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I Used To Feel Them, Now I Feel Lost


Growing up I always felt like someone was watching me no matter where I went. I would always see shadows, usually in the corner of my eye. Eventually I realized my dad and I would always see these shadows but my brother and mother did not. One day I was sleeping at a friends house and went to put my bag in her room. Everyone else was in the kitchen. I went to leave the room and I got a really bad feeling. All of a sudden something pushed me and I started getting pains all over my body. I was in so much pain I cried. The family could hear me and ran over to see what was wrong. They could see red marks all over my body that soon turned to bruises. I soon started to realize what happened. I called my mom and dad to come get me. I knew they had a spirit in the house but never felt like I was in danger until that day.

After this happened my dad started telling me about his childhood growing up. He had many experiences and even had gotten attacked before. This brought us closer in my opinion. I had someone who understood. I always felt and saw shadows until after my dad passed away. I was 15 at the time. He went missing on a walking trail. That same day around lunch (before we even knew he was missing) I got really sick at school. For whatever reason I knew something was wrong with my dad and even started to cry. When he never showed up to pick me up we went to look for him. After a day of looking search dogs found his body.

Ever since that day I feel like my ability to feel them and see their outline has faded. Recently I found out from my uncles that "healers" run on my dads side of the family. Many family members dreams come true, feel ghost, and see them. I don't want to lose this ability. I honestly don't feel like myself anymore. I sometimes still feel spirits around me but the connection is not as strong as it used to be. How can I make the connection stronger again.

P.S. I also have dreams almost every night that I have powers and that I use them to help people. I also have digestive problems. The doctors believe it is intestinal. Is it possible this is all connected? Did I just grow out of it some how?

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