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Someone Is Trying To Warn Me


I read the rules of the site and initially this post is going to seem as if I am asking about dreams but it truly is related to real life experiences (please don't delete my post).

About 9 months ago I had a dream. In this dream, the room was dark and someone was giving me advice of some sort, a heads up if you will. I don't remember what it was about but right when they got done talking they vanished into thin air. I turned around and there was a person behind me, sitting in a chair. He asked me "Do you want Marvin in your life?" I said "no", then suddenly I had these really bad labor pains to the point that I was crying in my dream.

Since then, I have dreamt of winning the lottery and going to a funeral and my mom was recently diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.

Also, sometimes when I try to call people I hear this noise in the phone when they answer that's scary, almost sounds like you would expect a demon to sound like if they were talking to us.

I just started believing in god and all that a few years ago and since have had many blessings fall upon me but at this point I am scared and want to leave this world I know, I sense I am entering. I feel as though someone is trying to warn me and there is something I can do to prevent something VERY bad from happening. What do you guys think? I am a single mother of four.

I actually got stuck In NE by chance with nothing and no one to lean on. The family I was stuck with is very rude and condescending to me because they don't understand me but they are very spiritual. I believe that I am being protected but how do I find out who it is? How do I communicate with them? And if it is someone bad how do I get them to go away?

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cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-20)
TManning I'm sorry to hear about your predicament. I've seen what domestic violence can do to people and there is not much you can do. Honestly people like Marvin are always given 'help to change,' but I fear he is going to be at the end of his rope if he continues. But I see what is being said. Do you want Marvin in your life? Well, the question is mostly, 'do you want Marvin in your life?'

You blamed yourself, "bless him, change me?" I will take your word, a mother does what she can for her children. You should not feel guilty in anyway. And I'm proud of you, most people I know would have felt a need for vengeance. A question I was considered to ask is, "Why should nothing bad happen to Marvin?" Why do you forgive him?

I'm sorry if I seem a bit frustrated. Just stay the straight and narrow. Keep Marvin out of your life is the best advice I can give. And I'm sure Marvin will get his dose of reality if he keeps running. If you ever need to talk you can contact me brokencar1 [at] (Just mind the at.)
Ravenula (3 stories) (115 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-19)
If you have Faith anything is possible... It is never other people that push you to become better and succeed in this fight called life, but God and your Faith in a greater purpose - a one God has planned for you and not man and the world that seeks to drag you down and off course!

You should feel blessed being watched...
tmanning (4 stories) (26 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-19)
U have taken Marvin out of our lives. I still try to get him to help with the kids. He is actually the best thingthats ever happened to me because I stayed strong in the moment a lot of people would have shattered, I minded my business and kept it moving. Right now, I am trying to get back in the nursing program at the college, taking classes and working. I over came a lot of obstacles in this place that's unfamiliar with no family, and nothing but ugly words. I have come a long way and now it seems that I'm getting messages... My last two dreams have been premintions and happened the next day. I love my mom and would do anything to save her! I just was wondering what's goin on with the dreams and voices and the noises in the house at night that are new...
Ravenula (3 stories) (115 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-19)
LOL he acts like a leech, a spineless parasite... You see he can't stand on his own two feet and is in REALITY nothing without you! What does that mean to you?

You should withdraw support, and make him cry and make him beg - show him who is the boss! But does he really deserve your "love" even then? Only you know the answer.
Ravenula (3 stories) (115 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-19)
Grammar: it is not "a change for a better" but "some people can still make a change for the better". 😆 LOL

And I have to add a few moments ago I just read on another website about a woman complaining about her insensitive husband of which a comment stated:

"Wouldn't it have been better if you were married to a man instead?"

Yes you should ask yourself what is a real man, and if a real man is a destructive beast without morals and a heart?

If he can't change, hell at least you can... But don't change for him, he won't even recognize it, do it for your kids - make a healthy move out of his "dark" exuding aura of evil brooding and its all consuming atmosphere of self-inflicting hell!

😁 ❤
tmanning (4 stories) (26 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-19)
He does not have a job and will not find one. He doesn't pay any child support and actually asks me to pay his to his first daughter. He was supposed to watch the kids today so I could work and his phone is still off! He didn't even bother to call! His mom watched them for me though. But this man called me fat at least three times a day every day I was with him, called me names to everyone in his family and never ever did anything good for me except all the babiesof course, all four are his. I love them very much. But I am really hoping that the dream of the lotto comes true and the dream of a funeral is just that... A dream. I was in a homeless shelter because his family hated me soo much. I got it together and am taking care of my kids by myself... I'm a lot calmer since I had this dream because I hope something good comes my way.
Ravenula (3 stories) (115 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-19)
It is sad, when is enough enough?... Maybe you should accept that some people can never change, no matter how much you seek to change to make them love you.

He will never change until all gets taken away from him, I watched a story where a guy said: "You would never know how perfect your life was, until you screwed up and it got taken away from you"... Some people can still make a change for a better, but the thing is some people just take too long to recognize what they have and as a result miss the entire purpose of life - to change yourself if you want to see any true blessings and happiness in your own life.

I believe that people like "marvin" live and feeds on "negative energy" such as depression, darkness, fear and despair... He is a hopeless case of self-condemnation. He is not happy and when will he ever be? Until he can see that the road he is on is self-destructive he will never change. Some people have so much "scars" their insides are cut to shreds, and they don't wish to heal... They like to keep on bleeding... They like the feel of being "light headed" and "dizzy" due to blood loss, on a high of self-abuse...pun intended "light headed" - no brains! They must like to be so f-u-c-k-e-d up if they don't wish to change themselves.

He is not happy because he refuses to change himself just as this quote states: "Be the change you want to see in life". ~ Ghandi

He is the one that doesn't appreciate what he has... Do such people ever appreciate what they really have until they are really alone and without anybody to eat up their crap?! When they can't take their anger out on anybody else, and they only are left with themselves they'll realize that the only one they could hurt is themselves... And then they will feel how it feels to "hurt" as they beat themselves up, knowing how they make others feel in their own personal "hell" of self-inflicting mental agony!

The name marvin, is just a key to the spiritual message this person came to teach you in life.

Such people who hurt us the most are our greatest teachers since they present us with the greatest spiritual obstacles (tests of faith) for us to overcome.

PS: about the lottery, marvin must wish you and your kids away; must be if he abuses you and wants you dead... Surprise surprise, he'll end up with even less than he had... Maybe he'll get some humility when you show him you are better than him and will no longer be a victim of his abuse, because he thinks he can control you as he wishes and that you are his "slave" to trample over. Yes he is the one collecting stones, and missing all the diamonds that is you and the kids...shame, let the bastard then choke on the filthy stones, all those people he puts above you and cheats on you with... Most of all, let him choke on himself, he is his own worst enemy...he'll never know what he had until he lost it... He acts like a loser, he is a low life, he is throwing his life (you and the kids) away by treating you like s-h-i-t abusing and using you until there's nothing left.

As for the other lottery symbol - learn to Love yourself, you are your own greatest lover, lavish yourself with self-love, and realize you deserve to be treated like a Queen and not a piece of dirt... And if you have any self-respect you won't be a victim to such evil and cruelty any longer - take a stand in the name of "Love" and be a better example for your kids and other people... To care for yourself and taking them out of that abusive environment you would save them from a lot more mental scarring than if you choose to stay and be abused!
Ravenula (3 stories) (115 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-19)
I was referring to the people who you called your "family" who don't understand you, at least you have people who really care!

And if you leave "marvin" you would still see "him" in your kids, if he is their father.

No one deserves to be in such a destructive relationship - maybe you "pushed" him out... A release of some kind, aborting him like a spiritual detox from your soul... When you take out the disease or "cancer" you can begin anew!

Is he caring "financial wise" for you and your children? Maybe you should get a man who cares more about your soul... There could be many meanings to one dream: yes maybe winning a new man... Lottery is a thing of chance, so you should put yourself out there and see what you get... Many fish in the sea who really wants to Love women instead of destroy them.
tmanning (4 stories) (26 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-19)
Guys, I see what youre saying to cherish what I have because it could be gone at any moment. I did pray to god to bring me marvin and within a year his fiance kicked him out and we were able to be together BUT in the time that I have been with him he has lied cheated, beat me and stolen from my kids and I. If we were standing on a street corner with a sign that says "will work for food" he would drive right past without a thought about it. I have been through a lot of drama with him and he refuses to take care of his kids. The last time he put his hands on me he choked me so bad that I couldn't move my neck for a week. I have asked god to remove him from our lives but in a good way. "Please don't hurt him" I just don't want the drama anymore, my kids don't deserve to be called "witches" and have their stuff thrown down the steps and I don't deserve to get choked because he refuses to pay bills. If he is supposed to be in my life, then id like him to change. I have also prayed for god to "bless him, change me." nothing bad, ever. But I don't wish any good on him anyways. Before the dreams I mentioned above I had a dream where I was in a dark room and someone was giving me advice... I don't remember about what but when they left, there was a persn behind me sitting in a chair\. I believe it was god himself come to visit me, he said "Do you want Marvin in your life?" I said "No" then I had labor pains so bad that I was crying in my sleep and looking for the baby when the pains stopped. Then came the dream of the lottery, then the funeral and lately theyve been premonitions. I just don't know what it means but since my mom was diagnosed with cancer I have been calling Marvin to talk to him and like always... He doesn't answer his phone. If its not something that's affecting him directly he doesn't want to talk and I can't change that, its how hes always been. As far as the demonic voices and the phone, I was calling a friend, she is on meth and doesn't make the best choices but she has faith in god and speaks his word everytime I turn to her for help.
LaurenHeals777 (4 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-18)
Hun you have more power then angels your infallible being a human made in gods image made other beings in heaven jealous then they where thrown down to earth. You have the power to tell it to leave have faith in god and inside of you a powerful hope grows and nothing will bring you down.
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-18)
Well Ravenula shared a good point, "who is Marvin?" Marvin doesn't have to have just one definition of what or who Marvin is. People name their kids all the time and might not have no clue what the actual definition of that name is. Names are mostly given on thought and emotion and not what the ever growing culture has already predetermined.😁

Anne V has a point, trusting god is one of the best steps you can make. What you have seen in your "dream" is a glimpse over the mountains. The one who loves you will always be with you which is sweet.

Believe in your dreams:)
Ravenula (3 stories) (115 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-18)
First off, who is Marvin? The name Marvin means "Friend of the Sea" so this could be a message from the Source/God which I like to connect with Water or the Ocean.

Let's talk about babies; if let's say Marvin is the Father of the child, you could wish him away but he would never be gone because a child is a creation of the mix of the mother and the father, so you'll see the Father in the child each day...

So what I can gather from all of this is "birth is inevitable", you can want something to not be there but it will (always) be there, and you have to deal with it... You are wishing someone or something away thinking that upon its happening you won the lottery but you will be stuck with an even worse fate or life circumstances if they are actually not there - as the funeral, death and sickness symbols are messages of this very fact
...this is therefore a message to be grateful for what you have, taking the good with the bad, because without it you would be worse off in life.

How many times do we wish someone of our family dead being mad at them for this or that, forgetting how much truly they mean to us and what they do for us?! Blinded by personal prejudice we can miss seeing the blessings. Message of maybe tolerance, being tolerant of those who actually make the effort to care for you, and appreciating all the life lessons learned from one another.

Demonic voices... Who are you calling out to? Are you calling "out" to the wrong people? People you know that wouldn't care for you, just to run away from your responsibilities towards those who will actually care for you? Well truth be told any relationship demands responsibility and a two "way" road coming from both sides; it would thus not help to run away from the one relationship due to your lack of wanting to do something in return only to find yourself in the same situation demanding the same two way "flow"...everything isn't just about you, it is about those who care for you too! Demanding Love shouldn't be a problem if you receive a lot yourself.

Lastly to make Peace with what you have left - things or people that aren't taken away from you after all you have been through since they are your true blessings from God! It could be a warning in the sense "count your blessings before doing something stupid like shutting out the people who really care for you".

"never take someone for granted hold every person close to your heart cause you might wake up one day and realize that you've lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones"
Mubashir (285 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-18)
I hear warning whispers too but its very rare. Few days back was my birthday and I got really disturbing feeling like something bad is going to happen. Then I heard some whispers trying to tell me something and I couldn't hear the words clearly but I had a feeling that it was some kind of warning. As for my family being rude about your experiences, I have it too but I don't tell anything about my experiences now but you can tell people like yourself who understand you. No matter what happens, stay strong, keep strong faith in God and believe in yourself. 😁
AnneV (4 stories) (1048 posts) mod
9 years ago (2012-03-15)
A family member that is rude and condescending is not spiritual. You can be religious but that in no way means you are spiritual!

Of course the unknown is scary. What woman would not be frightened being stuck in a place with unsupportive family and children to care for? It's amazing you're holding up so well!

There is no doubt you're being watched over but even those who watch over us will not often get in the way of our life. We have to experience the negative right along with the positive. This is how we grow and no guide would rob you of this precious lesson. You can communicate with them via your thoughts. But know too they are always aware of your condition and feelings. I am always amused when people say they need to pray to God for what they want, when God knows full well what we want before we can even think it! And some get what they want and some don't. This is just how it works.
You in NE by "chance" is not chance. We end up where we are at because other things need to happen and this piece is just part of the puzzle. You say you now believe in God, well trust that God knows the direction your life is going and your karmic lessons are being lined up just perfectly. If you can, try and trust the process and go forward with good intent.

There is a lot of fear in you. This will in turn attract that. When I start feeling this type of fear build up, I try and switch it to something possive. A guy cuts me off - I turn this into 'he saved me a speeding ticket." Bad sounds in the phone? I turn this into a thank you for reminding me that evil does exist and I should be ever vigilant to not become that myself. Nutty relatives? Great chance to learn boundaries or to work on tolerance, patience or acceptance. You are not going to sweep your life clear of every bad thing or person! This is impossible. So you can either go slowly insane trying to block life itself or start to see that there is greater purpose underneath all that you encounter that makes you uncomfortable. Every discomfort is a lesson in disguise.

I hope some of this helps you and hang in there with those children!

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