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Another Empath, The Blessing And Curse


So I know I'm an empath. For as long as I can remember I have been really emotionally sensitive. I used to cry over everything and for no apparent reason sometimes. During high school I was extremely depressed as my then best friend played on my extreme guilt susceptibility to try and get me to date him. I had to stop talking to him or I would have been lost. I always lose arguments because when I'm in the room with that person everything they say makes perfect sense and seems so right, its only after I leave the room that I realize I had a different viewpoint. Now, I have realized what I am and in the last year it has gotten much stronger. I can now pick up on 4 set people over long distance and everyone else when I'm in the room with them. I have also felt someone's anaphylactic shock (and their corresponding panic attack) from being in the same building as them. I can't tell you how fun it is to lose all power to breath, feel dizzy and nausea and be panicking when you're at work and the vibes are coming from your ex. I have some control but its hard. I have a hard time sometimes sorting out which feelings are mine and which are others. My friends that I pick up on long distance are all very supportive so I will regularly send them messages saying things like "are you feeling sad today?" and they will let me know. I find it usually fades a lot when I can locate the source. The feelings that normally come through strongest are anger, depression, hurt, sadness, all the bad ones. I do sometimes pick up on happiness if its extreme or in the same room with me.

I can see the benefits of this. Its a gift and a curse. I am always self analyzing because of it and it has really shaped the person I am but I find that I am a bit of a chameleon now, taking on traits of everyone I meet. I just wish I knew more about it and could exert a bit more control. One of the 4 that I feel over distance is my ex (the one who's allergic reaction I felt) and I would love to sever that connection if possible. I actually want to develop it and learn to control it as much as possible at the same time cause I like having it. People can't usually lie to me effectively and I can help friends when they need it, plus, I work in childcare so a little empathy never goes astray. Its just frustrating when you spend two weeks crying for no apparent reason. Any advice on this would be welcome.

My other quirks include seeing/hearing ghosts sometimes, I think I can feel them as well sometimes.

Ohh, and my third eye is active so I get these lovely pressure headaches in that spot.

My family experiences include ghost experiences, astral projection, premonition dreams, and seeing auras. I think I'm the only empath tho.

I love the fact that I'm not alone and I wish I had googled this earlier. Ohh well, better late than never. Its just good to share with people who are in the same boat.

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shanadoah (1 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-30)
I tottally relate to everything you have said, about the chamelion, and seeing ghost, I like to call them spirits. Since I have realized that I am an empath, my senses have been slowly strengening. I too am glad to have found this site and am now trying to figure out if I should tell anyone. If so who, and how, my family is very religious:/
straddygirl (2 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-26)
I actualy find myself trying to go into a self inflicted hibernation. Trying to avoid peoples feelings and emotions. I hate crowds. Too many emotions in one place. Found it torcher to travel on the trains. And definately avoid hospitals. The minute I walk in I feel drugged up and just want to sleep. But the emotions flowing round in there are just crazy. I love animals. But I don't even like to have a pet anymore. I only socialise with my own kids who are almost at the point of leaving home. And a few other people who are related. I have a few old faithfull friends. But rarely socialise with them besides on the phone or net. I can't help people unless I can help myself. And empathy is still getting me down. I can't seem to find a shut off switch long enough for me to recoup and regroup.
My emotions are very powerful when I release them. Such as when I'm angry people have said that it is so strong they can feel it just hanging there like a dark cloud. (people coment that the feeling is frightening. Not that I threaten them or anything. Just like the atmosphere changes and they can feel bad energy) And when I'm happy everyone feels the hapyness. When I'm excited or thrilled they feel it too. Its like I take it from others and store it up. Then when I release it, it is realy strong that people are picking it back up. I seem to still keep too much or keep it too long as it affects my life and my health. Hence the reason I have made my self a hermit. Doesnt totally work but. But it makes it slightly less.
AraLestat (2 stories) (15 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-09)
I must say how amazingly alike all empaths seem to be. And the differences never cease to amaze me.
I struggle lately with my gift. But know it's here for some greater good. I just haven't realized what yet.
I am a personal wellness coach, and love seeing people meet goals.
On the off side, I used to love children like all children for their pure innocence - I do have one of my own (which was a gift in itself) I love her unconditionally and my feelings haven't changed with her. Only in others children.
I keep feeling an off feeling in many kids in my present area. Like suffering is leading them to for lack of a better term the dark side. So I dislike being around most of them.
I do however share your traits if you will on the feelings of others and I do get more of the sad and angry stuff.
I did notice though I tend to pick up the worse 'vibes' faster because I want to be able to fix the pain for them faster. If I feel they are happy then they don't need help. Does that make sense?
Tess (2 stories) (8 posts)
15 years ago (2009-12-09)
Lol, often yeah. And how mine does based on the moods of the staff I'm working with. I find I have to make a concious effort to regulate my behaviour when I'm working with a staff member who is having an off day cause otherwise it rubs off on the kids and we have a very frustrating day. This is especially true in the baby room where they are such sensitive empaths themselves.
Aure (1 stories) (4 posts)
15 years ago (2009-12-09)
It's always interesting to read about another empath's experiences. I like being able to find the similarities, but the differences can be very intriguing. I really liked how you've described yourself as a chameleon. Growing up, none of my family ever used the term empath for me, but they sure did say chameleon a lot!

As for 'controlling' your abilities. Meditation would be a good step in the right direction. Just taking a few minutes out of your day to take a step back and breath can make a huge difference. Try to concentrate on how *you* are feeling. Once you have gotten used to doing this after a while it'll become much easier to differentiate your emotions from the other's your picking up. This can also help prevent you from any accidental broadcasting on your end.

When working with the children do you ever notice how their behaviors fluctuate with your feelings?
Tess (2 stories) (8 posts)
15 years ago (2009-12-07)
Just read too that empaths have a strong affinity with nature and that is me too. I have always had pets, been a member of the wildlife rescue in my area and I'm forever bringing strays and injured animals home. I can't stand cruelty towards animals and cruelty towards people, it just makes me cringe and want to cry.
I absolutely love the rain and I often will go running in it or lay in it for ages. And the best thing to destress me is to run through the forest or sit on a headland. These places seem to hold so much power and they draw out the negative.
I have always been drawn to children as well, I think because they are so open and innocent, babies can make me feel awesome and chilled so quickly, like walking into a room with relaxing music after leaving a death metal concert. My top choices for career have always been vet, childcare worker, or paediatric nurse.
The more I read the more amazed I am that so much of what makes up me can be attributed to this 'quirk' of mine (its what I call it). Its nice to feel validated, like you arent just making stuff up to feel special and you arent just going crazy.
i-believe-in-love (7 stories) (36 posts)
15 years ago (2009-12-07)
I'm glad you found this sight, then.:)

I agree with you completely. I thought I was alone too, until I found this site.

I also know exactly what you are talking about for a lot of these things that you're writing about. I feel people's sicknesses and feelings. As well, I too take on traits of others when I'm around them, but thank you for giving me a good word to describe that! I hadn't thought of chameleon, but it seems rather fitting.:)

X-Lauren ❤

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