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Trying To Connect


To give you a bit of background, I have been able to sense spirits for as long as I can remember. In march of this year, I decided to work on opening my 3rd eye to try to connect with them better. It was suggested to me by a friend that the reason I might have trouble connecting with them is because my 3rd eye is closed which made it near on impossible for them to come through to me.

I gave it a try, laying in my bed with the lights of focusing on opening my 3rd eye bye imagining an eye opening. It kind of worked because after a few minuets I had a man come through. He was showing me different parts of his body but not actually talking to me.

All of a sudden, he gets pushed out by a very stern, unsmiling old women. She wanted me to go with her. She wanted to show me something. So I did my best to hold onto the connection.

She took me back to the bungalow where I had lived with my ex-fiancé and his mum. We'd all moved from that property months before.

She walked me down the hall, into the kitchen and pointed out the window. I told her I didn't understand, so she led me out of the back door and into the garden itself. I remember it was a bright, warm, sunny day. I looked at her again, a quizzical look must have been on my face because she huffed silently and walked me farther into the huge garden and pointed into it. I told he I still didn't understand. Her mouth set in a hard line as she led me back through the house and into what was mine and my ex's old bedroom and pointed around. The room looked just like it had when we were living there. Again, I told her I didn't understand and again, she huffed at me, looking really annoyed.

At this point the connection broke. I don't know if it's where I was so exhausted from trying to hold the connection and keep my 3rd eye open, or if she had had enough, but she was gone and I was back in the darkness of my bedroom.

I left it a while to try again. My life has been too chaotic for me to be able to focus.

I tried again today. I live in an old Victorian house. I know I have at least three spirits here so I thought I'd give it another go and try to connect with one of them.

I struggled to connect this time. I just about managed to connect with one of the spirits. He stays in my dinning room and I knows he's around when I get the smell of sweat.

He showed me what he looked like. A man in his 30's, wearing clothing from the 40's/50's. He was fairly tall, around 6ft I'd say. He showed me a factory he used to work in around here. And I got the sense his name was George.

The connection only lasted about five minuets because the old lady came back, basically shoving him aside.

Again, she took me back to the bungalow where I lived with my ex. She showed me around the garden and our old bedroom again. I kept telling her I didn't understand and asked if could she not just talk to me and tell me.

Then a reflection flashed in the mirror of me standing with my motorbike leathers and helmet on. She just kept looking at me, unsmiling. I shook my head. I then got a clear image of my ex flash into my mind. She showed me him. I told her no, I don't want to see him, I don't want to think about him and I don't want to talk about him. She looked really annoyed.

The connection broke and now I'm sat here with questions.

What does she want me to know?

What was she trying to show me?

Why wouldn't she just TALK to me and tell me?

What the hell has my ex got to do with anything?

Is there anyone who can help me figure out what she want? Anyone who can maybe understand what I cant?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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