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The Same And Only Shadow Person My Daughter Sees


My daughter recently told me that she has seen this same shadow person since she was a very small child. I recall her screaming in her bedroom that "it" was at the foot of the bed and then "it" disappeared, scared and crying when she was about 2 years old.

Then, when she was about 3, she suddenly became scared of a plastic blow-up skeleton my mother had out for Halloween. She recently told me that it had been in the room with her when she was taking a nap and when she woke up, this shadow person - a man was standing over her when she awoke and she thought he had come from the skeleton.

Since then she has seen this same man several times, sometimes in the night, sometimes in the daylight, but not out of the corner of her eye. She says she has only seen him when she is alone. If anyone else is in the room, including her dog, she never has this problem.

Then, about 8 months ago, she was laying in bed in a motel room, all by herself, and felt that feeling that someone was there with her. She opened her eyes and there "he" was. She said that before, when she saw him like this, she would blink and then he would disappear. So, I assumed that it was because she was waking up from a dream. Then she told me that this time, she blinked and he disappeared, but the image of his backside was still in the mirror! She covered up with a blanket, and then when she finally looked, the image in the mirror was gone.

So, it is the same "image" that she sees, in multiple locations, and often during daylight hours/lit room, only when she is alone and this has been going on periodically for about 16 years. Last time was 8 month ago.

She says she knows he is male, and that he stands very straight upright, she thinks he would be old, but not really old (haha - to her that means 30-ish). She cannot tell what he is wearing because she said that it is as if he, and he alone, was standing in the dark corner of a room - you can see him, kind of make out his silhouette, but not able to make out many details about him. She says he is clothed when I ask, but that she can't tell what he is wearing.

Before she was born, I had some strange things happen to me, and had not had any other weird things happen to me until last year when I was staying at my mother's home while she was in the hospital. Problems with the wiring, noises on the front porch, and awakening to feeling like someone was or had been there even though I had all doors and windows locked, and all the doors were chained. When my daughter was staying with my mother, she said she saw the shadow person the most at her house.

Both my daughter and I and at least one other person frequently experienced seeing a "shadow" out of the corner of our eye while in the hallway and it usually exited through the laundry room door.

I found that sleeping with the TV on eliminated my strange occurrences.

I am particularly worried about my daughter, as this last time she was really scared when the "shadow" disappeared but its image was still in the mirror. She said it never happened in front of a mirror before, so she does not know if it would have reflected in the mirror if there had been a mirror all of the other previous times. She said she is certain it was not just a dream because the clock was also next to the mirror and the time on the clock was the real time.

This whole mirror thing has me worried especially since what she saw in the mirror was there even after whatever was in the room with her disappeared.

So are we both crazy, or have others had similar experiences?

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SkylarJones (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-21)
The exact same thing hapens to me too, It is not very pleasent but for me most of the time I get a happy emotion when I see the shadows and when wierd things happen to me

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