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Spirits Trying To Tell Me Something? Or Hiding Something?


I come from a gifted family. Not everyone in my family have experiences like I and my brother do. It started when I was younger and I was able to read clouds. I got visions (almost like I blacked out for a second) occasionally or strange feelings. Sometimes I could sense what would happen a few days away but usually more like a few minutes to a day in advance. My day-to-day life is full of experiences I know I'm meant be in or do. I can just feel it.

I'm a namesake. I was named after a family member who died a decade before my birth. He died in a plane crash. My family says he was a pilot and was also gifted. He knew he was going to die that day... Or so they tell me. I feel a connection with him but I'm not sure if it's all in my head. I'm afraid of flying, but I love the sky. The clouds often seem to part when I look at them, revealing blue sky. I'm not sure if it's my family member doing that?

At any rate, I've been visited by ghosts (my dog, for one, and I can sometimes feel his presence), heard disembodied voices (he was polite and said good morning), and tarot cards revealed my spirit guide and guardian angel. I don't know who they are, but one is a black cat and the other is a male human figure. I used to see their essence, I'm not sure the correct terminology, during a very hard time in my life. When someone set out tarot cards I was magnetically drawn to specific cards. But during the last two or so, a spiritual human hand grabbed mine and threw it away from the cards. The lady doing the tarot reading was about as freaked out as I was. I still remember the feeling of the fingers today. I recall the hand as a male's with an electric blue outlining, as it appeared in my mind.

I feel like there is something I am missing. Or perhaps I'm not supposed to know? Am I a reincarnate of my family member or is he perhaps the one that grabbed me? I'm trying to learn all I can but it's so confusing where to start and there are so many people that don't understand. Any suggestions on where to start would be absolutely amazing.

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