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Been Physically Touched For Six Months Now


I am 45 years old, almost always too old for a brain disorder such as schizophrenia. Even though I knew it was a waste of time, I went and had a CT Scan, a very thorough MRI, and a long visit with a neurologist... (twice). I have never been a drug user, I do not take any prescription drugs, and I don't drink. I lost both my parents in 2016, five weeks apart. There is a particular song that has meaning, that comes on the radio ONLY at the times it is supposed to for me. It's too much to go into, but the amount of crazy coincidence on this music topic has made an absolute believer out of me, as far as an after life goes.

I am not an emotional person, I also don't keep things bottled up. I think I am pretty healthy in the mind. I have four children and a wife, and a full time, hard labor job that keeps me in shape. I have, in the passed, thought of Psychics and mediums as crazy people. I never believed in auras, or astrological signs, or getting my energy read. So for something like this to happen to someone so non-spiritual...I consider myself to be super lucky!

Some time after my parents died, I started talking to my parents as if they were listening in spirit, and telling them that the music super coincidences were very cool, and that I fully believed that they are there, but I wanted more! I am a smoker, and every night when I have my last cigarette of the day, I would ask them to show me more. Well, on July 9th, 2017 they showed me more, by giving me the ability to feel the physical touch of people, or aliens, or angels, in another dimension.

It is now January 2018, and this is still going on! Strangely enough, I was never scared. A little freaked out, but not scared. The feeling of their touch is as real as a person in this dimension is. I feel every finger, sometimes full of pressure, sometimes light touching. One has climbed up on my back and I could feel their entire body on me, even the face. As time went on, I realized these are not my parents spirits, or entities, as they have begun touching me in ways that my parents would not!

The only way I get the absolute real feeling of touch is through a medium such as water in the shower, clothing, or my comforter in bed. And then the feeling comes through those things as if the medium wasn't there. If it is on my bare skin, it feels like very strong static electricity moving over me. I have read from many websites, that this is them taking my energy, and is extremely unhealthy. I am not a health nut, and I smoke, so if it isn't going to take multiple years from me, I'm ok with some unhealthy activity. Just need time to be there for my children. So if someone out there knows of serious time being taken from people's lives from these entities, please let me know!

Anyway, a huge apology to all of the enlightened, spiritual people out there! Very sorry for calling you all a bunch of nuts! You are not! (I have nobody to talk about this with, as of course everyone will believe I have a serious problem with my mind. Hell, I would too if I traveled through time and told myself 6 months ago what I was experiencing. I know how powerful the mind can be, but these are NOT hallucinations. No way! It is way too real, way too defined, and I have a clear, strong mind, and no signs of anything else like early Parkinson's, and the other things it could be. It simply can't be anything else but people in another dimension, and I can no longer be convinced to look into other things.

I have already done everything I can do on a physical and mental level. I am now very interested in quantum mechanics and cosmology, when those particle physicists can figure out how and why an atom works and why subatomic particles defy the classic laws of physics, and where gravity comes from and why its properties don't add up in their math problems, etc. Then they can tell me I'm crazy. Heck, even quantum physicists have theories of other dimensions!

Until then, I could use a person to talk to about this, if you are having a similar experience let me know. Or if you are a medium, and you accepted my apology. Please let me know who you think these people or aliens are. I love feeling them and I love knowing they are there! Just wish I knew who or what they were, and if they are passed on humans originally from this realm, or if they just live and die in their own dimension that just happens to have a one-way window into ours. Thanks!

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seawitch (6 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-18)
Your not crazy.

"Some time after my parents died, I started talking to my parents as if they were listening in spirit."

You right you had a spirit listing to you. Now its making its move.
It's not and angel angels are asexual meaning it's a demon it is called a succbus. So get off the who I'm crazy part you have a spirit.
enlightenedrationalthinker (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-07)
Yes, you are a great help! Thank you very much for commenting so thoroughly. Not preachy at all. My parents were divorced, my Dad believed in God, but didn't attend church or spread the word of God at all. My Mom, on the other hand, was very religious. She attended church, spoke about Jesus, and the "Truth" every time that I saw her. Praising Jesus was her life! I do have to believe this is not her, but an ability she might have given me, (with God's permission of course).

I was raised in the same manner, but as I got older and recalled some of the teachings, I went my own way and became more of an agnostic. My Mom believes the Bible word for word, as I believe it to be more or less symbolism, and very good stories and lessons. What really turned me off on Christianity was the scare tactics about burning in hell if you weren't "saved", or if you were raised to believe in some other religion.

As far as the Bible being absolute truth, my argument to her was, "you just told me God gave us free will, and all men sin. Spiritually guided men or not... Man wrote the bible, and all men sin, and all men have free will." I wasn't rough on her or anything, and didn't make a habit of disputing her, because I knew she respected my intelligence, and I didn't want to ruin that, or in another direction, cause her to lose some faith. There is just no reason to do that to someone you love. But she knew I wasn't with her in her faith.

"Science = unraveling the mathematics of God's design (the universe) "...I LIKE THAT! Is that yours? I'm going to use it!

I totally agree with you about Quantum Physics and how it is all theory. I do find it very interesting when they find out more about God's ingredients though, (as I like to call it). I once blurted out to a science nut, who is an atheist, "Just because we figured out the ingredients in an amazing meal we just ate, does that mean we dispute if the chef exists?" I was pretty proud of that one:) .

I will take your advice and seek answers from God. Thank you for that! I haven't done that. This experience is the coolest thing that has ever happened to me and has been a distraction from where I should be looking for answers. I have only thought of the mystery of it all and trying to get answers from them, themselves. Although, if they started speaking to me, I might have to commit myself!:)

No voices, and no real visions other than seeing what I could describe as what dark matter might look like, with occasional colors along with it, so I think I don't have much to worry about yet. Maybe low eye pressure, or ability to see my blood cells, mixed with some subconscious imagination. Although my wife has always thought I was nuts on that whole seeing things when I close my eyes instead of just the flat black that she sees. But others I know do know exactly what I'm talking about.

Seemingly microscopic pixels making up the darkness rather than seeing flat black. Do you see "the dots"?:)

Thanks so much for taking time to write!
DarthCreamPuff (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-05)
Quantum mechanics and cosmology is all theoretical. It's just like trying to figure out the mystery of God. It's fun to think about and it's better when you can look at science and spirituality from an objective perspective. It's more knowledge, not necessarily the truth. Especially when it's theoretical science. Take it from me, focusing on the meaning of life/afterlife and analyzing it to thousands of little pieces is very time consuming and people will look at you like you've lost your mind.

Science = unraveling the mathematics of God's design (the universe)

I haven't found much material on science and the supernatural. Metaphysics is the closest to it I guess. I'm not a fan of that philosophy but everyone has their preference.

I'm not trying to get preachy here I feel things similar to yours as well. I'm actually a very spiritual person. Mainly christian-minded.

When you're allowing yourself to be open and receptive to answers, you will find clarity, synchronicity and guidance. It never fails.

Again, not trying to be pushy on the subject, (just based on my own experiences) if you diligently seek God you will find him and your answers. Other people say "If you ask the universe"...blah blah blah like it's some magic 8 ball. It doesn't work like that. God isn't a supernatural fairy god mother to cater every request or wish either. God does however endow us with spiritual gifts. It's possible that this might be yours. Google it.

In your case it was through your parents. My condolences for your loss. It must have been hard on you. You felt it was them and wanted them to show you more. What were their stand points on spirituality or religion? Maybe they're trying to show you there's an afterlife?

"I have read from many websites, that this is them taking my energy, and is extremely unhealthy."

Take it all in with a grain of salt and follow your gut instinct. Not everything on the internet is going to be 100% true. It's just an opinion. Keep a HEALTHY MINDSET and you'll be fine. It's the minute when you continually start having negative thoughts is when it's detrimental. There are spiritual forces that can take that energy away from you and cause that. A Positive for every negative in all things in/out of this universe I guess.

The sensations I feel most of the time are good. When I started feeling them I wasn't as bothered by it. At first, it felt like random chills all over my body. Even when it was 90 degrees outside. They never left me feeling cold. I wasn't sick. When it had gone on and the sensations intensified after a year, it really started to scare me. I started getting random visions (precognitive) and I thought that maybe I was becoming schizophrenic. I don't know exactly how it happened, it got to be less and less. Maybe it was the experiences I was having scared me to the point where my mind manifested a way to block these feelings from happening- all in the plight to avoid believing that I was becoming schizo.

From time to time, I still have these experiences through de ja vu, precognitive dreams or visions, and the random sensations like chills. I've felt angry or annoyed presences that feel like a burning sensation at the nape of my neck when I'm not angry or annoyed at all, sometimes my heart flutters and thumps harder/faster when I'm sitting completely idle (I'm 100% young and healthy by the way I was checked) I've felt my heart feel so weighed down as if a cannon ball sat on top of it (heartbreak and I'm single not even thinking about exs or past lovers or lonelyness). I've felt random physical touches like yours as well. I have no added stresses to my day. I have pretty well behaved children, a very easy job that I love, and there's nothing seriously wrong in my life at all. I've got problems like everyone else so I'm not saying my life is perfect. I'm content and stress-free.

I wish I could give you an explanation as to why you're feeling these sensations and you're not alone. I feel them too.

"Please let me know who you think these people or aliens are."

Souls of other people. Could be angels or possibly demonic.

Even if God or 'the universe' does send us signs, how we interpret them is purely subjective. The universe, God, and consciousness are mysterious. For all we know, it could be God, the devil, or beings from other dimensions could be sending us signs all the time-- but our capacity to understand is still limited by the physical world and the bodies we inhabit. It's probably best to focus on dimensions we know and understand. Anything can be a sign if we want it badly enough.

Best of luck to you and I hope this helped. 😊

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