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My First Child And My Wife And Some Of My Military Career


I usually ignore my premonitions but something about this one made me interested

It was unusual as it seemed to jump between dates and times for example from what I can recall there were 4 locations

Location 1. Living room it was new but it felt like a family home, it was a intervention I think it was for me about myself, my partner and our child the name Erin was used I think it was them telling me I had a daughter after I returned home presumably from a military deployment.

Location 2. A military base or encampment this is where I first saw this woman my memory is clouded about my being there, I know she was us navy from her camo pattern on her uniform but this was not our first time meeting we were in a relationship from what I gathered, from there it went to her tent where thing escalated.

Location 3. The military base mentioned above this time I confronted a man seen taking pictures of my men and or my partners men to which I was escorted away from him, I have some clarity of what was going on I remember it being a training exercise with boxes that arrived in a delivery containing unknown content, the unknown woman I prior mentioned approached me and asked me to check the delivery to which I obeyed the boxes contained AT-4 rocket launchers, after around 5 minutes an american army colonel approached me telling me, it was him I had shouted at for taking pictures he explained I don't remember what he said but I was convinced.

Location 4. A town which was presumably where me and this known woman stayed I remember kissing her telling her to be safe and rock it, as she was going to work I remember it was blurry then it cleared and I was holding my child and I took her home, I remember some construction was going on with my home and a driver came by with a delivery of goods, for building after that my premonition stopped.

I'm just wondering if anyone can clarify anything I described by seeing something similar or from another perspective I just can't make sense of it alone.

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