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Swarm Of Bees


My name is:Hector and currently I'm 23 years old but at the time of the event I was 18. This supernatural event was kind of weird cause I was trying to make something happen at that day. One other thing I had was an interest into these kinds of things. Didn't really expect anything to happen but it did and this is where my story begins. Hope everyone loves my story it depends on if you believe it or not oh forgot to mention at that time I didn't have a camera on me cause I didn't expect anything would happen and it was during a school day.

One day during my normal day of school I had to attend everyone of my classes like many others had too.Let's see I was a very ackward person cause of the way that when it was hot I would wear a sweater sometimes. People would sometimes talk about me cause it was very weird of me to do that. Heard some women gossiping about me so I tried to not listen pretended that I was asleep or something. So, eventually I became very agitated at them focused so much of my attention towards them. Then the unexpected happened on the same day which seemed very weird to me so I kept this story to myself.

Swarm of bees attacked the women who I thought were talking about me. All the screams that happened on that day frightened me. Seeing them run in circles and away from the bees and some others ran away. So, I stood up very confused was I the one who caused the tragedy of was there another explanation. At the end of the day I had nightmares which were ongoing about a week or so. I've had other experiences but this one was way more severe that it caused injury to others.

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