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What Am I Based On These Experiences?


In my earlier posts, I talked more about my connection with the spirits at my house versus how none of my other family can sense them. In this story, I hope to list out the different things I've encountered and hopefully someone can maybe give a name to what my ability is? The only things I've ever really considered is a sensitive or empath, but this is a big, big world and I don't know what is out there.

First I thought I'd give a little background on my heritage, just in case it could have some effect. I am briefly related to two Native American tribes, the Cherokees and the Blackfoots. I'm also Catholic, and have been all my life. I don't know if this is of any importance, but I am also an identical twin and was born a month early at 3 pounds 5 ounces (I was tiny). So then again, I have no clue if that makes any difference, just thought I'd put that out there.

Second, I lived in my first house until I was five, and the only noteworthy thing that happened there, was I heard a women cackle (like literally like a witch) and no TVs were on or anything. I just know I remember it clear as day, I was so creeped out.

Third was when I moved to my new house and my best friends (who are also twins) told us our house was haunted. Later in life, they told me they faked all the stuff that had happened to them, although I can remember clear as day, some of the stuff had actually happened to me. For one, when we were on the tire swing, my back was to open air and something kept poking me, it wasn't a bug or anything, something just kept poking me every time I turned back around. A second thing that happened with them was when we all saw my sister run upstairs and we were like, "Where are you going? Come back downstairs!" and then she came out from behind the stairs, confused as to why we were yelling for her. The last thing that has to do with my friends was when I was at church one day. I was still pretty young, maybe nine years old. We were having our Bible school last day party when I looked up at the door. One of the twins were standing there, smiling at me. This was a period of time when I didn't like wearing my glasses, but even so at that distance it was only slightly blurry. She was just standing in the doorway, staring at we with this weird grin on her face. I smiled back at her and waved and she lifted her arm slowly and waved jerkily back at me. Her smile then started getting wider, and my smile fell, because this was a little weird. I turned my head to try to get my sister's attention, but when I looked back she was gone. Later, when I talked to my sister, her and her friend said there was a guy who was staring with a weird smile at them too when we got let out to join mass. These were the last of the weird experiences we had with my twin friends.

The fourth thing I want to talk about is my own experiences, as a teen/tween. The ones that will probably make the most difference to answer my question. First I'll talk about the weird out of place things that I saw. For a while (around age twelve), I used to see flames around the sides of windows. It stuck out more when I had my glasses off, but I still saw them with them on every now and then. I wouldn't see them all around the glass either, just in certain corners and such, and never for a long time. I also recall both my sister and I seeing dark shadows in the form of cats or dogs darting around corners (although I'm not sure about my sister she could have been making it up too). Recently for me, this has started back up, but it has also added people as well, and they move in my peripheral vision. I can't look at them directly, but if I don't jerk and look at them, then I can see them moving. Usually I mistake these for actual animals or people until I try to look at them. The last thing that I unexpectedly saw, was in my parent's room, my sister has claimed to see this creature in the basement once, but then again I don't know if she is telling the truth. It was a furry creature with really big, glassy eyes and horns. I'd imagine it to be short, but I didn't see its full body so I wouldn't know. I don't really know how to describe it other than it was sort of goat like, but it didn't have a snout, its nose was kind of like an ewok. In fact I guess it looked like a demonic, goat version, of an ewok. It sounds funny, but to an eleven year old, it was terrifying. (and yes I remember it clear as day).

I also want to talk about what I can hear. I've heard laughter, mainly in the basement, that I couldn't identify, and at one point it happened right before something really bad happened in my life. My friends and sister have been with me when it has happened, and yet none of them have heard it. Once, my name was also called after it sounded like my door was busted in. I thought I was about to be kidnapped, but I jumped up and all the doors were shut. The last thing I've heard has started this past year, where I hear voices. It is really garbled, so I can't really tell what it is saying, but several times, I've thought my parents were home when this happened and then it turned out I was all alone. This has also happened when my family was home, but it is harder to hear and no one else can hear it.

Now for dreams. I usually have really weird dreams, but for a period of time I had dreams of things I do in the future. I wouldn't know they were going to happen when I had them, but when they happened, I remembered the dreams and froze like "what?". Seriously, they weren't even important events, like I was at my mom's friend's daughter's graduation party sitting at a table with a pink tablecloth on a flowered plate eating scalloped potatoes (I mean they were really good potatoes though). This happened for about a year and a half, then stopped. I just wanted to mention another dream that I've had that I remember everything, vividly, because it was so odd and realistic, not like any other dream I've had before. For one, in this dream, I wasn't really there. The best way to describe it was I was sort of like a camera, that the lady was talking into. The entire time she is climbing up stairs backwards, looking at me saying strange things, she seems strangely calm, but the look in her eyes makes her look insane and sad. She said a lot of things, but the one thing that stuck out in my mind was,"this is the end." She said this at the end of the staircase. As she climbed up there were dirty rags hung on them so you couldn't see behind her until she pushed them away. When she said the line that is burned into my memory, she pushed away one last ragto an empty doorway that led to the night sky. She stood backwards in it, staring at me with her sorrowful eyes, then leaned back, I followed her eyes like a camera. As she fell to the grassy lawn, her black hair billowed around her face and the rags she wore enveloped her until that was all that was left. When the rags hit the ground, two black dogs came and grabbed the rags and dragged them away. The awful part about this was that this was supposed to be someone I knew and I was close to. In real life, I don't know who the lady was, but in a spiritual sense it seemed we were close. I don't exactly know why I'm adding this in, I somehow feel it is important.

Now for my experiences as an empath. It is kind of strange, I could (and still kind of can) feel what people are feeling and can feel what troubles are plaguing them. I also was sort of able to see auras, but this was in the back of my head, in my mind's eye. My family was going through a hard time at this time when it was strongest, but my friends were too. I kind of always feel the need to give hugs and when I do, I feel the urge to just pour out light into whoever is feeling pain, it's kind of my own light that I have inside but I want to share it with others. This kind of leads into another thing that I just remembered, when I was younger, I thought I could control energy, and all my electronics seem to break or have something wrong with them. I have to leave soon, so I'm going to finish this up as best I can.

I have also been able to see spirits in my house when others haven't. Even sometimes someone would be standing next to me and they wouldn't see it. When I went on a paranormal tour in Savannah, Georgia, I saw a girl skipping through a graveyard that I later found out was closed to the public. Not only that, but I was the only one who caught a picture of the spirit of Matilda at a haunted mansion.

Some other weird things are that I sometimes can tell what people are thinking and am pretty good at guessing numbers when people say tell me the number I am thinking. I also am sort of attracted to the moon (I don't know is everybody?)

The last thing I want to talk about is me. I used to be very isolated, I didn't have friends, and that didn't bother me. I was always very mature and didn't like the way everyone treated each other. I can't stand seeing people bullied even though I got bullied myself. I am not a rule breaker and I care about everyone. I have actually helped a lot of my friends through tough times, some even might say I have saved there lives. I just want to find my purpose and what this stuff is. Please help!

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Valex (7 posts)
5 years ago (2016-04-06)
If you're seeing apparitions mostly at home, it means that your house is somewhat haunted. What I mean by is that it could be vortex there. Or someone could have opened a 'door'in the house before you moved in - by playing with an ouija board or performing other rituals And this is not a good thing.

From what I can tell there are some mischievous entities in your house. There are ways to 'clear' a haunted house, plenty of info online. Try more than one technique. Your intuition will 'tell' you if it helped or not. If not, try another.
If I were you I would create a safe place there first, energetically. Later, you can try to develop any psychic abilities. I recommend GiGi Young on YouTu...

A clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant etc. For example, would have these experiences all the time, anywhere. It would be part of their life and their reality.

We all are psychic at some level, but understand that through practice, meditation, and with time, you can recognize which type of sensitive you are.
I'd suggest researching all the above to find their characteristics. Also, research protection techniques for your meditation practices, very important. And the importance of intention.

A useful article I found is 'Ascension Signs and Symptoms of the Spiritual Awakening and Expanded Consciousness' link below:

Your belief system has to do with how you see or filter things also.
As for example if you believe in Heaven and Hell, then your fear of hell or demonic will attract more negative entities.
But if you believe that there is good and bad in the world, meant to keep the balance, that would be an open minded view. And it would not create fear.

In my opinion negative entities are here to teach us a lesson. That we are part of God and nothing can touch us against our will. If that happens then maybe we need to work on our emotional body. Or we need to change the way we view things, our belief system.

Hope this helps.
DaysieTanner (guest)
5 years ago (2016-04-05)
Could you describe the woman on the staircase some more. I feel like I've seen this woman as well (I can see her clearly in my mind, but I don't know if it's the right lady.).

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