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Gods Might Be Real?


I know I sound as crazy as these nut jobs on here but I think gods and death and so forth might be here on earth in this reality my take on it is there is a different reality one I feel like I have been to not sure if this happened or I made it up (I have a very active imagination) I think I have been dead before but since I think logically maybe it was when I was in the womb I was born premature (almost died even) I was then called a "miracle" by the doctors and people that went to the church my mom went to I myself don't see it that way I see it as natural selection and it just happens for no reason I just got lucky but people say other wise I am not a believer in any of this I just think gods or entities exist in our world and they are as human as everyone else nobody has powers abilities and all that garbage get your minds out of the gutters even if otherworldly beings existed it would be in a different way then what we suspect I think in my experiences I might be an entity but I am just human and humans have a huge god complex but there is a lingering feeling of something not quite right and animals see that in me that I can't

My experience with death was this, empty lit darkness and a feeling of immense energy no heaven or hell.

I also have an odd connection with others who are about to die they trust me and look at me weird all the time (scares me a lot) and animals and babies look at me that way too my theory is I might be death or an entity but that is insane isn't it?

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Nimisus (1 stories) (7 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-28)
Nope not at all insane. But instead of saying words like nut jobs and acting like this is a bunch of garbage open up and relax. You say you don't believe in all this hooey but yet you feel something, something deep inside you that you can't understand. Maybe re-tell your story and this time think back and try to remember things that happen that was out of the ordinary. Most people live their lives with their eyes closed and will never notice anything but some people (including you) will get a glimpse of a different reality and try not to admit it. Your answers are inside you just open up and let them out don't push them down. It all starts with you friend I'll leave it at that and what you called Gods aren't exactly that but our ancestors use to call them that. Seek and you shall find nuff said.

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