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For quite some time now I've been having visions. Now, that's normal for me. I occasionally have dreams and waking visions that eventually come true. But for months now I've been having visions about this one place. The scenery rarely changes. The visions are usually of this house (shack? Cabin?) with dark brown wood that looks burned or damp. There's usually darkness for as long as the eye can see. And as the title might indicate, there doesn't seem to be anyone there but spirits. I'm going to mention a few of the most prominent visions but first, something has appeared while I've been having these visions in the long months.

I'm not sure when I first started seeing this, but there's been a spirit that appeared in my house since these visions started. Ghosts are also the norm for me. My house is haunted, I have odd dreams when sleeping in my room, I sometimes hear children sobbing or children laughing, and I hear my name being called. But again, all of this is normal (me and my aunt once heard my name being called at the exact same time, so it's not all in my head). But this ghost that appeared some months ago I see much more vividly than any other ghost.

The ghost is a rather plain girl with dark brown hair, a dark brown dress that's not of our time (it folds oddly whenever she moves, like it's a dress not meant to be casual if that makes sense?), she's barefoot and has a gap between her front teeth. And I believe she has freckles. She acts oddly, perhaps fearful? She also sometimes crawls across the floor like an animal or hides under things like a table or my computer desk. I guess in a word, she acts feral. She also has a dark brown, muddy aura that surrounds her. Also, while she acts feral there are times where she acts relatively normal. Like sitting in front of my TV to watch it, for instance. Though that fearful look never really fades. Occasionally whenever she appears, my surroundings change so that I'm back in that house.

Now that I mentioned her, I'll mention my most vivid visions! I've been recording them for the last few months since I thought they might be important. The first one I started recording (I've had many before this, just this is when I first started recording them) was a vision of me being in this room, it was bare and unlike usual when the others were pitch black, there was light. The light came from the window in front of me. The light was golden, so it was either sunset or sunrise. There was a boy in front of me, his form outlined by the light. He was glancing back at me and I could see the light glitter off of his glasses. As the vision started to fade I heard, "I've finally found you, right now..."

My next recorded vision went like this: I was in a hallway and it was dark for as long as the eye could see but my attention was caught on something. I was staring up at a woman, I couldn't see her upper half but her form was like a woman's. Her arms were small, pale, and unblemished. She wore a white nightgown (I guess) and her feet were pointed downwards. She was hanging. I was on my rear end and I could vaguely feel the first vestiges of panic rising before the vision ended.

In one of the next ones there was a girl or a boy (leaning more towards boy) sitting in front of me. The girl or boy was staring straight at me. They had green eyes, I think. Short hair, maybe boyish length. I, myself, was kneeling down in front of them. The ground was concrete (unlike normal. Basement? Ground floor?) and the walls were damp, dark brown wood. The person looked like a normal human instead of a ghost.

My next one I'm uncertain about. After I recorded it my mind inserted details that may or may not be what I really saw. In the vision I was in a hallway once again. There was a girl, perhaps? I couldn't tell. They had a shroud of darkness covering them, looking like a mane of hair. The darkness extended down their back, They were looking down so I couldn't see much of their face. But from what I saw their face was an unearthly shade of red, with some kind of markings. Like burns? Now this is where it gets confusing, because after I recorded the vision my mind started inserting details that should have started contradicting what I thought I saw. My mind tried to insert that the darkness was pitch black feathers instead and they were looking at me with red eyes.

In another one I saw the hanging woman, but she was perfectly fine and this time I could see that she had light blonde, bouncy hair. After some thought I decided that the reason her features were so light is because there was a soft, ethereal light around her. There was also a vision where I was watching this girl in a room, she was sitting on her knees and was staring at something up above. This was the girl I normally see around my house.

There was a brief vision, some days or weeks later, where I was standing on a different floor. I glanced over to some stairs where a woman had appeared, resting her hand on the railing beside the stairs. She was wearing some kind of robe and was giving me a soft smile. This place wasn't as dark as normal and as I glanced over to a window I could see why. Through the blinds I could see the sky turning blue so it was early morning or early dusk. There were also a pair of shelves near me and a door beside them.

And my last recorded one happened just the day before yesterday. I was laying down to go to sleep and was closing my eyes when reality itself seemed to fade away. In a hallway once again, though this time one or two children were reaching out for my arms. I heard them say, "Come play with us!" I'm not sure about the other one but the one I was focused on had a soft, ethereal light around her. She had light blonde hair and wore a white nightgown. She kind of looked like what the hanging woman would look like as a child. Snapping out of it jarred me slightly.

I must say, I'm curious if this place exists! But if it does, I doubt I'd ever find it. So what does everyone think?

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Nimisus (1 stories) (7 posts)
7 years ago (2017-12-28)
Is the house you live in the original house on that site or did the original burn down? I believe that the hanging woman and the little girl are the same person I don't know why but I do. I believe you didn't see the upper half of the hanging woman because spirit didn't want to scare you just basically tell you their story. I don't know what other visions you've seen so I really can't say much else but like I've said in other posts do some reseach into the area ask questions from people who's lived around there for years. Take what I say with a grain of salt I'm no psychic expert just a dude that read your story and was tossing out my two cents

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