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Wandering Blind


I have had a gift for seeing spirits since I was a little girl, but I don't exactly know what my ability exactly is or how to fully control it.

Though initially I had no serious problems communicating with whatever spirits wandered into my life, after a rather disturbing visit to a tainted location five years ago, I have found myself constantly attacked, be it during the day or while I sleep. I have found myself meditating more and more to expel dark and harmful energies I find hanging on to me and I have had three separate entities approach and solicit me for one thing or another.

The first entity was a being that seemed to glow with light. My grandma had passed and I was there with her when she crossed over. I didn't want to see her spirit (like I had her husband when I was five). The form approached me in my sleep and asked me if I wanted him to take the gift away. I said yes, he reached into me and pulled out a blue form of me and carried it away. I felt and saw nothing for almost a year--but it felt wrong, I meditated until I could see again, though I feel I'm not as strong anymore.

The second was a large beast covered in fur with giant eyes, he created a study, and would talk with me for a few months. He would ask for sex afterwards (I shouldn't have, I know), afterwards, he would take me to the bookshelf, which would fade into a large dark expanse that looked like space. He would ask me to reach into the void and ask for me to find him, but I was too scared and never did. My S/O woke up the first time I met the beast with scratches on his arm that wouldn't heal until we moved from that house half a year later.

The third was yesterday, I was sleeping and I heard a voice cry out. It begged me to help it, that something was coming, "it's black with red eyes and it's after me!" I saw the black thing's face, and it consumed the voice.

I feel this all started after a friend asked me to check out someone's house to see if I felt anything. If you want the full story, I'll post it on the ghost story site. But long story short, I was attacked at the house by a shadow person with red eyes that followed me home for a week. A few weeks later, I started feeling a looming darkness creeping closer when I meditated. And then I started seeing painted symbols hidden in locations I frequented around town (the sidewalk outside the library, the wall of the store I worked at hidden behind a wooden plank, and the wall of the theater I performed at hidden behind tall grass).

I'm not sure what is going on, but anyone who has advice, please help. I don't want anyone to get hurt.

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