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My Enlightening Experience


I want to share my ENLIGHTENING experience with you All.

It was an "OBE", out of body experience, through the center of my forehead. A Pineal opening experience, I think. The only descriptions I have ever heard that resemble my experience are NDE's or Near Death Experiences. And that is not what my experience was. If you have had a pineal experience, or a connection with Divine Source, the White Light, Creator or God, similar to mine, please share it with me. I would love to connect with others and share.

In 1993, I had an experience where a portal opened up in the center of my forehead and I connected to a white light, Creator, God.

I think the key is unconditional love in the heart for every living thing, including the self.

Through feeling unconditional love in my heart for a friend suffering despair, then feeling total love for myself and then for all people, I realized we all deserved to be loved, no matter what. As I felt this total love energy for my friend, myself and all of mankind, a portal opened up in my forehead. It was like a tunnel opening up and I was propelled into it and into a bright white light at the end. I then connected to this bright light of total love, total knowing, with the Creator, God. It was like what I have heard described by people who have had a near death experience, an NDE, but for me without the death part.

I connected to all, to everything. I felt my consciousness expand into the walls, the curtains, the floor, the house. My consciousness exploded outward and became a part of every living thing, and structure, all existence. I felt a part of all atoms, molecules, all people, all of the earth, the dirt, the rocks, the carpet, the chair, the universe. I felt connected to the ALL. I felt connected to every soul on earth that I knew and even those I did not know and had never met. My conscious mind was propelled and whooshed into the light from the center of my forehead, into the Creator. I was in total love and all knowing. I knew and understood everything. I had total understanding of all questions I had ever asked or pondered. I understood why I was here. I remember thinking, "of course, it is so simple." I heard this loving voice in my mind from the light, Creator, God, say that everything was perfect just the way it is. In excitement, I thought how I wanted to share this knowledge and knowing with all I knew. Then I heard God say that it was not time yet. I was told by God that it was not time to remember and I would not be able to remember. I thought, What do you mean? I can not forget this, I could never forget this." But again, I was told gently by this all loving light that, "NO, you will not be able to remember, it's not time.

After being with this loving light for what seemed like an eternity, but really was just a few minutes, my consciousness then whooshed back down the tunnel into my forehead and the connection ended. I was forever changed. Everything I remembered started to fade within seconds. I tried to hold on to it desperately. But it quickly faded like smoke rising and blowing away in the wind. I can not remember all I knew. I get bits and pieces every day. What strikes me though, is that it was a remembering of what I already knew as I was in the presence of the all knowing, all loving light, Divine Creator. Like this knowledge and all knowing I had experienced were things I already knew, but while here on this earthly plane, for now, I could not know. At least not yet, not then.

What I do have and can remember, is the knowing of who and what I am and where I come from. Who and what we all are, ONE with all creation, the Creator. One heart, one love, one mind. ONE! I think we are all one experiencing our individuality on this earth plane. Like we are all a small bit of this magnificant God, Creator and we have been given individuality as a gift for experience. Everything we experience we bring back to Creator, God. We are co-creators with the light, with Creator. Creator is always in control. Maybe we are here learning to create a place to be the magnificent spiritual beings we are in physical form. Or maybe we are Gods in training. Who knows! But it is all perfect just the way it is. We are free to be. Free to co-create with love, a better world. Perfect in the sense that whatever is happening, it is perfect for where we are going, what we are becoming. I sense there is a wonderful plan that Creator has for all of this, for all of US. It makes sense to me that unless you can love unconditionally all things and all beings just as they are, you can not have the keys to the kingdom. You can not know all the secrets or be one with all knowledge. The key is in the heart. The kingdom of God is indeed within. Within our hearts. Love to ALL.

Natural Law is God's Law. It works perfectly. Heaven on Earth awaits US! We shall unite as ONE, individually, in unconditional love and dismantle the corrupt man's law and reinstate God's Law. OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS! Not man's implemented perversion of rights and laws. This is the issue of the revealing, the "Apocalypse". This is the New Age. This is Enlightenment. The time is here and all of us incarnated on earth will keep expanding our consciousness in truth. When we are done playing the game of deceiving ourselves and become truthful and honest in all we say and do, the truth will set us free to be and know who and what we really are in a physical form. Beings of love and light who live forever and enjoy creating and experiencing all that they can. Earth is one of our playgrounds. The game has been Kings, Queens, rulers, materialism, money, inequality (separateness) here on our Earth playground. And that is changing as we tire of the abuse it creates for all of Earths living systems and inhabitants. The game is changing and eventually it will be more truthful, more loving and based on equality as we realize we are all connected, we are all ONE.

This awakening of consciousness cannot be stopped. It is ordained by God, the Creator. NATURAL LAW functions rather you are aware of it or not! It is the sword with which will cut away the cancer that exists on Earth and restores the knowledge and love to ALL God's children. The children of the Light.

I think Hell could be described as not knowing your connection to God and all Creation. Not knowing LOVE. To not know who you really are or where you come from is painful and fearful. I think the purpose of life is to love. For that is truly the energy of what we are.

Love as much as you can from wherever you are right now. Love everything just as it is. Love is the perfection in action. Love yourself as Creator loves and then loving flows through and in everything. Protect yourself from unloving others by loving them from afar, knowing they just don't feel the love yet. Start a revolution. Help those in need. Be the light and the love in all you do. Know that by loving, all is perfect and is flowing perfectly. I ask myself in any situation, "What would love do now?"

It is not easy to stay in the love in every moment I live here on Earth, I admit. Yet, I have a goal and the wisdom to know that love is what and how to glide through the crazy times here on Earth. I feel protected by the love I feel. I know I am perfect just the way I am, as we all are, even in the imperfections we feel are happening to us and in this world. The more I practice loving everything and everyone, and myself, just as is, I am doing what I came to do, experience love on the physical plane.

We are all magnificent spiritual beings having a physical experience in human form. Love is the mechanism that holds it all together. Love is the Creator, God Force. Each one of us is the difference love makes.

This was my personal Enlightening experience. Thank you so much for allowing me to share it with All of You. Love to you on this journey. The greatest wisdom comes from knowing thyself as a beautiful spiritual being, connected always to OUR CREATOR, GOD and each other. When we know this, we see and create a better world here for all of US on planet earth, for all beings and creatures.

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elsimay (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-15)
Hi! I can't tell you how much it meant to me to read this just now. I had the SAME THING happen in 2014! And apart from details that are unique to your experience, the experience itself is just about the same. You are 100% right, it's the unconditional love that brings it on. I started meditating daily around 2009, and it changed my life. My dreams became vivid, I felt happier, and it was just generally really good for me. Then in 2013 I started a gratitude practice. I immersed myself in it. I felt SO MUCH LOVE and appreciation for everything and everyone in this world! Nonstop! I felt so much love and gratitude pretty much my every waking moment, and I kept it up. Then in July of 2014, I went to bed as normal, but woke up about 12:30 to the most incredible thing. I came out of sleep and realized that while sleeping I had been communing with God! That's the best way I can describe it. It was as real as waking life. It was so intense! The LIGHT was incredible and SO bright! I literally thought when I opened my eyes that the light in my bedroom surely seeped out around the blinds and woke the whole neighborhood, lol. Then of course in a split second I realized it was not actually in my room, but inside me (!). Anyway, it was the LOVE that was even more intense than the light! It actually felt like they were in equal measure - HUGE. The LOVE was completely unconditional, and it was aimed at me! It felt like all the love in the Universe, in existence. It was God, and it was telling me without words, like telepathy with just understanding, how much He (I'm going to say "he" because "it" is too impersonal) loved me and how perfect I am. How He has been with me every minute of every day, and He approves completely of everything I've ever said, done, and thought. And I'm not perfect, just like everyone else. This was all being transmitted to me with incredible enthusiasm and love, just gushing! I was feeling so much joy! It almost felt like we were laughing together from the joy of it all. It was what you said, about how everything is perfect, including us, exactly as we are. There was no judgement, just total approval and love and enthusiasm. I also got a similar impression as you, I felt that everyone I had ever loved and currently love was somehow part of God. He just felt very familiar, and like, this is how I think about it now, it felt like there is nothing missing in God. Everything you love is in God, loving you back. Like you, this event completely changed my life, and I think about it every single day. Oh, also, when I woke up that night at 12:30, I went back to sleep, and it just continued all night, exactly the same. I woke up in the morning, and it was still happening. It was quite long, probably about 7 hours or so. I felt like a new person in the morning. I really feel changed by the experience. I have mulled it over so much since it happened, and your takeaway is pretty much the same as mine. It is all about love! We are here to love! The more love the better! I see everyone through this God lense now, they are perfect as they are, on their soul's journey, just like me. Even politicians, lol. Everything that happens to us is for our own growth, so everything serves a Divine purpose. I also feel that the more unconditional love you can feel and sustain, the better and smoother your life is. Things just go your way. A few more things about the experience. I "knew" that God was everywhere and everything. In fact, during this communion, it felt like God and I were the only thing in ALL of existence! It boggles the mind, but it felt like that. Kind of like when you fall in love, and you just can't think of anything else, but way more intense. It really felt like nothing else even existed. And we ALL have this relationship with God. Also, it is a VERY intimate and personal relationship, like a beloved parent mixed with your best friend. Just the best relationship you can possibly imagine!
Another thing, you mentioned that this happened through your forehead. Mine felt like God and the Light were gushing in through the top of my head.:) I also believe we will all experience this at some point in our soul's journey. I'm sure some have experienced it in lives past. It just makes your mission to love non-negotiable. It also makes loving yourself a no brainer. If God loves us this way, and thinks we are this great, how could we not think the same? We are all in this together. Much love to you for sharing your experience, it means so much to me to know you experienced this too!
teeni (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-23)
Thanks for sharing this experience. This reminds me of some books I read on reincarnation- we are all here to improve ourselves, and the one truth in life in LOVE.
Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss
Same Soul, Many Bodies by Brian Weiss
Children's Past Lives by Carol Bowman
Pennies4U (46 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-29)
Your experience is called Bardo.

It is something a few experience, yet it has been experienced according to mans kinds account.

In the Hindu account they say a Spiritual helper brought you a revelation.

To sum this up. It may be a once in a life time experience.

You may be a lucky one that experiences it a few times.

All I can say is thank you for sharing. It let's us know there is more to strive for.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
8 years ago (2016-09-16)
What a wonderful experience and message. Thank you so much for sharing!

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