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Seeing Things In My Head And I Don't Know Why


It started when I was young. Some things felt like a waking dream. It started with me seeing what looked like static. I could make it move in a circle all around my bed like a shield. Then I had a different experience. Like I could walk through my house with my brain. I thought I died at first because I looked down and saw myself sleeping. Other times I remember waking up to see a dark shadowy figure in my room. Just watching me. He wasn't threatening. But he was terrifying. I've seen this thing many times always late at night. Eventually it would leave by going through a wall or the floor. I haven't seen it in many months. It's not an omen or anything for a death. No one that I knew ever died when I saw it. But lately I've been seeing more of the static. I just relax my mind in a certain way, I'll see the static and then I'll start to see images in my mind. I don't know what they mean... Most of them are places that I've never seen before. I have tried to hold on to the images but they disappear as soon as they appear and then a new one shows up. I'm new to the psychic stuff, and never read much about it all. But the things I'm seeing have to have some kind of purpose or meaning and it haunting me. Even now I see what looks like static on and around everything and I don't know how to explain everything that's happening. But it has to have a meaning right? I can't stop thinking about what I see. Someone tell me what it means? I have to know what it means. And I need answers.

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Gwendolyn (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-15)
I am 56 years old and to this very day I can remember the years of constant, vivid dreams of a dark shadowing figure looming in my bedroom doorway as I am sleeping It's a dark far away time and place. I also can move what I call light energy. When I move it upwards in my bed I can leave my body and see myself from above. I did this a lot in my early 20's. I haven't been able to in many years now. But I do see static. Little bouncy dots that are everything. When I am completely relaxing in bed I can see images of a young red headed boy about 6 years old. His face fills my vision and he is smiling. No idea who, why, or... At night I see a bazillion short white dots high as clouds. They move fast and in perfect time sometimes they swirl like the wind is shaping them. All these things I'm reading about are things that I never connected to anything and just lived with me. I would love an opinion. 😉

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