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Strange Experience, Hearing And Sensing People Not There


The other night I was sitting in the local bar with my friend. We were mid conversation when I felt/sensed someone standing really close to me. It felt like they were behind me, leaning over my shoulder. I instinctively moved in (away from the 'person') and following this heard them talking to me. I wasn't fully listening due to being mid discussion already but it sounded like they were just behind me kind of in my ear/trying to get my attention. However when I turned around to answer them (and fully expecting to see a man Kneeling/leaning in towards me) I was mid sentence when I realised myself and my friend were the only people there other than the barguy. My friend swears blind there was nobody there (she was sat opposite me) but that she could also sense some sort of presence.

I've never experienced anything that strange before and have absolutely no idea what this was but if anybody has any suggestions there welcome?

Might be unrelated but all day I'd been hearing a really high pitched vibration/ringing noise in my head and could feel the vibrations running from my crown chakra to the soles of my feet.

Following this happening I kept seeing dark whispy/shadowy shapes floating around me like they were circling me.

Since then I have noticed a number of pictures from that evening have a glowing silvery white orb next to me in them. There was definitely something there, part of me is still somewhat convinced there was a person there talking to me who somehow immediately dissappeared, although I do accept this is extremely unlikely.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Or able to point me in the right direction?

I have a really strange feeling regarding the entire event.

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ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-14)
I know what you mean when you say some psychics find you too unsettling at times. Some psychics give off a real base raw kind of energy that is a little to intrusive to some other psychics or empaths. Some times it is kind of a pulsing changing fluid kind of defensive wall that confuses some people. If a psychic can sense energy fields or Auras sometimes it can be confusing for them when it is different than they are used to. Some psychics might get the feeling that you can read them when they don't want to let you through their defenses. It is a perception thing. Some times your energy field might be flat out scary to them. I have the ability to affect energy and electrical fields and some times it will make a fellow psychic uneasy or uncomfortable when near me. I am constantly being shocked by and shocking electrical technologies unintentionally. I can't use a self checkout or biometric scanning device. They go haywire. I don't shake hands all that often for fear of shocking people unintentionally. We all have different strengths and weaknesses to learn to deal with.
Ok, as far as telling the difference between positive and negative energies, you are going to have to go with your gut feelings. If you can sense the difference between lower and higher frequencies it gets easier. Darkness, coldness, hate, anger, pain equals lower vibrational frequency. Light, warmth, love, affection, pleasure equals Higher vibrational frequency.
A growl or snarl is dark low vibrational intention. A purr or sigh of contentment is light high vibrational intention and energy.
Your inner voice or gut check will warn you of dark energy or intention if you listen to it. There are 2 types of goose bumps you get involuntarily. If you have ever heard music or a song that touches you so deeply that it raises goose bumps on you, it is probably infused with light or high vibrational energy. Now if you walk into an ancient or old building, forest or castle and it feels dark and scary and gives you goose bumps, it is probably infused with dark or low vibrational energy.
Now if something chills you or gives you goosebumps or drops the temperature in the room around you before it whispers into your ear, well you do the math. Probably not a light being and probably not there to help you out. It may seem totally innocent or seem to have your best interests at heart, but don't be fooled by it. If you all the sudden start to feel anger or hatred manifest itself in you and you don't know why, watch out and be on your guard. It means something malevolent is trying to control or affect you or others in your life. If others around you seem to be really off or angry back off and go try to spend some time by yourself and cleanse. If you are a strong empath you can soak up energy like a sponge and it may sort of bleed off into and affect other peoples energies.
I hope any of this information might help you a little bit. This topic will probably breed a lot of discussion. Everyone sees things a little differently.
I myself end up dealing with handling a lot of dark things on peoples behalf. I have to be careful in how I affect others around me. 😉
mcl (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-14)
Ah, I'd realised years ago I was an empath,hadn't picked up on anything else yet but makes sense, 3 different 'psychics' have reacted weird to me in the past year, like coming to greet me then backing off stating they find me 'too overwhelming'.

How do you know if it's a negative entity from a positive? I'm so used to feeling vibrations and 'light touches' I think I forget it isn't normal. Tbh I find it unsettling if I can't feel it.

Thankyou for your advice X
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-13)
Yes on all accounts. I have many gifts that bring me information many ways. Welcome to the combination blessing/curse that you have received. Now if they only made a manual to go along with it. I like you have a constant never ending high pitched bombarding ringing, whistling, screaming frequency in my left ear and skull that never goes away. It get's louder and softer, but never quits. I have had voices both whisper and scream at me and into my ear. I have heard music,songs, and sounds of all variations out of virtually thin air and then they are gone. You have been touched and targeted and from now on are tapped into something that will give you information from seemingly out of nowhere. You will just know some things and have no idea where it came from. Don't go around telling just anyone and everyone what is going on. Unless you like being locked up for your own protection. The scariest phrase anyone could here is," I'm from the Government and we are here to help you."Ha Ha. 😁
Do some research and learn how to protect and shield yourself from dark and unwanted negative energies. If anything tries to have a conversation with you that isn't there, ask a lot of questions and keep testing the answers. Above all learn to relax and calm yourself and seek balance.

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