other like minded individuals like myself, where we can talk about these things, and experience many different psychic, and spiritual activities together. Currently each of us are learning how to astral project together. Each of us share a copy of a book called, "90 day guide to astral projection". What it is, is a daily guide on how to clear energetic blockages, and work day by day on stabilizing our energy bodies so we can astral project. So far it's been really good, I can feel my energetic body and manipulate it in different ways. Eventually i'll be able to astral project, and when I do, i'll create a separate post on it.

In my previous post I talked about a portal I had in my closet, it has actually closed on its own since then. Before it closed however, I decided to meditate and try to view it. After a couple of attempts I was successful. The portal in my closet looked like a rip between realities, if that makes sense. It was torn down the middle and stemming from the top of it, was a circle like vortex, which was rotating into its center. After viewing this, I let a couple of members from the group I mentioned above to come check it out. Upon inspection, one guy said that he heard the sound of thunder. While another heard rustling of wind, when my roommate investigated, he instantly felt drained, and got goosebumps all over his body, he claimed to feel its presence taking his energy. Anytime I have investigated, I've always seen my aura drift off into it, and I always pick up a windy like feeling whenever I pass by.

On the topics of Auras, I have been practicing my ability to see them. I can see Aura colors on people now, as well my own. I have an orange aura, that almost seems gold at times. My roommate's aura is that of purple or gold. I've read auras of others in our group, and they vary from gold, to pure white, silver, and green. I have also developed an ability to see symbols in others aura's sometimes. For example, I saw bull horns over this one guy's aura, and it actually represented his personality. This individual was someone with a lot of a drive, and motivation. Sometimes they get lost in the way they are going (like a bull), but when directed, this guy can get anything done. Another symbol that I have seen is a line through someones head. To me this represented being very closed off, and restrictive. Traits again that this person I knew possessed. One last example was that I met this lady who had a unicorn horn in her aura field. What this meant was that this person was going to undergo some kind of big change in her life, and that as long as her insecurities didn't get in the way, she would be very successful and strong. Later on that week, she heard the same things over and over by other members in our group, who gave her tarot card readings without knowing the meaning of what I told her. She later came back to me, and told me that I was spot on with what I said, since 2 others had confirmed that.

In being able to see auras, I have been seeing even more paranormal phenomenons, and energy. Shadow people all the time in the corner of my eye, or flashes of lights, and swirling orbs all the time. When people in my group try to do things, I can observe what they are doing since I can see their energies. This one guy I know, can basically create energy shapes above his head, and I can see it. In confirming with him what I see, he tells me that I am spot on. I noticed this one girl in our group, who had her eyes closed, and when I was pondering what she was doing, I then noticed that there where energies behind her in the shape of angelic wings. She opened her eyes, and I told her what I had seen. She then told me that what I described was exactly what had happened.

The people who I have talked about in this group, are going to be refereed to as my friends from now on, since we all bond very well. My roommate believed that he was being constantly dragged down by a negative entity. A shamen, and a couple of others told him that he had a negative entity in his presence often. He told me it was draining his energy every day, and that he always felt super anxious when it would steal his energy. One night we noticed he was super drained. So a couple of members in our group tried to use reiki, and energy work to try and free him from how he was feeling. Unfortunately none of it had prevailed. All of a sudden I had an idea. I got him to sit a meter away from me, and I looked him straight in the eyes, and told him to look back at me. I then stared into his eyes, and I could almost see his face changing, in a manner that looked really twisted and didn't seem like him. As soon as I noticed this, his body started to shake obsessively, like he couldn't sit still. That is when I mentally felt like I had a connection with his entity. I asked for its name (which I honestly can't even pronounce), and asked whether it was a good or bad entity. It gave me an inconclusive answer. I felt negativing coming from it, and I asked what it was doing inside of my friend. I felt it's answer was that it had to be inside of him in order to survive. At this point I knew it had to go. So I visualized myself pulling out this entity through his eyes, and into mine. I wanted to rid him of this because he's been affected by this for easily half a year now. The second I did this, his shaking immediately stopped. I took the entity from him and cleansed it inside of myself. I then asked him how he felt, and he told me, "I felt anxious the whole time, my body wouldn't stop shaking, whatever you did, you took it away from me". Since then, he hasn't felt it back. The person who I had mentioned earlier with the unicorn horn, was suffering with the same thing as my roommate. The next day he brought her to me, and I did the exact same thing. She didn't understand fully what happened, but she told me that she felt relieved, like a pressure shes been holding onto for as long as she remembered was gone. When I took this entity from her and my roommate, I was able to feel how they where feeling. With the first entity, I could feel it physically affecting my heart giving me anxiety attacks, while the other gave me this sick to the stomach feeling of just regret and hatred. However each time I took their entity, I would purify it by taking a walk in a nature and going to this spot that just felt kind of magical. I then would release these entities I held in me, and visualized it going into the ground. When I did so, the bad feelings I had where immediately gone, and both of my friends feel way more happy and haven't felt it since.

I do have more experiences but I don't want to make this post too long so i'll end it here for tonight. Thank you for reading my accounts, like I said above I would love to hear your feed back!


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KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-24)
Hey Liam! I also wondered if you'd read my story; "Premonition Of Danger - Button Spiders" - I can't say, it's my most "recent" story, just, a story that happened years back when I was about 22 years of age.
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-24)
Liam39876! Thank-you for listening to me and taking the time to think about this and be sensible about this. You really don't want to be the guy who went crazy and killed a bunch of people and then, couldn't remember why, just, that you were practicing to better understand psychic gifts and arts.

I wish, I could give you more mentorship. 32 years old am I, and I only recently found someone that I can, at the very least, relate with. I think, I am a lot like you in the fact that when I believe something, it is really difficult to convince me otherwise, particularly, because I ALWAYS try to see both sides of a situation before coming to a conclusion. But, one thing we must remember is that no belief is 100%! Idea/s are constantly being changed, bettered and updated with better ways, new challenges and other theories. Sometimes, we are so sure on one thing (and I include myself here) meanwhile, I could be totally wrong too!

I have been hearing this word, "spiritualist church" being passed around. I am a Christian and my faith in God above everything works for me. But, if you want to know more theories and so on, if you can find such a place where you can get some information?
Liam39876 (3 stories) (12 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-24)
Hi KikiGirl, you do bring up a good point about how others under the influence of darker energies can be controlled. I am very aware of this, and I have read many stories on this. I am also very aware of the fact that I am opening up these doorways. I have put in a lot of research and time into this and the thing that I do lack is someone to show me the ropes. Your four points are defiantly very good advice, and i'll be looking into that more. At the moment I have only taken away these bad entities from close friends in my group and haven't made the decision to try it on others yet. One thing that I am sure of however, is that I do stop these entities. I have a close connection with nature, and nature has aided me in a lot of ways with being able to cleanse negative emotion, and darker entities. Fairly soon i'm going to put out another post on some of the experiences I've had with the earth.

Anyways going back to the point I understand this is a danger, and with that comes risk. I do seek to help others (especially the ones closet to me) in anyway that I can, I can't say that I won't help them, but I will say that I am going to delve deeper into this field and being searching for answers. I do have a protection method that works for me 100% at this moment, the things I do lack however are:
A. Someone who knows a lot about it,
B. Someone who is "good" who will show you the ropes. Someone you trust.
C. Much experience with whatever the "issue" is.
This problem I am looking into, and I've been trying to arrange meetings with people who know about this. Thanks again KikiGirl.
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-23)
Hey Liam39876, how are you friend? So... Something has been bothering me since we last chatted. As I said, I also stumbled across the ability to, kindof' remove spirits which were making people unhappy, depressed or insane. So... I am greatly worried about you taking the spirit/s and putting them into yourself, until, such a time that you can push them away or into the ground. I was very confused and deliberated for a long time before approaching you about my concern. I thought, if Liam can help people in this way, he should do it. BUT, not if it's not safe! I just feel that it could be dangerous taking spirits and energy into yourself or 'welcoming' it into yourself. The energy could be anything! It could be very, very dark indeed! Also, by allowing it access to your body, it's like opening a doorway and saying, "come right in!" It's not a good idea! Also, what if you were feeling a little bit tired, disorientated or what if you had a bad day and your thoughts were already working on a very bad level, for some reason? And, now you take this energy with ill-intentions which works mainly, with the subconscious, and allow it to manipulate on you for a while.

I really feel that the danger/s is too great! You hear stories, how a seemingly normal person working with the craft or just mediumship or whatever, by their choice or by no choice of their own runs into maybe, dark magic or dark energy. Initially, everything is fine and they work through it with their intuition or help of a group or spell or mediumship and then, suddenly, the person goes over the deep end or does something terrible. When asked, "what happened?" They cannot remember, and were probably under the influence of something else or the dark energy. It can happen to anyone, so, before you do this, you need;
A. Someone who knows a lot about it,
B. Someone who is "good" who will show you the ropes. Someone you trust.
C. Much experience with whatever the "issue" is.
D. Look up and practice protection method/s that you know with 100% certainty work.

Those people who are under that spell, are completely oblivious that an energy or spirit is causing it, and how it works. How can you be sure that you will not fall under the same spell? And, also be oblivious to it when you are being manipulated by it?

I feel terrible because you have a way to help people, but, it has really been worrying me since I read your post. Will you tell me what you think and feel about my concern?

P.S. And yes, you can definitely "scry" a persons blotches in their aura.
Liam39876 (3 stories) (12 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-22)
Hey KikiGirl,
Thanks again for yet another awesome response! I read through your story, and the fact that you could see these ink blots was very interesting. I've noticed these blots around a couple of individuals, I've never thought of looking, or prying into them however I may give it a go soon. I think that it's so amazing that we can share this kind of information and connect on this information we defiantly have quite a few aspects in common!

KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-21)
Liam39876, tsk tsk tsk! My, how you've grown! Lol! Your post was very detailed and thank-you for giving us all this information. I am super-glad for you that you are finding your spiritual - self in such a manner that; you are in a good and balanced state.

I too, have seen things in peoples auras, please read my story: Rorschachs Gift
Similarly to you, I could see shapes and so on within a persons aura. You can learn to; get information about their personality traits, and other things by actually knowing how to manipulate, touch or communicate with these shapes.

I can also relate to removing negative spirits within people. On one occasion, a girl-friend and I came across a drunk man in distress who could not drive at the gas station. He was SO aggressive and rude, and his language so profane, I simply KNEW this could NOT be a person speaking but, something else. I looked directly into his eyes, and I said, "Leave this man, now. Stop speaking with his mouth. You will be quiet". At which the man burst into tears and began speaking normally and with great humility and sadness. HE was so astounded, he could finally speak, he was breathless. The minute I allowed the spirit to speak again, he would shout, "Bitc**! You get OUT of here! I don't want to see your ugly damn face! I'll kill you!" To my friend. But, whenever I spoke with him I pushed the spirit away and he would speak like a normal man, once more. I remember how he cried to stay with me when his wife arrived to drive him home, and I could understand. To be under the control of such an influence, always making you seem like this type of person! I wondered if he drank because the spirit wanted to lead him to his demise - which it dead. I wondered if someone had done this to him, deliberately, too!

Seems we have a lot in common!


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