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My Mom: Did Something Attack Her Or Is Just Health Problems?


My mom is 49 and is very healthy. She is psychic (so am I).

Lately she has been feeling dizzy and lightheaded. Sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night dizzy. She also says that the room is spinning. Yesterday was the second time this has happened to her.

She kind of believes in paranormal things and she absolutely believes in god.

She said that what was happening to her was just health problems but I think something attacked her. Perhaps a demon. She is going to go to the Doctor soon but I think they're going to say nothing is wrong with her. I want to tell her what actually happened to her but I don't want to scare her. Plus she might think something is wrong with me and take me to counseling.

She says she might be dying but I hope that isn't true. I'm only 13 and I have a 8 and 14 year old sister. We have nowhere to go if she dies. My dad has dementia and the rest of our family really aren't close to us so I'm hoping she's not right. Plus I'll miss her sooo much.

I don't really believe in god but I still pray to him that my mom would be okay and I really hope he hears me.

She said that she doesn't have a headache but she just feels dizzy and lightheaded. This happens to me all the time but I didn't tell her that. This is why I believe something attacked her because I'm healthy and young so it can't be health problems.

I also just feel that she was attacked. It's hard to explain but I just know. It's like something is telling me she was attacked.

So anyways I need to know if she was attacked or was it really just a health issue. I really hope it's neither but it has a to be one or another. So please If you know what is going on, please let me. Thanks:)

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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
8 years ago (2016-04-05)
There is far too little evidence to suggest an attack. Your mom is doing the right thing by seeing a doctor. I hope she is okay.

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