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Not sure where to begin. Always felt different, alone like something was missing or even discriptionless sense of mourning. Through the years their have been literally countless instances and occurrences that where brushed aside or just figured I was lucky. But the past few years has just exploded with incidents that are anything but luck.

Some examples, last five years I drove an hour each way and there was not a day that I didn't doze off. The look on a woman's face woke me up one time. And another I drove right off the interstate at 80 mph. Didn't even take my foot off the gas. To this day I can't find a spot that I would have it that long and not stop or wreck. Should have seen the semis get out of my way when I headed back to the pavement. Lol. Anyway from Iowa move to Arizona for 12 years. It had been years since I saw my grampa. Well one night I was in jail and my gramps came and said he was going to heaven and he left me a billion dollars, of course I cried and said I just wanted him. He start with that Santa clause laugh oh oh ohh Come to find out that's when he past away and said by to me. I miss him bad.

I was kind of rowdy then lots of confrontations and what not but somewhere along the line a shadow man appeared. Always in a door way and you just got the sense that he was dressed to the max even the hair but he was just all black. Never moved nothing terrifying add to that you couldn't wake up. Even worse.

He followed me for ten years even after I came back to Iowa The last time I saw him he had brought two little half pints with him and I freaked. I always tried to get away but not that time in a flash I nailed all three of them. Took shadow dudes knees off. Never seen them since. Another one showed up. He looked like or seemed like a hodgepodge of pieces of this an that tufts of hair here an there. For some weeks he kept trying to cover my eyes with a yellow orange veil until I had enough. I hunted him for over two weeks every night. Very odd that. But some how he grabbed me but not my arms. I still have the steel that I hit him with in the face. He came back after a month. But he was happy because he was now semitrical. Blew me away. Lol. Then there was stretch man. I had a hell of time getting him off my back. The bastard stretched. Anyway the next day my aunt said she saw some depressed stretched out guy sitting in her bedroom after that.

They always have some kind of persona that they try to claim. Except couple weeks ago. I'm used to them messing with me but after about an hour and forcing myself wake about the 5-6 time I realized it was getting harder and he wasn't playing. I pulled myself out of there barely. Seen him once more after that. But the thing is I can't tell he's there until he gets close. And he's strong enough he doesn't need to touch. That's scary.

Like I said. Too many things. What happens if they get you and can't get away? I haven't lost yet and they get harder. I know the law of averages. Sooner or later. I know. And there's lots of other stuff. Hearing conversations. Smelling coffee. Doors. Walking. I have video of some unreal shiat. Night vision cameras are great. Orbs are not just orbs. Shape shifters. And I have it on tape. Weeks of it. The head in the middle of my dresser was the I icing though. And how it changed over time.

Well. Is that enough to start with? GOD I hope so. Please Is there anyone around Newton Iowa I can talk to. Paranormal people just said stop looking you will not like what you find. WTH. Lol sorry for the book. Saw some others with shadow problems. We have the edge there because we are solid here but run if u can.

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Notyourmama4 (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-07)
I see. Yes, I have all different types of visions. This one vision I had was of this man in a wheelchair. I am pushing him out of the hospital since he just had knee surgery and its a beautiful summer day with beautiful flowers all around.
I had this vision in 2009. I was not married or even dating anyone. I met my husband in March 2010. I asked him if he has ever had issues with his knees. I told him of my visions. Now is July 7 and my husband is having knee surgery scheduled July 21st 2017. I will let you know if I see beautiful flowers as I wheel him out of the hospital.

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