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Unsure What I'm Experiencing


For the past approximately 20 years I have been experiencing a sort of phenomena and I'm unsure of what to call it. I have had repeated experiences of having a person (usually somebody I am not particularly close with or at least not at the time of the occurrence) pop into my head. Often I will think 'I wonder what happened to them' and will try to track them down, only to learn they had died either a few days before or after the moment they came into my mind. On a couple of occasions, they were people from my past who I was at one time quite close to, but had lost contact for many years and have no other friends in common so there wouldn't be a chance I had heard something third hand. My most recent example is last weekend while at an event out of town I thought of a friend of my husband's who would have enjoyed the event. I planned on taking a photo to send to him, but became busy and forgot to do it. We learned about an hour after I arrived home that he had died the night before (roughly 6 hours after I had thought about him). He was actually the first person that I was currently connected with that this has happened with, however, he was not somebody who I would have normally thought about in the course of a day and I remember being surprised at myself for thinking of him that day even though I thought he would like the event. It was just that unusual. It's always been a casual thought, never a premonition or a vision of the person. I'm rather new to this and am not sure what 'category' this type of phenomena would fall into.

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Xarath (guest)
7 years ago (2017-07-03)
Hi Jhudson, I would normally say that you have a gift for premonitions, but the fact that it sounds like you are only having events of thinking about someone before they die.

It sounds like your Spirit (The Core of your existence, uncreated, undestroyable, which is the subconcious, personality, etc). At this It sounds like you are a Banshee, or a similar Spirit that warns of approaching death.

Of course I cannot confirm this without delving into your energy, and scanning It. I might do it later but it's early here.:)

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