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Was This To Warn Me About The Future?


I know this site is not for dreams. But, this dream came true in a different sense in my life. Back in December 2012 I was pregnant with my third child. I had a dream that shook me to the core! I'm standing at a lake, there are concrete walls on both sides and a building on the bank, a concession stand or lodge. I'm standing by myself but look to my left and my husband has one of my boys and to the right my stepmother is standing on the steps on the side of the building with my oldest son. I remember feeling panicked, I just know there is something wrong. As I look up I see a huge tidal wave. As it blocks out the sun I try to get to my loved ones before we're all swept away. I wake up. OK so I didn't think anything of this and just told myself that it was a dream brought on by my fear of what was supposed to happen back in December of 2012. You know, end of the Mayan Calendar. But, last year something tested that theory. My family and I hit hard times and what happened after that sure did feel like a tidal wave. My husband got hurt and couldn't work, we lost our house, our car decided to die on us and we had to stay with family members. Well summer last year both my husband and I were incarcerated and my 2 youngest children (my middle child that was with my husband in the dream and my youngest whom I was pregnant with at the time of the dream) were taken by children services. Before my boys were taken we visited a lake in Indiana and instantly I recognized this lake as the same lake in my dreams, concrete walls and all. We live in Ohio, but guess who took our boys, Indiana. Was this dream warning me about what was to come in the future?

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KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-24)
amandac9616, it does sound like this was a warning. I am sorry for your unfortunate circumstances and even moreso, for your children. I hope you will see clearly, "when" and "why" the tidal wave occured. Was there something specific that happened around the time of the dream that resonated with what happened later? Meaning, it related to what happened later. Was your husband previously sick?
*** Had you fallen on hard times before?
*** What was the cause?
** Is there any recurring factor or choice which seems to bring around misfortune?
* Is there anything that you can do to change this?

I apologize, this is all that I can think of that might help you work out your dreams of warnings that you may have in future? And, how they relate to your life? And also, how you can change this.

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