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Immediate Spiritual Connection With Someone


Let me preface this by saying I have weird or unusual spiritual experiences. So far, the only person who may understand this particular experience is my father (who has a similar connection with one of his friends), but he won't explain anything to me. If anything, he goes out of his way not to help me and I have no idea why.

I love my husband very much, and have a strong connection with him that is deeper than anything in this life. We love each other so much I can't put it in words, and can sometimes feel each other across large distances. I know that deep within my soul, my place in this life is next to my husband as his wife.

My point is stating this is that the connection I am about to describe is not romantic in nature.

One day at work, I felt a strong connection with someone else, almost telepathic. Please note that I have been around this person in passing and haven't felt any connection. We have been in a handful of group meetings before, and I didn't notice anything other than that he has a soothing presence. Recently, we ended up working together on a project, and it was as if the energy around us slowly built up over time, like a static electric charge, until I felt as though we were almost able to read each other's thoughts.

Being around him is soothing, especially when I am rested. When I do not get enough rest, the connection isn't as noticeable to me. It is as if I can relax and breath and just be in his presence. Around him, I feel joy and peace.

I am afraid to shake this person's hand because of how strong our connection is. I feel as if physical touch (even something as innocent as a handshake) would somehow cement the strong connection I have with this person and that scares me.

Someone close to me said perhaps it is because the two of us have similar life experiences, and so our energies resonate more closely with each other than others.

All I know is that it's a bit awkward, and I don't quite know how to handle it. So far, people have told me to simply ignore it altogether and let it be what it will be. I'm not sure that's good advice either, because I have a need to understand this.

I can't exactly walk up to the person I feel connected to and say, "Hi. Do you feel the almost telepathic connection between us? Can you explain it to me? Is this some weird spiritual or genetic thing?" at work. Even if he knew what I was talking about, what would he say?

I think at one point, he mistook the energy for sexual energy, even though it isn't a sexual energy- which makes things more awkward. And we have a large age gap (20+ years), so I am hopefully not even on his radar in that respect.

There is no textbook that I know of to explain this, or some of the other strange things that happen to me. People usually end up scratching their heads when I talk about my spiritual experiences. I'm hopeful that someone on here can explain this adequately. I have been praying for a mentor, and was kind of hoping this person would be my mentor, but I'm not sure if he will be (since my dad won't be) or if he doesn't understand us either.

Has anyone here had any similar experience to this? Does anyone here understand this? Is there a textbook out there somewhere that explains this that I don't know about yet? Any help is much appreciated! Thank you!

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Nightingale (145 posts)
5 years ago (2016-07-07)
My apologies for the late reply.
I am glad you feel more confortable around him now, but unsure what to make if the burning sensation. How long after contact does it happen?
I cannot think of a resource offhand, but should I find one I will share it with you.
May I ask what type of stone you used?
Have you and he spoken much recently?
Hoping you are well,
rarequirkiness (1 stories) (5 posts)
5 years ago (2016-05-16)
Today, our hands happened to touch as I passed him a pencil. The energy at first felt like any other jolt of positive energy and partially shot up my hand. Later, it felt a bit like a searing energy after the initial electricity or whatever it is wore off. I believe his energy is positive and stronger than mine, but I don't understand what the burning feeling after it means. Usually when I feel the burning sensation, it is due to spiritual attack. Could it be unrelated to his energy? Does it have to do with the sheer strength of his energy?

I am much more comfortable with him now that my emotions at home are better. 😊
rarequirkiness (1 stories) (5 posts)
5 years ago (2016-05-03)
Thank you again Nightingale! I really appreciate all your help. It means a lot to me that you took time to help me.

I am still not comfortable around my coworker, but will try to work on it. Meetings are the worst because there are so many people. I think today he deliberately sat close to me, which I wasn't ready for because I didn't want to feel his energy as I have been stressed lately outside of work. With him, I feel completely comfortable in his energy like it is a blanket being wrapped around me, which may make me cry when I am stressed because it is such a relief to be around him. Does that make sense?

I tried the stone/object thing. It seems to amplify my energy, which doesn't help me fade into the background of a meeting or contain my energy. This is normal, correct?

If there are any books you would recommend I read or any other resources I should be aware of, please let me know. Thank you so much!
Nightingale (145 posts)
5 years ago (2016-04-25)
I am glad to hear you have been open to embracing your abilities and that your husband is the one person who makes that glow feeling happen.
Remember that different kinds of love exist, as your mentor seems to share a brotherly love with you. That can be one of the best feelings. If it would not make you both uncomfortable, it may not be the worst thing for you to touch (perhaps when passing the pen next time). There are many different types of bonds, but if this one feels positive, I would encourage you to embrace and explore it at a pace you and he are comfortable with. Some people have a natural connection to one another, and not all psychics or empaths connect the same way. Your other co-worker may have similar abilities to your own, but not be a person you were meant to have a deep connection with.
It's great to hear that there are multiple psychics in your life, including your husband's family. This may help open up discussion and keep it going. That strong connection could be described as soulmates or true love with your husband, I suppose. It's wonderful to hear of.
Talking to your in-laws may be easier than to your coworkers, but you can test their abilities by thinking certain thoughts at them when you think they're paying attention.
As for the question of setting boundaries with your mind, this is an important skill that can be learned through meditation. Learn the limit and feel of yout own mind, and try to practice slowly in a safe, non-stimulating environment hardening those edges, so that you only feel your own mind. For an empath, it will mean blocking out some others' feelings and preventing them from receiving your own. Start slow so as not to drain yourself, and trust your instincts. If you feel it would help and you can control the flow of energy, try stowing a little energy at a time in a piece of jewelry, especially a gem, as long as you know you can stop the flow. You can then use the energy when you start to feel tired.
If you decide to try this, do not begin until you are comfortable with controlling the flow of energy from your hands, or however you will send it. I am recommending this to you because the memory of sending healing energy towards others may help you understand what I mean.
If you feel you are being drained, stop. Obey your instincts, as they will not fail you.
My congratulations to you on the ability to send such healing energy. I encourage you to carefully explore that gift as well. Again, meditation will help with this, and by doing it regularly you may become drained less often.
You need not apologize for the long comment. I thank you for sharing so much, and am glad to be of any help. Besides, this comment may rival the others before it in length.
All the best,
rarequirkiness (1 stories) (5 posts)
5 years ago (2016-04-23)
Thank you so much for your response!
I apologize in advance, but the following comment is long:

Yes, I am an empath; this runs in the family.
I was able to talk with my father, and got a little more information (thankfully). Apparently, this is relatively normal with some people, though it does not happen all the time.

Your words are comforting as I am so afraid I will hurt the other person, even though I feel he is meant as a mentor to me. I am not certain, but perhaps I am also meant as a healer somehow for him because (not all the time, but on very rare occasions- maybe a handful in my lifetime so far) I am able to help people heal (both physically and spiritually) by sending an energy flow to them (like weaving energy). He has been sad, depressed, and stressed lately, and I don't know why. It bothers me, and I hope it's not because of my crazy emotions the past couple weeks.

The last couple weeks have been chaos because I have been separated by distance from my husband, and can still feel his emotions almost the same as if I was standing next to him. He came home recently, and now I feel as if I have a huge sun in the middle of my chest simply because he is next to me. If there was a "craziness" scale from 0-10, I would say I'm normally a 2-3, but while my husband was gone, I was a 10.

As for my older co-worker (and mentor, for I feel that is what he is), the longer I am in his physical presence, the strong the bond is that I have with him. Sometimes, just seeing him will make me feel love, peace, and joy (but to a lesser extent than my husband; it's more like feeling his presence makes me joyful rather than radiating joy from the center of my being as I do with my husband). Also, with my co-worker, I feel surrounded and protected by clouds/big marshmallows and picture blue skies with white, fluffy clouds in my mind because of how I feel.

One day, I had been trying to block my co-worker's presence from my mind simply because I didn't know what to do because I could feel him so strongly and it was difficult to focus on my work. I relaxed as I was leaving the building and thought, "Finally, I can relax. [The guy] is still in his office upstairs." As soon as I relaxed and thought that, a thought popped into my head, "Don't put your guard down now; I'm right behind you." When I "heard" this thought, I whipped my head around. Then, the guy I had been thinking about literally jogged past me with a huge grin on his face.

I am pretty certain he has been able to read my mind from the beginning, but I can't do the same for him nor do I know exactly how to "block" it so he can't feel me or read my mind. When I try to block it, I end up feeling very depleted energy-wise.

Any way, I wanted this co-worker to be my boss (he holds a higher position than me) because I like the type of work he does (a lateral move for me, more or less). I wanted this before I knew of our connection. In the beginning, he told me he was trying to get me on his team, but I felt he was lying somewhat to me. He told me he needed to hire one or two others first before hiring me. My conversation with my father alluded to the fact this may be due to our connection being so strong, my co-worker may not want a problem with it so he wants to hire others to prevent the strong attraction. In some cases, the connection can be so strong that only time and physical distance will remove it, supposedly.

The other weird thing is that the longer I am around him, the more beautiful and attractive he appears to me because I am attracted to his spiritual side. I can control this and ignore it, but it does sometimes concern me especially when I have a passing thought about how beautiful his eyes are or some such thing (which I promptly ignore because I realize it's the spiritual equivalent to going through puberty), but realize he knows I'm thinking that which is really quite awkward. On a different note, when we work as a team, we accomplish a lot together because of our synergy, which I love as our strengths balance the other's weaknesses.

He told me he sees me as a sister, and I believe him. We each have significant others, which I am thankful for. Also, I find myself being completely open and honest with him and it's hard for me to lie to him, which I think is part of the connection. I love him a lot, but know and understand I am meant to be with my husband.

I don't know if it makes a difference, but neither of us has physically touched the other and we both go out of our way not to. For instance, when we pass a pen back and forth, we are both careful that our fingers don't ever touch in the tiniest bit. We've never shaken hands, either.

This connection bothered me so much that I was going to switch departments completely. I went to talk with him the end of last week, and he asked me questions which made it seem like he was trying to figure out why I wanted to transfer. I said it was because I felt I'd been unprofessional with him lately (because he has mentored me through some personal things as a brother would) and I didn't want that to continue. He basically said he didn't mind and preferred a more relaxed environment, and would push to get me on his team again with just himself and me. This time, I believed him. However, this week he has been avoiding me again. I don't know why, other than I've been very anxious for my husband to come home (as well as dealing with some minor drama related to his absence) and my emotions most likely disturbed him.

There is one other person at my work in a different department who has similar abilities (such as a strong spiritual presence and possibly telepathy), but I do not feel the same connection to him and it does not increase with time. Normally, I don't meet people like this (or hadn't noticed it before), but I know two through my work. I have worked with the other person (not my mentor) before and not had any increase in attraction, though I felt his energy was strong and different. Also, the other person feels more calming and soothing whereas my mentor feels more intense, joyful, and loving. Does that make sense?

I don't know if it matters, but I think the fact I have been praying more lately and the trauma related to my husband's absence may have triggered my abilities. Also, I think my husband's family may have similar abilities to myself and my co-worker. I don't know if that matters. I didn't make the connection until all the recent developments, but the way I feel protected around my co-worker (minus the attraction) is very similar to how I feel around some of my husband's extended family.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Your help is much appreciated, and again I apologize for the length of this comment.
Nightingale (145 posts)
5 years ago (2016-04-15)
Hello rarequirkiness,
Having a strong connection with someone you feel this way about is not a bad thing. It is possible to love someone with your entire soul without threatening your romantic relationship. Being in love is certainly different, and I am sure that this person should recognize that fact.
I'm glad to hear that you have spoken to some people in your life about this. It's very encouraging to know. I would advise that you try to corner your dad (nicely... I don't mean literally, but maybe tey being more assertive). If he's mentioned it before, and you know about it, he may be willing to open up with some gentle words. It's worth a shot.
Some people's souls are just connectes, and honestly it can be shocking at first. However, it can be the best thing. A friend of mine and I have such a connection and would not be able to do without one another. Try to keep an open mind and not fear too much. A connection doesn't happen like that if one of you will hurt the other.
If you would be comfortable sharing some of your other experiences here, it might help us get a better idea for what this is. You could be an empath, and I suspect you are from the way you talk about your husband. Is it possible for you to do some quasi-meditation at work, maybe while you look like you're reading something? Reaching out, but not prying, may be a good way to get a better feel for the situation with your mind. Be careful not to exhaust yourself, especially if you haven't done it before.
I know there's a stigma to talking about these things in work or public (and sometimes even private) environments, but it can help.
I hope we can help you feel more comfortable with this.
Best of luck,

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