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Experiencing Alternate Realities


I am a 27 year old girl some information which will probably help you understand the story.

I woke up several times finding myself maybe in another version of reality I found myself in bed surrounded by a family I suppose (brothers and sisters) I suppose, I knew I had full control but I did nothing as I did not know what would be a good choice. I felt it was all to much, I was feeling very happy but felt undeserving of this it looked like to me perhaps a life of a princess or someone of the upper class in society. I wished I was back there and I found myself when awake thinking about this and I knew that I could jump back into it if I want and again feeling I am undeserving of such luxury.

In more than one I think I found I had red hair, I had also "woken up" there.

I find myself being contacted by spirits or being watched in my dreams sometimes.

I found myself a "young girl" at least twice and I was in an apartment I suppose with my mother, she told me she was glad I was back and I had been asleep for a long time, I had a brother and I think a sister. I met them and then they quickly ran off to play again. I talked to my mother about what my life is like in this reality and she was cheerful and sounded very interested I talked to her about my ideas and plans for the future and she said maybe I can make them (there) she wanted me to come with her and I think play with my brother Jack. I told my mother I wanted to finish my plans here. In another that happened when I was a little I also had a brother who's name was "Jack" and he was always doing his own thing. If I don't follow do what Jack does I get left behind.

A few days ago I had an experience I realized that this reality was not the one I am from and I can/should go back I delayed lying in bed trying to back to where I come from, I became aware that this may be my only chance I was intent I will try again later and I did but I was unable to do it again.

I was able to concentrate in another reality I guess on something such as a pattern and zone into another reality. Recently I found I woke up in another reality and found I had supposedly woken up to the real world and I came back here by a series of images formed through my mind and I consciously woke up in the "real" (this) world.

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Pinkpanther (2 posts)
6 years ago (2017-07-07)
I'm wondering if you had a previous life with these people and you are reconnecting with them in some way. You are in this life now with lessons you need to give and receive. It's wonderful you had such a great family before and they seem to be able to stay together in some way. Maybe you will see them again but it will be when your lifetime has come to its appropriate end not when they feel like it. If they are telling you to go with them insist you stay where you are and avoid connecting with them in future. You are away from them now so you can stand on your own two feet without them breathing down your neck.
jaserusk (1 stories) (4 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-01)
I seem to be doing the same things except on a much lower scale as if the ability is just starting. If it s a new ability then that really worries me because what if I get stuck in another reality. I really hope this is not what I will soon experience as it gets stronger but at the same time I do.
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-24)
abcd, I find your story very interesting! But, I could not understand a lot of it. I think, did you maybe write it quickly? You did not take a lot of time to explain everything, how it happened, when you changed and so on?

I understood the beginning... You woke up with a family in an alternate reality, so, I understand this happens to you. I cannot understand the rest.

I would love to comment more and even help you or give you advise, if you can explain better, please?

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