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My First Experience With Déjà Vu


I was sitting watching a show about psychics and its seemed interesting but before that around when I was ten I had these dreams and when I woke up everything I saw was like déjà vu? Like I've been there before? After that the dreams got more frequent it was like everywhere I went it was déjà vu like I have seen that before like I was going on a date with my girlfriend Allie and as we were walking, I saw a back yard in my dream I was at a pool in that back yard? The back yard everything I saw the table the umbrella the chairs the way the fence was but there was no pool? So after that my mom started to say how she had a dream about someone's death and I thought I must get these dreams from her side. So after that I had another dream about my friends house I have never been to in my life as soon as woke up my dad said we were going to his house I knew that but not what it looked like? I saw the outside I said to myself déjà vu? I went inside the house saw everything in my dream I mean everything I said dad I have seen this before he said how I said I dreamed it he said I do you recall everything in your dream well I told him I'm hyper focused he was shocked I showed him every room and I told it who it belonged to? Then I went home laid down took a nap and had another dream it was about my friend Elena and she was moving so the next day I woke up asked her she said no? I was shocked so two maybe three weeks went by she asked me to come over and she said she was moving? Everything we did that day was in my dream what we did in that dream was happening right then and there? I don't know if I can dream the future or not but it seems like it? And that's my story.

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dreamgirl21 (10 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-05)
I'm new to this website and I been having a lot of deja vu lately... Like what I did last night for 4th of July. Like how I was at my friend place and everything that happen I dream before long time ago. And When I first met my boyfriend now. He was dropping me off to my church and I got out his car and I start to remember I had a dream of that day. And start getting feeling that he was going to be a apart of my life from that day, when we first met and he drop me off to my church. So I'm glad I am not the only one that feel like I been having deja vu.

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