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My husband was driving me to work because I had been suffering from vertigo and was afraid to drive myself. I work nights, so the time of this incident was at dusk. At the stop sign at the end of our street, I saw a man sitting on his porch, in a very man-like position, forearms resting on his upper legs. That's important because I never would have thought of that if I was trying to make something up. I knew that the man was a relative of the elderly lady that had recently died in the home. The man looked to be in his late 30's early 40's, with a down-on-his-luck appearance. He wasn't looking at us. He seemed to be staring at nothing, dejected, unaware of us. Nothing about this seemed unusual or strange in any way; just a guy sitting on his front porch.

Anyway, this sentence just popped out of my mouth: "That man looks like a ghost." Mind you, I did NOT think this, it just came out.

We didn't think much more of the incident, until we were told by a neighbor that that man had been found dead on Friday. I saw him on Monday, three days after his body was found! Since then, that house has been unable to keep tenants for more than 3 weeks, a large mirror has been removed from the house and placed on the porch, other people in the neighborhood have seen unusual things there, such as lights turning on when no one is there, and a few people have seen the man too, always on the porch. I think he is not aware that he died.

But, I digress,. I really want to know if I channeled some one else, or if that was my "higher" self talking, or? I am truly perplexed. I have had a few psychic experiences in my lifetime, but nothing like this. It was just so weird, I would appreciate anyone's opinion. I have tried Googling it, but I don't even know what to call it.

Thank you

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PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
10 years ago (2012-12-05)
Right off from your story, I think I could tell somehow who spoke. And the answer, I feel, would be one of your Spirit Guides.
It's amusing hearing stories like these, for my cousin once experienced such too:the time wherein a guy friend of hers was forcing her to let her go into their house via phone. And suddenly, my cousin relates to me that she just said,"No you can't because my boyfriend is here and he thinks you have not-so-pure intentions".After saying it she instantly, slightly slapped her mouth and was like,"Now why the heck did I say that?".πŸ˜†
Our spirit guides are different and so is their ways of communicating with us. Based on how you relate it, you aren't connected much to your Spirit Guides for you wonder who they are and why they're doing what they do. Just like what your Spirit Guide made you say, I would say it's to make you aware that in your neighborhood there IS a ghost (at least,already) roaming around.
More than making you aware of it, I could also feel that somehow your Spirit Guide knows that you have some psychic abilities that will either help the deceased man or something? Maybe you could see the spirit, feel it, or even able to talk to it? Forgive me if I'm mistaken.:)
I must tell you that every time our Spirit Guides points things out, it is all part of a message that you have to decode.
Of course you're the only one who could decode that. Our SGs show us anyway signs that are in some way familiar to us. And if it seems complex,you're very welcome to ask for another one. They are patient and always willing to help us all out.
I suggest establishing much more contact with your Spirit Guide (s).They might be two, might be three, might be angels or might have been a part of your family once but then again, only you could do that since it's your Spirit Guides. I also think in some way this experience meant for you to explore your spiritual side more.
Take the chance and learn from it😁

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