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Something Is Trying To Communicate With Me


Everyone Well if you read my other story's I explained a lot, but I left this out and it's getting more powerful lately. Ill try my best to explain it in the shortest amount of time that I can but it will go far into my past.

You can call me RockShan, okay let's get this started. So I have always never connected to my family, I was also in this situation way back when I was an infant which is odd if you ask me. I have always recognized that something was trying to talk to me but I never actually answered but I am trying to answer now.

Now when I was an infant I apparently use to speak in some tongue that my family could not understand, along with my twin brother. We were the only ones that could understand it in our family. It's abnormal for a 3-4 year old not to speak in English already is it not? I haven't figured out why I use to talk in some other language as of yet. It could just be some gibberish but me, and my brother could understand each other is what gets me.

Let's jump to about 8 I explained how I seen a girl in my basement that has been following my entire life, but what I left out is she had blood on her arms, as if she was murdered, she also had long red hair like mine, and as tall as I am now which is strangely much taller then rest of my family except my twin. Call me paranoid but I think something is being hidden from me about my past, especially with the dream and things I have been seeing lately, and what what my life has been thus far. Strange things, having a dentist that uses a screw driver to get my mother tooth out, a doctor that thought my brother stretch marks were beatings from a past life... I just don't understand why so many people that are interested in the spiritual or are just down right crazy are in my life. I won't get further into that right now.

My real concern is what I have been seeing lately, I can see energy extremely well, always could. I decided to look further back into my past using this ability, I been getting results, I was in the shower, keep in mind usually after any shower or similar I end up getting a horrible headache for a few seconds with my vision going blurry which I don't understand. But this time I was still thinking about my past even when in my shower, I started seeing images in my head the energy began forming to shape some alien or wierd looking figures... I decided to try to figure out what could be going on about my past, and my parents the energy all around me strangely began forming into an arrow, it took me a minute to realize what it was.

This arrow was pointing directly towards a fish, and wouldn't go away into I took notice of it, sense then my tourettes has got less difficult to control, but now I keep getting 322 in my life. I would like any answers about what is going on that anyone can give me.

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Boson (179 posts)
6 years ago (2016-04-17)
Hello RockShan,

It's a little hard to know with certainty so I will give you my best guess on what's going on in your life. I think the confusion you feel stems from the fact that you are trying to explain all your occurrences with one single phenomenon. Often people with psychic abilities will encounter a range of different psychic events that are not related. The only thing these phenomena have in common is the person. So let's see if I can break it down for you.

The little girl I believe is a spirit guide (but it could also be a ghostly entity). It's hard to say and would have to be determined by a psychic reading. A person can have many different spirit guides through out their live. And a person can also have many spirit guides at the same time.

That you spoke in a different language was probably caused by a unusually strong influence from a past life you had. It's not uncommon that a person carries over an ability or trait from a past lifetime. In most cases it's more subtle and even unconsciously carried over because a past.

Then you mentioned about some imagery of alien beings. That could have a few different explanations. One would be that you recently lived in an alien world, again past life memories are bleeding through into this life. Another explanation could be that you are being contacted subconsciously (and/or physically) contacted by aliens.

I hope that helps a little.


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