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I Think I've Been Cursed


This how my story begins: I live in a village in Greece, since I remember myself I had nightmares, nightmares not in my sleep but also when I was awake.

The problem wasn't fading until I grow up, it just getting bigger.

I am a christian orthodox and all my family is, I've tried to get rid all of my fears even I tried to not sleep at all, just to don't see no more things but I couldn't.

I spoke to my mother, my relatives, my friends, my priest but no one was able to do something for me. The just said to my things like it is my imagination, or that I see horror films, but the fact is that I DON'T SEE HORROR FILMS.

I've tried figure out what my problem is, read books, spoke with many people similar to these things. But then my problem was getting even worse than before and my dreams became different. I know see myself taking demons out of people. I see lot of people in my sleep that hunt me, that they want to see me destroyed. After my mothers death I spoke to my grandmother and she said to me that my mother had the same problems.

I don't know what is wrong with me, I'm a person that studies, have lot of friends, has a relationship like all other girls but I haven;t yet found what is wrong with me.

Some days ago, I went for swimming and as I was walking on the beach a saw a man and as I looked into his eyes I felt numb, feared and I didn't even knowing him.

Then I went for coffee with some friends and as I was looking the people I saw to girls that they were speaking, I felt those feelings again and I immediately did some pray, and so strange those girls looked me even they were with their backs in front of me and they hold their heads like they had headache and left the coffee. I haven't see them since then.

I cannot explain this.

Surely I need some help for it.

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PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-05)
Wow I think a crystal would work and meditate and try grounding and shielding
Nicole_19 (2 stories) (24 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-25)
Hey can you please contact me? On my profile I have my e-mail and my skype name is nikolitsa.ts... So please feel free to add me on fb or skype! I'd love to help you if I can of course! Since I am greek too, we can discuss better =]
allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-03)
When you say you had nightmares while awake what do you mean? Do you want to give an example?

First of all you aren't cursed, nobody has the power to curse you. That's just superstition.:) According to a theory "curses" can only happen as a type of karma, if an injustice was committed. If your mother had the same issue, then the karma wouldn't even be yours. If something bad has happened in your family background that would deserve bad karma and you know about it, that's a different topic. But it doesn't sound like it.

What you describe sounds more like psychic abilities that you aren't aware of & your mother had them too. Firstly you're possibly picking up people's and places' negativity. Not negativity towards you, but their own problems. This tires you and disturbs your psyche.
If this is the case, be careful of talismans, like curse-blockers, you might be wearing. Only wear protective items that come from someone you trust, or better yet, wear nothing like that because you could react to the maker's energy.

Try to develop your spiritual side by meditating for example. You have a Higher Self, like a higher mind that functions from a good perspective only. This Higher Self is fearless and is active during dreaming as well. Instead of interpreting dreams like why am 'I' seeing this, watch the dreams as if your Higher Self is dealing with them.

If you avoid sleeping you're just stressing your mind even more. Try to approach this without fear, as the nightmares cannot harm you anyway. The more you 'fight' with your mind, the harder it will be. Dreams like being hunted, and fighting demons are actually common for people who develop their psychic side. Mostly in the beginning stages.

Such dreams could also be stress-related or just physical. If so, they will stop if you go to bed more relaxed. Lavender is a very calming essence and thyme tea can help to relax the brain, especially if you study a lot. Also avoid coffee a few hours before going to bed.

Since you're christian orthodox, you can go to your church and get some holy water. This can be used to bless your home. You can keep it in your room and even put some in your hair before going to sleep. If you fear some evil energy is acting against you, holy water is one of the strongest barriers you can use & it's free:)

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