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I Believe I Might Be Precognitive


At times when I dream I can see things that are likely to happen and normally always happen. And sometimes I can predict the end of things like books or movies right when they start. I've read other people's story's about these lurking shadows and I remember when I was younger I saw them all the time lurking behind corners. Sometimes I'd be walking on the sidewalk and I'd see a dead person in a car and when I look Back it's gone. I want to know if there's a way to such as harness the precognitiveness. I also wish to see if it is possible to harness energy even though I haven't shown telltale signs

Of being able to. I know most of the people on this site are professionals but I'm still new and wondering what to do and how it to be done. I know what I've said doesn't exactly describe a psychic of such but I believe that I could be able to harness it and turn it into an ability. I've been reading up on things and lately I've really been flooding into supernatural powers shown in other peopl and wondering if I was one of them. It would be very interesting to see what would develop among hearing from experiences people. I'm sort of blabbering on because they make these things really long, but I think it would be very helpful for some of you to bout your thoughts into what might be hapening. Again any pointers into energy harnessing or psychic/precognitive abilities would be helpful beyond any doubt. In my dreams are normally the only place I can see into the future of sorts and, don't know if this is a legitimate thing that's happening.

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cayce17 (8 stories) (192 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-14)
I believe those are the telltale signs of protectiveness and if you try lucid dreaming that may help as well. I'm almost seventeen and I think that sometimes I have dreams about the future, but sometimes I block them out. I think that you should embrace this ability and it will grow as you get older and harness your powers.
Here is my e-mail if you have any questions I'd be happy to give an answer or just my opinion.

Rainashea16 [at]
allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-20)
Each person has a different Energy flow. Your energy is affected by everything: your tiredness, what you eat, drink, smell, feel (emotionally and physically), your activities, beliefs & what type of powers you channel into your body, also the environment you're in gives & takes energy differently.

So it's a matter of becoming more aware of how your unique body and mind works. Pay attention to how the factors I listed above alter your energy and your dreams. With time you'll find rituals that empower you psychically. You'll learn to remove the blockages.

Where visions are concerned, fear can be a heavy curtain that keeps the visions out. Fear can pull up an immediate fortress, so something you see 1 second the next second has vanished. The mind's first role is self-preservation and pretty much everything we do in our daily lives sends it the message that our survival is the #1 priority. So if it sees a fire, it'll make us run, if a vision scares it, the first reaction is to deny it. If an interest you have (psychic powers) sends a message to your brain: now I'll be weird and socially creepy, your mind will block the progress because its role is to keep you safe.

By reading about these topics you can teach your mind that these things are safe to witness. So it will allow the experiences to come in more frequently.

Energy can be accumulated into an item. So let's say you find a stone, crystal, whatever that resonates well with you. Wear it while you study these topics or when you try harnessing energy. Over time your psychic experiences will gather into the item, so you'll have a token that will be marked with your own vibration, with accumulated strength.

The more you believe that your dreams are omens, the more you write them down and discuss them (if anyone is willing to hear them LOL) the more your mind will allow precognition to occur. Be aware though that some people believe that these dreams are messages from Spiritual entities, Angels, or God, and that they do not occur as a simple brain function. In this case, it would require a willing connection on your part with the world of spirit in order to "accept their messages" and be willing to be guided by something bigger than you. Your beliefs are your business, I'm just pointing out that precognition is sometimes described as spiritual help or guidance.

I hope that helped a bit 😁
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-19)
If you dream of events that do happen then you have
Precognition is dreaming of the future.
A great way to improve your psychic abilities is to meditate.
Have you thought about keeping a dream journal?
A dream journal is a great way to keep track of your dreams and this shows your mind that your dreams are important and you'll remember your dreams much clearer.

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