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Runes To Connect With Spirits?


When we talk about rune reading we always talk about a simple tool used to read the future. It is never seen as a way to enter in contact with dead people but I can now tell that it is possible.

The story began one day when I saw on YouTube one of those videos about ouija. We can see people who are asking some questions to spirits until one comes and answer them by moving a piece of wood into letters and numbers to write some words, words which represents answers.

At this time is Asked myself to know if it was possible to use runes as ouija? And the first answer was no.

First time I tried to enter in contact with spirits with the help of runes nothing happened.

Later, I forgot this story. I was drawing runes when suddenly one rune has begun to move. It was incredible to see that Something was moving by itself in front of me, here on the table.

I was asking a question about life after death when the rune has begun to move. I know it is not Something we can really ask to ghosts, even mediums do not do that. I think this day I was not alone in the room.

Since this day the problem was to find out if someone was there and who was talking to me?

Because when we use ouija letters can be used to write a name, here not. Runes are an alphabet, the Futhark. The letter which cam out was "Thurisaz".

Thurisaz is a rune which may shows that the first letter of the name is a "T" but I know that this rune also means violence en schizophrenia.

Was it the message?

I will never know because nothing happened after that but in my opinion the message was clear: Don't play with spirits. Asking the wrong question can make some of them angry and the game does not worth the reward. Even if I do not believe that I can be possessed like the girl in "the exorcist" I really think that the message was clear with Thurisaz: Stay safe, don't play with ghosts.

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TheLittleFaerie (2 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-28)
quija boards bring nothing but trouble. The runes are for casting future, present, and past events, not contacting spirits. That's a difficult gateway to close. Once they know you can see them, they seek you out. 😢
jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-18)
Dear MoniqueK,

When it comes to spirits and ouiji board or runes, one needs to remember that some beings are there to mess with you for their entertainment. I wouldn't say that it could mean anything.
Thing is, how does the spirit know furthark alphabet if it never used it in its life?

Most likely it was just some evil influence playing with you. If I were you, i'd totally disregard whatever was shown and never come back to that topic again.

Be careful and stay safe


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