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Visions Of Post-apocalyptic Conspiracy In Detroit


I am not American and have never lived in the great lakes region. I live in the US now and have recently become involved with people in that region. I'm about to go there for December 21st, 2012. All I have left to do is choosing the city I want to go through. To tell you the truth, I bought an expensive camera and I want to get the full end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it experience by waiting with my survival gear and food supply on the outskirts of a big city. So I can watch it burn and take a picture of the old world order's final moments. I have considered Milwaukee, Chicago, and Detroit, because I plan to move northward later (that's where my people are). I need a shoreline city so I can grab an abandoned motorboat and avoid the angry mobs on land. Not only that, but for some reason I've always envisioned myself looking at the reflection of the burning city over Lake Michigan.

Just recently, I remembered why. It was because of a vision I had in 2010, when I was only 15. I have a history of detailed precognition while dreaming, but not usually visions. I've only had a few visions, for example, one of my own death in a desert "third world" country when I'm 60. They are so infrequent and far in the future that I do not know how accurate my visions are. I think I'm about to find out.

I had visions surrounding one of those cities. Chicago, I thought, but I finally dug up my journal entry from February 16, 2010. Turns out it was Detroit. I need information about this in the next 16 days before the internet goes caput on December 21st. So here is the unaltered account from that day. I was on a plane when I had the vision. Warning: It sounds weird because I was 15 and I wrote it just for myself.

So, I first saw many faces and scenes. There were normal people and a lot of teenagers. I saw a white man with a pretty and professional seeming black woman. She was upset. He may have had her as a prisoner. I didn't catch everything in their interactions, because it was so blurry and half-formed. Then I saw a Mexican man in some kind of a light blue gray shirt talking on the phone somewhere. I knew he was evil and conspiring. He was either Mexican or Asian.

The [very] first image I saw was an American woman. She looked a bit like Hilary Clinton, just for description's sake, but she wasn't. Her hairdo was short and reddish blondish brown and her face was really. American-ish and serious and she was maybe about 50. She was either a flight attendant, a pilot, or a government person, I perceived.

Then I saw a teenage girl, [with] red frizzy hair tied back in a bun, subtle and feminine and sad. Something bad had happened to her. She was on a pier of what I first thought was a coastal city, putting her face in her hands. I heard the words, "Detroit Michigan." I really wasn't sure if Detroit was in Michigan, and I wanted to ask the lady next to me, but she was asleep.

If it was in Michigan, that would be a confirmation. I found out later that Detroit was in Michigan. It was near the great lakes, not coastal. It might be near enough for water to be right there with it. The pier did seem to be on a lake!

[Then] I saw many faces. It is impossible for the brain to make up such distinct new faces. They were so real! So real! Either I [had seen] them all before and had leftover images floating around in by brain as in the case of dreams, or they are psychic images. Many were old men--politicians or business men. They weren't that old. Just politician and businessman age. I sensed they were conspirators. Many looked half Asian.

The next images were far more violent. I saw a plane door or a vault door or something. There was a man. I didn't see his face or body but I sensed he was slightly built with short dark hair. Curly? I don't know. But he had slammed his fingers in the large door. I sensed the pain. I saw the blood. It was a horrible sight.

Then I saw a teenager. The background was white or blank or something, or maybe it was a white underground room of some kind. I think [she had] piercing[s] and messy black hair. She had that [teenage] not-caring facial expression and tired eyes. She was wearing a tank top. If that was all there was to this part, I would have counted her among the random teens that could have been my imagination, but the expression on her face was horrific. It was pure terror. She fell backwards. I saw it all so slowly. I don't know what was wrong with her or what she saw that had prompted the reaction.

Then there was a big city. I think it was night or evening. It was one of those shiny pewter industrial gleaming cities that reflects and distorts lines and splatters of golden distant light. The city was burning. I saw the tops of many buildings, burning burning burning. Detroit? I don't know what Detroit looks like... Then there was more fire. There was a curving street and on the side of it was fire. It was an almost unnatural wall of hungry fire. On the other side, I think there were small buildings, possibly burning unevenly. I saw a girl. She had light blonde hair, shorts, and a tank top. And she was running down the street in panic. Maybe not panic. Maybe it was triumph. Something purposeful. I just get this impression, but from looking at her I couldn't tell. She had a torch held high in her hand.

So I saw more faces. Unique faces, but normal people. Doing normal things. I think I saw one on a slot machine. I saw them all over. I got the impression they were all over the world. They weren't panicking. I think it was like a lead-in to the disaster. All the normal people doing normal things and then it happens.

Then I started to see dramatic stuff again. There was an underground holding cell, pentagonal or hexagonal or something. There was somebody in there, with their arms tied above their head in a distinct way. I was fading in and out and forgot that part but remembered it when I saw down there again and there was a different person. He was a thin black man, well dressed. I sensed he was a politician. American? I thought so. [Is there even] one like that yet? It wasn't Obama. He looked scared. If I saw him on TV as a senator or something after that, I would gasp in shock. But what could I do? Warn him? They'd all think I was crazy, unless things had already started. Then I would be more confident of myself that it was real.

I saw somebody drop something metal on a street. It opened and closed like a cell phone [flip phone...LOL, it was 2010], but was shiny and long and metal. It blew up, making a big explosion. I thought I was all done seeing things when I saw a face in the darkness. A politician, I sensed. Another one. She was calm. She was giving a speech. She had somewhat reddish hair but somewhat dark skin also. She was Asian or something.

[end of account]

So, what is this? World war III with China starting after a political conspiracy involving torture and the supernatural? Please tell me if you have had similar visions or if you know anything about the events.

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Precipice (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-19)
Thanks so much for the advice, everyone! I'm so sorry I didn't get on and reply to you earlier. I am 18 years old and my family destroyed my life. I have always dreamed of the day I would be 18 and could run away without being chased by the police, so that's what I did. Got on a train and went to Chicago alone for 2012. Waited at exactly 11:11 AM GMT. It was beautiful. Played Skyfall by Adele. There was a huge storm and the waves were going crazy. I filmed it with my phone expecting the apocalypse but nothing happened so I made a Skyfall video out of the footage: Sure looks apocalyptic... The end must be at a later time. I am now with my friends in Michigan.

Thesilencebroke, your story really resonated with me. Something about the barcode smoke sounds so familiar. I had a dream of controlled demolitions recently but it was set in Las Vegas. My email is Undecime [at] Maybe they were demolishing the underground room I saw.
sigmadeadbolt (5 stories) (42 posts)
10 years ago (2012-12-16)
I am a 14 year old developing empath in Michigan, if this does happen I will try to find you.
thesilencebroke (2 stories) (9 posts)
10 years ago (2012-12-16)
I've been living in the city for a couple months, instructed to get out of the city for 12/21/12
I was just doing research cause I literally just woke up from having a premonition dream.

Im leaving the city but my twin flame is staying, I was searching for him with a ferocity, and when I found him, there were 2 "controlled demolitions" I'm thinking they were underground holders, or mines, holding something, def in relation to bermuda triangle. They are cleaning hosue.
the smoke and fire from the explosion in the sky looked like a bar graph that peaked in the middle?
What is going on and what can we do to protect and guide the people we love, My awakening has happened very fast, in order to prepare, but I am being shown this and told not to fear, whatever I do, do not fear.
Also keep seeing a web of power and light around me, is this some sort of tool to hold and uplift my near ones? Haha
Maybe I just answered my own question there...
Hope this helps

If you have any new information between now and 12/21/12 and would like to chat reguarding just ask for my email, I have SO MUCH NEW STUFF happening EVERYDAY! I know tons of sites and videos and techniques in connecting that have been helpful! If information and answers are what you seek. Also make sure any questions you are asking are formulated direct questions, as to get the best answer;) Good luck to you all and remember,

We are the only planet in history to consciously ascend into another dimension, no humans in any other galaxy have ever experienced this, we have never in any of our lifetimes experienced this

You already know what your mission is deep down, you just have to remember! If you are someone who feels energies and connects to other dimensions then you know there are light beings that have traveled here to help us. It goes back to the original purpose of the earth.
Light and love
PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
10 years ago (2012-12-05)
*tries to catch breath after*
Whoa,your story just... Took my breath away. First thing I thought when I was reading this was like,"Gawd,what the heck should I say?".😆
I must start off saying you are lucky because your spiritual gifts are honed well enough to sustain that kind of visions. Keep on honing them more so you could process more relevant visions to help/guide you as you go along with life.
Now,about the visions you had, I couldn't say for sure what exactly it means since the one who saw it is the one who holds the most reasonable answers:which means only YOU could answer what it means, and what to BELIEVE after doing so. My advice would be seeking help from the other knowledgeable people here who also are inclined in seeing visions, not for the exact answers but for clues to help you figure it out.
For the meantime, I also suggest meditation to let your own thoughts surface about the visions you're having. And of course, consult your Spirit Guides for confirmation as well on the subject. You could also ask them for help if you're getting too much visions you just can't...GRASP the meaning of.
I am sorry for the minimal information, but I am more inclined to "feelings" rather than "visions" so... 😊

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