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Am I Sensing Things?


thank you for reading, I'm looking for some advice really.

I have recently started looking into some things that have happened/happening with me, and wondered if anybody had any advice. I still find this all a bit scary but would like to try and understand more so here goes.

I have had a few experiences in my life where I believe I saw things, as a child I remember very clearly seeing a demon of some sort in my door way and can describe it still clearly to this day.

When I became a teenager I went on holiday with a friend and stayed in her families apartment, where I believe I saw the ghost of a Spanish woman who hung herself. I was not afraid just felt extremely emotional, which I think may have been an emotional she had felt.

My biggest and most heartbreaking experience was (and I feel crazy for saying this) whilst pregnant with my eldest son I experienced a vision of me screaming next to an incubator, and unfortunately just after he was born my little boy Dylan passed away in 2006. I never told anyone about my vision as I thought it was just me being overly worried whilst pregnant. (Which it still may have been)

My partners dad passed away 3 years ago and the last time we saw him I said to myself we wouldn't see him alive again, and he passed just after that meeting. He Was only 62. Again I put it down to anxiety and just over thinking things.

Anyway to explain now, I find myself feeling energies and having an over whelming feeling to say no to it. Sometimes I say no in my head, but other times it can be so intense I say no out loud. It can happen anywhere at anytime, the best way to describe it is like an overwhelming heavy feeling in the air not always scary. I feel like I might be shutting out things that may be as I am afraid to let something in. Do you think this is some sort of sign, should I listen and except the energy and see what happens? Am I just over thinking and this is maybe something else? This is the first time I have thought that maybe it is some sort of psychic thing? Has Anybody got any advice please I feel I'm a bit lost with it and haven't got anyone I feel comfortable telling Thank you so much for reading Sophie x

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