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My First Proven Experience


I didn't know where to begin with sharing my experiences, so I will share my first proven (precog) one. This would be back in December of 2015. I had been working as a caregiver in a nursing home for a few months. Being sensitive to my surroundings, my intuition has helped and hindered me in this field. My husband in particular hears about the bulk of my feelings, and is a bit overwhelmed when they actually happen. He and a co-worker are my proof for this experience.

I was not sleeping well for almost a week. Feeling weighed downed, at generally anxious. I told my co-worker that I was uneasy, and that when I was caring for a certain female resident, I had an overwhelming urge to soothe her, or sit with her. I wasn't particularly close to her, she was just a kind older lady who constantly wanted to be left alone to "think". One day, I had hardly slept at all, and I felt anxious and clammy. It's always been my sense that something is going to happen. I helped the woman get ready for lunch, and talked about how cute her great grandbaby was, and how they were expecting snow that night. As I made to leave, she held my hand briefly, and said "thank you for being with me". The way she worded it put me off. I mentioned it to my co-worker, who thought nothing of it.

That night I slept deeply, and I dreamt of holding her hand. The problem was that I couldn't let go. I remember waking up thinking it was the strangest feeling. My hand felt tired, like it had been squeezed too long. Pins and needly. My husband thought it was a funky dream.

I went to work, and was scheduled to get the woman up for breakfast. The nurse mentioned the in the night, she had taken a turn for the worst, and that she might not be feeling well enough to get up. I decided to start with her, so that I could check on her. She looked at me and grabbed my hand when I tried to pull back her covers. She squeezed my hand a said she wasn't getting up. I took a seat and kept holding her hand, knowing right then what was happening. I had never felt it this clearly. She said that she needed the nurse, she felt short of breathe.

I left the room to get the nurse, who checked her and said to let her rest. I told the woman I'd be back soon to check in, and went on to get my other residents up.

About 20 minutes later, I felt a deep calm come over me. Like an emotional release. The nurse called me out to the hallway a few minutes later and told me she had passed. The nurse guessed it was the woman's congestive heart failure. I performed her end of life cares and tried my best to finish out my shift without dwelling on what had happened.

My co-worker brought up how odd it was that I had mentioned wanting to be near her that week. I got home and told my husband, who went wide eyed and didn't know what to think. To this day, he says he still get creeped out by that one.

Since then I've considered leaving the profession many times, but my intuitive moments have helped so many residents. I don't speak with my co-workers or the residents families about it. I simply follow my intuition and make sure that the person is comfortable and try my hardest to get comfort cares started ASAP, and family gets called.

Typing this out feels so weird to me. My feelings are so much a part of my everyday life that they aren't odd to me at all. Typed out they look very odd, at least.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? I will try to share more of my own. Thank you for reading my story.

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hwatson (2 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-01)

It's encouraging hearing from another that has worked in my field. Your "pressure with odd dread" is spot on. Almost like walking through a haze.

I've been approached about pursuing hospice with my company, but I love caring for all of my residents. I particularly love working with severe dementia. Other co-workers can't handle them while I can have them laughing and trying to communicate. Being an empath has so many uses in nursing... Eventually I may pursue hospice, just to have the experience.

Your family sounds gifted in ways, and you are lucky to see more of this world together.

Thank you for sharing some of your experience with me! It really helped
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-01)
I wish to thank you for posting your story.

You reminded me that the energy in the hospitals
And care homes are thick. I was always drained.
And I could sleep 10 to 12 hours straight on my days off.
It got lesser the last few years.

I have left that work after 30yrs. But not due to patients
/families or staff.

You reminded me why I joined that area.
I guess I would do it again.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-01)
For me with patients I would get an overwhelming feeling of compassion. Sometimes I would feel or see shadows, hear a voice. It has changed through the years.

It got intense as nurses would call me over to work energetically on patients before they died.

There have been times after they passed
I would have to help them cross over. Another story.

For family or close friends I smell fire and get a lingering feeling which is a week before they pass. I also get dreams or an inward seeing.
I guess it was pressure with an odd dread.

I do not know how to describe death.
At my door knocking for my child. Fortunately there was intervention for her. But death did strike 3 people she had been scheduled to travel with.

If you are not an HCA you may wish to look into my an LP program works in Hospice care you have a knack for it.

Understanding that you are an empathy and how it overwhelms you.
How to pull back and support either through angels or energetically.

There are some books by Raymond Moody who writes about NDE-, Albert Villelado had a CD about uncoiling the chakras. I just clear the lower chakras and hold the energy. Sometimes I do other things if so led. The Tibetan book of the dead speaks about signs before the body expires.

It is helpful to understand diseases and how the human body breaks down and creates tears in the patients human aura. Allowing spirit to move forward to the dying.

It just seems as if info is coming from the dream plane. Then you
Replay (relive it). Possibly by praying and meditating you can gain more strength. It takes energy to support the dying and it must be above what we normally do.

My dad has PD and he has the symptoms of bad dreams. The odd part is these dreams are a life review good and bad. I never read about his case. Understanding side affects of drugs and what is the dying process.

Great subject.
hwatson (2 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-29)
Dear Lauterb,

Good for your son! I certainly have not gone unnoticed by a few patients and co-workers. They've commented that I am really be attentive, or they notice me checking on/caring for the person constantly.

I'm not so much uncomfortable, it's more of an anticipation. I'm still learning to accept the signs I'm seeing without brooding over them.

Do you mean to carry a piece of my spirituality, Or prayer in general? I have been looking for something to carry with me, but I'm at a loss as to what. I don't feel the need for a shield, or a healing object. I've been searching for something to help with clarity and peace.

Regardless, you've been really helpful!
lauterb (110 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-29)
Dear hwatson

Would you like to comment on two things:
First would be the discretion. My son who is a doctor, at the end of university, it was nicknamed "the angel of death". Angel as he watched patients with care and love, treated them as family members, due to pre-disembodiment situation and paying extra attention. Because he is spiritist this did not bother him, but it could end up happening to you because other people can not understand, especially if patients notice a pattern in your behavior.
The second indication with respect to those who are about to return to the spiritual plane. Apparently, the process is not comfortable for you, therefore I suggest combining a signal with spirituality to facilitate the work without discomfort.
Prayer is a medicine for the soul of anyone, made with the heart and sincerity can operate wonderful things, make prayer always and good spirits will always be by your side guiding you and helping. Helping others soon (or already) you will notice how well it will do to you.

Good work for you!
hwatson (2 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-29)
Thank you for the kind words and information, lauterb.

I've noticed that each incident follows a pattern. Starting with the feeling that I'm off balance, like I drank too much coffee. I usually then notice a kind of denseness around me, like the pressure before a thunderstorm. If I don't find the person that day, within a few days I will almost always have my dream, just helpful enough for me to usually figure it out. The pressure and anxious feeling remains and builds until the person passes. Then it just falls off suddenly, and the air feels calm. Like a content feeling that everything is fine now. Only rarely do I feel any presence (s) after a passing, unless the person was much closer to me...

Could this feeling be the gathering of energies around that person as they are preparing to transition? I just had this thought! Thank you!

I will have to research a bit.
lauterb (110 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-28)
Dear hwatson

I was very happy because you saw something more than just your ordinary work.

159. Every one who is in any degree influenced by spirits is, by that very fact, a medium. This faculty is inherent in man, and is therefore no exclusive privilege; in fact, there are few persons in whom some rudiments of medianimity are not found. We may therefore assume that every one, or nearly every one, is a medium. Nevertheless, this qualification is only practically applicable to those in whom the medianimic faculty is clearly characterised, producing well-marked results and this depends upon the greater or less degree of sensitivity of the organisation. This faculty does not reveal itself in all cases in the same manner: each medium has generally a special aptitude for some special order of phenomena; so that there is as great a variety of mediums as of phenomena. The principal varieties of mediums are as follows: Physical mediums; Sensitive or Impressionable mediums; Hearing mediums; Speaking mediums; Seeing mediums; Somnambulists; Healing mediums; Pneumatographers; Writing mediums, or Psychographers.

As you may have noticed you were influenced by spirituality to help this sister who returned to espitual world. I do not know whether they were relatives who were waiting for her or the team assigned to proceed the "shutdown" that intuited you to help her.

I hope you continue to help!

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