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My First Time Helping A Spirit Move On


Evening folks,

I hope your all very well.

Well I suppose I'll start from the beginning. Since a youth I have always felt out of place (as many of you do) and known that my life was meant to be spent following a higher purpose. I used to be terrified of the dark (I slept with my mother until I was 13) and have always had a difficult time maintaining relationships, as I get too emotional within them. As soon as I began to "grow", I started hanging around the wrong crowd (I did it on purpose, almost so that I would be misled for a period of time). So since 14, I've been indulging in vices greatly so that I could avoid my true future and not have to look it in the eye. This year I've dropped out of college (journalism), been through three various jobs, went to Peru to drink Ayahausca in the Amazon in hopes of finding truth and salvation (while down there I was called to stay and become a shaman, but my ego took me back home), I know I'm meant to be a "healer and teacher" now though.

However when I returned from my trip I began indulging in my old lifestyle (drinking, smoking, drugs, partying) and lost my way again. For the past 12 days I've been stone cold sober (something clicked within, the time for transformation is now, for reality is now and it wasn't difficult to give up my negative habits and individuals whom I surrounded myself with, not there fault, I possess free will after all) and I've been awakening to my true nature. It's been emotional but very necessary, yesterday I completed a three day water fast (I knew it needed to be done for realization that I simply inhabit a vessel) and have felt energy even more abundantly.

So this morning, at quarter past 2, I awoke from a dream (me and a man were speaking of the death of a loved in a garden outside a home, I believe it was his mother or sister? Maybe lover? Probably mother as she was older) and went to the washroom. Almost instantly upon my arrival back in my room I felt her presence and my laptop (which is unplugged and turned off) began turning off and on. Making very annoying noises. Instantly I knew that this spirit was in my presence and was shocked and somewhat unprepared as I've never had to communicate/guide a being personally (I've had them in my presence many times but am usually too induced in vices, and am scared and simply push it away).

Anyways, I started breathing and acknowledged the fact that we are both spirits, however she is within the plane and living and as solely as spirit without a body to inhabit, no longer has a right to be here and needs some guidance. I told her it was time to move on, that there is nothing left for her within this plane, that she is simply confused and lost and that the Eternal light of love shall guide her as long as she let\'s it do so. I told her she needs to move to the next phase and plan for her next journey etc.

After about five minutes the laptop turned off and I felt at peace. She thanked me (mentally) and was on her way.

I can already feel more beings all around me. Wishing the same, for peace and guidance. It's rather exhausting, as I have already guided another since the inception of this article.

I need training and guidance. Reiki calls me as well. I know I need to look to my guides, but felt the need to share and could really use some advice and tips on how to proceed.

Anything really, and thank you so much for reading this.

Peace and love,


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gthlvrmx (64 posts)
7 years ago (2016-09-06)
Hi andovix,

You sound like a spirit rescuer to me, just like my good friend Ama Nazra. Search for her on google and you'll find her sacred gates websites. She might be able to help you, give her an email message.

A simple way to cross over a ghost is to ask, "Archangel Michael, FIND the ghost that I see over there (or specify to whatever matches the situation) and TAKE them into healing." You can adjust that request to match your situation whichever it may be, it works well for me:)
lauterb (110 posts)
7 years ago (2016-08-28)
Dear andovix

Congratulations that you overcome your old life style and now you are "open" to help others!

This is much more than other people do in their entire life.

You already know that you are a medium, now need to learn how to use your mediumship properly.

Do you have near you a place that study Spiritism an spiritist center?

I recommend you find one near you checking in below web site:

Before you drive a car you have to study legislation, plates etc. You need to practice with someone experienced before driving a car alone. First you need to study a lot I suggest you to study followings books:

In case you have some doubts fell free to email me: leonn [at]

Good study!
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
7 years ago (2016-08-28)
I believe it is important to keep an alliance
With spirit.
When we do this we are able to avoid an empty feeling which we as humans try to fill with other substances.

Psychological mental blocks keep
Discarnate souls earth bound. Therefore understanding their pain, and belief system
Help you be an Intercessor.

Connecting with your guide and spirit team.
Plus asking help from Raphael, StMichael can help in the work.

Understanding how to hold and draw in healing to discarnate souls so spirit team can help
Are all important.

Being able to open a spiritual door or other needed scenarios to facilitate a path way for healing.

Closing and grounding are subjects worth exploring.

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