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French Ship Conspiracy


I was having a dream then suddenly my dream was interrupted by a vision. My boyfriend and I were standing in this room somewhere in Europe and we we talking then I faded out of what was going on and began seeing a French cruise ship. It was night time and it was as if it had been some time I had watched it then suddenly the center was on fire. Then it was like I was on the ship and some people on the other side of the ship weren't aware of what was going on. I told them the ship was on fire, then flashed back to where I was back in the distance on the water. I felt the distress of the people on one side of the ship and they were screaming, while the few people on the other side were kind of just preparing to die. Then the ship began to sink but I was able somehow to see the name of the ship like I walked around it. Then that vision ended as the ship was submerged. I was back in the room talking to my boyfriend and was telling him about the ship and what happened. While I was coming to I was gasping like I had been underwater.

While finishing the details of the ship including telling him the name of the ship I was able to tell him what someone thought that there was foul play. At that same moment I felt like some vibe that there was a witch somewhere who was covering this conspiracy up and would do whatever to do so. Then she appeared and locked me and another lady in this room. By this time we were speaking fluent French we had both just had the same vision and the lady wasn't able to see the name of the ship but was able to get the name of one of the high gentlemen who was targeted. While we were locked in this strange room my boyfriend found the room and began to push on the door. While he pushed to get it open I unlocked it. The lady began telling me why we were here. That its like an almost sacred incident that the witch was sworn to protect and if it is spoken of she will come and would probably kill us. So my boyfriend gets the door open and the lady appeared and somehow drained almost all the life out of him and as he fell to the ground I took an emotional blow. She appeared in the room as I was in the corridor on the floor with him. Immediately I was speaking a banishing chant in pure French. It was one I guess no one knew it was supposedly centuries old. She began to laugh and said, "You can't get rid of me you don't know how." So I continued saying the rest of it as I closer to her I realized the lady in the room was saying the exact same thing I was. We were surprised we both were saying the same thing. Then the witch's spirit went darting into the night. The last thing she said before she was cast out was there will be another to see and I'll be back. Then basically it was over. I woke up still with the sight of the ship burning and the people frantically screaming branded into my mind. Strange enough I don't speak French, never took it, nor should I have been able to understand it. What do I make of this?

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