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They Know That I Know They Are There 2


Earlier, I wrote about the different spirits in my house and how I was the only one who was seeing them. However, now I don't know what to do, and I'm afraid I am going to get hurt. I know I'm not just seeing things, because others used to see them too. But now, I see more things, although they appear differently, and not just in my house. The 'things' don't appear to anyone else anymore, nor can the rest of my family hear them. Recently, what has changed is that I see orbs quite frequently, when before I saw one once a year. Also, for the past two months I've started seeing black and white figures in the shapes of animals and people in my peripheral vision outside of my house and neighborhood. I remember this happening when I was around seven, both my sister and I would see black, shadowy cats and dogs dart around corners in our house and when we'd look, nothing would be there. I've tested to see if it's a trick of the eye, but when I see these things, I don't dart my head around, instead I just pay attention and I can see they're moving. Just now I saw a black orb fly over my shoulder and disappear. I've tested this a few times now. This morning at school (I have a zero period) there was only two of us in the hallway, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a person (who was black and shadowy) walking back and forth between two doors of classrooms. I assumed it was just another student but as they kept walking back and forth, I found this odd. I looked up and they were gone. I looked back at my locker and I thought I saw it again but it immediately disappeared. This isn't the part that scares me though, (although I don't know if it should) the thing that scares me is that things in my house get ten times worse when I am home alone. Plenty of my other family members stay home alone all the time, so I don't know why this only happens to me (other that the fact that I am slightly sensitive). First I'll usually here a noise coming from somewhere where there shouldn't be a noise. Then I sort of hear people talking. It is usually a man's voice, but it is too garbled to hear. My dog will usually bark or at least look where the noise is coming from as well, so I guess I'm not completely alone. Sometimes after I hear these things, I'll see a shadow from where they were coming from and then I call one of my friends (seeing as they are the only ones who will believe me). I would get my house cleansed or something if I could, but I haven't been able to catch proof to show my parents yet. I can't do anything without their permission. I would normally keep ignoring this and just deal with it, but in a few weeks I have to spend the night alone, and I am afraid something will happen. I just have a couple questions to try to clear things up. My first question is, Do spirits sometimes target sensitives or psychics? Should I try to diminish whatever power that I have (or I guess is there a way to shut it off)? And lastly, do you believe that I am in any danger? For more background you might want to read my previous post. I don't know if this is important, but for about a year, two years ago, I was able to feel people's emotions and struggles, and I still do have some characteristics of an empath, but that has kind of faded. I can still kind of do it if I try, but it is less accurate then it was then. Also every now and then I can tell what people are thinking. Not like I can hear it, but when someone doesn't know how to say something, I can say it and they say, "Yeah, how'd you know that?!" Also when people think numbers I can almost guess it. I've only got it spot on once, but I usually say either the numbers flipped (like 27 or 72) or ten off and such. I really just need help and advice on how to not be scared (or if I should be scared), seeing as I can't do anything to fix my house unless I prove my parents wrong. I suppose I could also try to prove I'm sensitive or whatever, but my dad is really kind of offish about that, and flat out says no I am not. Advice?

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