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Could I Be Experiencing Clairvoyance?


My name is Serenity and I'm a teenage nb trans person.

I'm not exactly sure how to explain it, but I have a certain feeling that I get when something bad is about to happen. I only paid little attention to it until my friends said it was something I should figure more about. Being someone who believes in this sort of stuff I agreed.

Anyways, the feeling is sort of like anxiety or depression but slightly different. It's kind of overwhelming. I have been upset by it and when I do feel it I can only think of it. Now that I tell my friends more about it, it seems it's getting stronger.

I know when someone wants to talk to me seriously. For example, I am romantically involved with someone that I was getting the feeling about. I didn't go to sleep at night because I felt they wanted to speak seriously about something. It ended up being true, and afterwards the feeling went away. Its not strictly confined to my love life, I have it when I'm about to be called on in class, too. I just recently experienced the passing of my aunt of which I was close to, and before I found out the news I had a very overwhelming upset and nervous feeling. I knew it had to do with death. The feeling comes from around my chest area or even my stomach area, kind of like an aching or burning sensation like nervousness.

I want to be able to understand and control it more, but I don't know exactly what clairvoyance is or what my experience would be considered, so I put it on here. If anyone else has had similar experiences or knows about exercises for it it would be very appreciated.

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jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-14)
Hi Entomophagy,

From what you've just written it seems that you're not only clairvoyant but also you're an empath. I'm sayin this because you mentioned having a feeling when you read the intentions of your love interest, i'm pretty sure it wasn't the only time you've felt that someone wanted to talk to you or was thinking about you.
This feeling is caused by the manifestation of one's emotional state that you are able to "read". That's what it means to be an actual empath. But beware of the negative emotions you may encouter, they could be overwhelming to the point where you could feel them as your own, especially depression.

If you want to learn how to control your gift, I recommend meditation first to make sure that your mind is clear when you're feeling this that isn't yours.
As you're already aware of the spiritual side of life, you should also know that everyday energies around you flow and affect you. It's good to learn how to shield yourself from the unwanted things and how to cleanse your body from foreign energies.

How to cleanse:

Visualize your body and tap into feeling the energy inside of it. Then do your best by manifesting it outside of your body, so it takes over and replaces all of the other energies that are stuck on your body.

Then you can use the energy to create a solid and thick layer of energy from your skin to a foot outside of your body. Do it until you feel it's strong enough and you feel safe.

Hope the tips help you a bit:D you can email me if you want to learn more

Nikki1978 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-14)
Hi, I'm not sure what this means, I can see and feel energy, it feels like a tingling sensation. I also see Orbs and hear Spirits talking to me and also see White Mist and Black Shadows.

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