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The Voices Are Getting Stronger


I've always had unusual experiences my entire life, I have been visited by people that have passed on, I have experienced the supernatural since I was a little girl. I remember waking up in the middle of the night to turn around and see the figure of all angel staring at me. But around 8 months ago I started hearing voices. It started as my husband. While we were away from each other I started hearing him, but as time has went by it's becoming more and more. Some are as clear as someone standing next to me, others are very quiet. Sometimes it is only one and other times it's many. The voices are usually people that I know and other times I've never heard the voice before. There are complimenting and also not so complimenting ones. Being told I am a whore and hateful things like that, but on the other hand being told I am OK or doing a good job. I've even been warned about something bad about to happen and sure enough it happens. For example I was told I would get sick if I ate certain things and the next day I would wake up sick as a dog. I have literally had a conversation with some of them. I have told myself I'm crazy but there are too many things pointing to another explanation. What is up with me and why did this increase all of the sudden? And why is it 24/7 and getting harder to ignore? This is something I deal with on a daily basis and it gets very overwhelming, plus I worry if my children will inherit this. It is not a curse but I also don't know if it is a gift either.

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ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-01)
Hi everyone, I am going to expand on some possibilities and theories using some similar experiences. I learned from a young age that I was affected by and could affect electrical fields. I could sense electrical charges and fields building up and changing. Here is when the issues started. I used to get little songs and ditties (commercial music), and jingles pop in my head. I also would here people talking like a radio was left on low in another room. It was strong enough that sometimes I would ask my mother what? I thought she was talking to me and I did not quite here what she said. I believe I was actually somehow picking up on radio broadcasting signals. Sometimes I would come in from doing chores and singing a song in my head and it would be playing on the radio in the kitchen when I got in the house. It freaked my mom out when she walked in with me one time when it happened. She said could you here that from outside? Then stated you could not have known that song would be playing before we got here. I agree with one poster that there is a lot of radio frequency noise and garbage electronic pollution in the environment around us. I believe that some psychics can sense it. I have trouble with a high pitched whine that comes and goes and gets almost unbearable at times. I went on vacation one year in Montana in the mountains and finally got relief. Where we were at had no cell signal very few radio stations and only 2 tv stations that came in. It was heaven for me. Maybe she is experiencing something similar for part of it. Maybe she is picking up thoughts from people around her or maybe picking up on cell phone conversations. Who knows what we are bombarded with daily. Maybe she is tapping into residual energies.
zzsgranny (2 stories) (40 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-01)
KikiGirl: It seems there is a poster on YGS who could benefit from your comment below. Here's the link:

KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-01)
amandac9616, thanks for replying to me! I did not mean, at all that you need to go on to some sort of medication, but, it helps and I've got to say it... It does help some times - ESPECIALLY, during spiritual awakenings things can feel totally out-of-whack! That's why I said, you take the medication, but, with the idea to eventually, lower the dosage and then, stop. The routine with the medication will make you feel a lot better. You will hear people with psychic gifts talk about - vibrations. It is the ability to perceive information and messages on a 'different frequency' which usually means, you are psychic or clairvoyant or a fortune teller etc. The thing is, you cannot think, operate or feel correctly, and in harmony with the vibrations or your gift, if, you are feeling unwell or overwhelmed, even depressed!

Once you get yourself into a routine where you feel like a normal person and a whole lot better then you do now, you will notice that you will be better equipped to deal with Clairaudience. This is what you are experiencing and I have it too!
See the list below and where you fit in!

Clairvoyance - The ability to perceive person, object, location, and physical events through extrasensory perception.
Clairsentience - The ability to acquire psychic knowledge by feeling. For example, touching an object and being able to tell a story from it, or, walking into a house and intuitively knowing past events which took place within the house.
Clairaudience - The ability to acquire information by paranormal auditory means. For example. Hearing a future conversation or future event, and hearing people's thoughts or prayers.
Scrying - The ability to look into a suitable medium like, a crystal ball, with a view to detect significant information.
Lucid dreaming or dream manipulation - The ability to remain lucid during voluntary dreams and/or to control one's dreams.
Mediumship or channeling - The ability to communicate with spirits.

As you can see on:
There are hundreds of people experiencing vibrations and who have psychic abilities, and have gone through what you are going through. I used to think, Clairaudience was silly because hearing was not the same as being a "real" psychic with a crystal ball. BUT, now that I better understand my gift, it is a much more easy gift to deal with.

It was "sprung" on me, just, like it is being sprung on you right now - but, in my late teens. You will get through it and the advice I've given you is personal experience, as "hocus-pocus" as it all sounds!

And, just a note, it took me a full year to begin to feel like a normal person again... WHILE going through all of the voices 24/7 and taking medicine to help with it. And then, another half-a-year to feel like a completely normal person. Shortly after I started feeling better, my Mother and Doctor (who was reluctant) slowly cut down my medication and today, I take no medication just a light anti-anxiety at night. That year was terrible, I remember, at a stage, I started hearing everybodies prayers and feelings, and I almost passed out! Three months after that experience, the movie - Bruce Almighty came out... You know? The one where God gives him his gifts for one week, and part of his gift/s is hearing ALL of the worlds people and their prayers?... Lol, I felt a bit better, after that.

Today, I don't hear the voices because I guess... I just ignored it until it went away. I still hear some voices which are mainly premonitions or other psychic gifts like, a girlfriend worrying about what her boyfriend will say when she gets home because he is abusive, but, it is really... More by choice, and I don't feel helpless, confused or overwhelmed!
amandac9616 (2 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-22)
Thank you very much everyone. Believe it or not loudness makes the voices clearer for some reasons. I've went to counseling and was diagnosed with perssisstant perceptual disturbances disorder PTSD and psychoaffective disorder. Anti depressants make me feel like a total zombie when I'm on them. That's why I started looking for another explanation.
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-21)
amandac9616, it sounds like you are going through a pretty awful time! I offer my sincere apologies.

Sometimes, during a person's spiritual growth cycle, certain phases can be much harder and uncontrollable and emotional then you expect or can deal with. It isn't anything bad, it does mean that you are growing very, very fast and I am going to warn/advize you that it can swoop the ground right from under you and end up feeling crazy!

The first thing, I absolutely must advize you to do is go to a psychiatrist. He is probably going to diagnose you with bi-polar 5,4,3 or whatever and tell you that you will be on meds for life, but, you remember that this is to HELP you, only. You are in a phase whereby, something's happened to push your boundaries and it could be a mix of psychic, physical and spiritual, and it is even moreso important to feel balanced at this time. Use the meds correctly, but, keep in mind that you are only doing this for a short time because there is actually nothing wrong with you - give it a year or 6 months. But, do not just go off your meds either, end the end - slowly lower the dosage and at the same time, seek out a psychologist or counselor to help you through it. You did not always have this terrible issue, and it will go away eventually.

The next thing, I advize you to do is try to slowly get into a healthy routine. Let - Me - Say - This - Again... GET - INTO - A - HEALTHY - ROUTINE! I am not shouting at you, I am just trying to explain that - Routine + Healthy = Balance.
If you can make sure to do the most basic things in the right way or healthy way, it will work wonders for you:
Eat & drink healthy. Make sure that you eat and drink foods that are not going to make you go into overdrive like, redbull or energy drinks, eating big meals before bed, monitoring your coffee intake means ie. No coffee after 15:00 PM in the afternoon and checking that your food/drink hasn't got any caffeine, pseudo-ephedrine or tartrazine etc. Don't allow yourself to get too hungry because it makes a person emotional. Eating healthy doesn't mean only beans! Have an ice-cream or chocolate every now and again, just not too much.
Get a goods night sleep - same time to bed, every night. Turn off all lights, TV and distractions and try and ly very still. Try and clear your thoughts. For as long as possible. If you can't sleep, try lying very still and breathing deeply, just so your body gets some rest, at least. If you can't sleep, read a book or do a meditation exercise. Also, make sure that you do enough exercise so that you do sleep at night - some people don't need any exercise in their day, but, others at least need to stretch every now and again.
Find a person that you trust to be open with; a friend or Doctor. Find some one who will be happy to help you any time, whether it's day or night. Read a self-help book, read a spiritual book and enjoy the basics - Oprah, Dr. Phil or Linda Goodmans Astrology books. Some people say playing loud music is a good distraction from the voices. So, play your favorite CD while doing dishes and sing out-aloud to yourself, we are all guilty of doing this sometime!
Physical doesn't mean just your body, it also means your surroundings. Change things up if you feel you need to! Decorate your room/s in a way that you feel most comfortable and secure. Change up the shelves and throw out old boxes! Put up things that are in a colour that you actually like!
And, every now and again, enjoy a bath with a new aroma that you like. Or, do something that you really enjoy, a hobbie maybe? Bird watching, drawing, reading or designing!

Lastly, when you feel a little better - Start-Your-Spiritual-Journey! Mine began with a few little books which were; Quotes by the Dalai Lama, Basic Numerology, Yoga - chakra's, practice seeings auras etc, a purpose driven life and The Art of Spiritual Warfare.
gthlvrmx (64 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-20)
Hi again,

I forgot to mention, don't be afraid to ever check in with a psychiatrist for the voices if things get out of hand and they don't go away or if you want to get help. There is no shame in getting help.
gthlvrmx (64 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-20)
Hi Amanda,

You might be a medium, a telepath, or both. I have both of those gifts too so I understand you. The voices telling you the future consequences of your choices, personally, my guesswork has been that it's a manisfestation of my clairvoyance/clairaudience (seeing my future).

Look up Ama Nazra, she has how to's on creating White Light Shields to protect yourself from unwanted things like emotions and ghosts. There are also 2 methods of clearing your energy on those websites to get rid of any entities that might be followong you around.

Spirits from heaven and your personal angels don't say anything mean. They never bring negativity to you. They only make you feel loved and positive emotions. Ghosts are different since they are just humans who died and didn't get healed from their lives and cross over.

You can also use white sage to clear your home temporarily and protective crystals to protect your space and yourself.
_maburrsecold (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-19)
I've been going through the same thing since July 2015. It ruined my life temporarily.They'll control thoughts, misguide you, make you see things... Even feel things. They used to tell me it was called shapeshifting. Not like reptilian but vibrations. I don't know if I believe that. I theorize something to do with man made technology.

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