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Madame Pele' In All Her Glory


Informant: Male/70/Caucasian

Location: West Maui

It was in the Summer of 1984 and my first trip to Hawaii with my Great Aunt who had retired recently. We booked a flight/hotel deal and first landed in Honolulu for a couple of days. I can't recall which islands came after that on our trip, but this encounter with Madame Pele' happened on Maui just after a snorkeling trip over a reef.

As I recall, the bay was fairly large and had a rip tide that day. I had a boogie board, fins, and snorkeling mask as I bobbed along backwards watching the sea life and corals when I looked up and was almost pulled out of the bay and was suddenly in deep water. I swam sideways to my left to get out of the riptide and then was only a few feet above the coral. It tired me out even at that shallow depth swimming back to shore. I made it to shore, but was very tired even at 32 years old and knowing how to swim. Another guy to my right and further out in the bay got pulled on out into the ocean by the riptide on his surfboard.

I came up the hill where my Great Aunt was sitting and watching me quite concerned whether I was going to get back okay. I sat down on the blanket to rest and still had my snorkeling mask on my forehead holding the flippers when Madame Pele' made contact with me. I did not see her, but heard her speak to me telepathically. She identified herself right away and said that I had a great respect for her even though she was only an Island Myth up to that point with me. I had read some years before of people having seen her and a white dog together but neither believed or disbelieved them.

I know she's telepathic because she scanned my Great Aunt and said or thought to me, "Your Aunt Grace is a non-believer. Would you like to have some fun with her tonight at the Luau?" I said, or rather, thought: "Sure...I'm game, what do we do?" Pele' said "When you drive into the Luau, the moment your wheel leaves the road I am going to stop the wind from blowing at the Luau. Have your aunt pick the moment as I will be watching. When you leave, the moment your wheel touches the pavement I will start the wind blowing again! Let Grace decide when the time is right." I agreed and told my aunt what just transpired with Madame Pele'. She has a marvelous sense of humor from what I experienced with her even though my Great Aunt was a skeptic. I thought to Pele', "We're going to the Luau in your honor tonight to celebrate our new friendship!" Aunt Grace never really thought much of anything Paranormal or any New Age material period and referred to it all as "That Old Hoo-Doo Stuff."

All this took place about mid afternoon perhaps around 2:00 p.m. To 3:00 p.m. I turned in the snorkeling equipment and we went to lunch afterwards for a quick bite before the Luau that night. We wanted to drive by it in the daylight rather than miss the turnoff at night. We drove by the Luau location but did not pull in. We did some sightseeing for a couple of hours and around dusk we headed for the Luau. It was still daylight and fading fast when we arrived. I told my Aunt that Pele' was waiting and watching and the wind would stop the moment we drove into the Luau. I waited on Grace to call it and she said "Now...go now! No WAIT!" I said "Make up your mind this time!" She hesitated a few moments watching the wind blow and said. "Now...GO NOW!" The instant the front wheel left the asphalt and onto the Luau property the wind suddenly died down as if someone had unplugged a giant fan! It was truly amazing to see. It was really a case of Pele's Thought and Intention affecting the Element of the Wind!

As we found a parking spot we walked into the Luau activities watching the native Hawaiians mingling and getting ready to take the pig out of the pit. Someone was taking photos and as I was standing among some Hawaiian guys I heard one of them say "This is weird how the wind has stopped over the Luau but is blowing further on out!" I said "What you are seeing is the Hand of Pele' at work! This is Madame Pele's doing." They all looked at me askance but couldn't get over the wind behaving so strangely. I told them it would start back up again when we left after the Luau was over. Anyway, we had a great time and soon it was time to leave. We were in the last group to leave and as I stopped on the gravel access road I said "Okay Grace, it's your call. When the tire touches the asphalt the wind will start up again! Call it." She looked around again at the windless area and back at the road and said "Go now!" As soon as the wheel touched the pavement the wind suddenly blew strong again and did so all night long. Aunt Grace became a believer that night.

A second encounter with Madame Pele' occurred later when Mauna Loa erupted while I was back at home in East Tennessee. While we were at Kilauea, we wanted to see the crater and hopefully some lava. There came a cold blowing rain and all we saw was steam and fog. Everyone fled to the Sheraton to get something warm to drink and sit by the fire. I was naturally disappointed as I wanted to see Pele' "In All Her Glory" with the lava and an eruption. I didn't say anything about it other than to my Aunt Grace and we flew home a few days later.

One night I was asleep in bed in the wee hours of the morning when I felt some benevolent energy lift me up and out of the body and up high into the night sky. As I was on my back looking at the stars I turned over so I could see down below me and had my arms to my side. In less than two minutes I was pulled Westward and over the United States and half way across the Pacific Ocean it seemed until I was parked above Mauna Loa in the dark. I could see the lights of cities and communities in the distance with me being about twice the height of the volcano. I thought "What in the world am I doing here in Hawaii above Mauna Loa?" Then a loud voice I recognized as Pele' said "NOW BEHOLD PELE'IN HER GLORY!" At that moment Mauna Loa let loose with a terrible blast and bright red lava spewed up into the night air like a giant 4th of July Rocket. I was awe struck and humbled at the same time I saw it all. Excitedly moved as I could be, I said "Thank you my friend Pele." Then I woke up in bed crying. I didn't get the scenic Out-of-Body Journey back home as I did coming over to Hawaii. So Pele' must have been listening at the Kilauea Volcano that day when I sighed and lamented to my Aunt Grace that we didn't get to see Madame Pele' In All Her Glory that day.

After I woke up, I walked into the kitchen and saw my Aunt Grace sitting at the table in the morning daylight while it was still dark in Hawaii. I said "Mauna Loa just erupted... You know... That huge volcano with snow on it above Kilauea." She asked me how I knew that and I said "Madame Pele' took me over there and showed me just as it went off a few minutes ago!" Then the radio suddenly announced "This just in from Hawaii: Mauna Loa has erupted in a fiery display of nature!" Aunt Grace thought I heard it earlier on the radio. I said "How could I have heard it on the radio if it is just NOW being announced?"

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Subject11 (9 posts)
3 weeks ago (2024-04-29)
Let dappy come. I will plead for God to help me and dappy will be powerless.

I was visited by the if death in the late 90s, I wasn't scared of it, I kept asking questions. Why can you speak into my mind telepathically. How do you know all of my personal information? Everything about me, what I want, what I wish, what I need?

I was annoying the shadow of death and it grew angry! I knew it was mad and I became scared!

As I felt it rush to me I cried out, "Please God Help me" the ground rose up and I was looking at it down a set of steps. As two angels of God dropped to my right and left side.

I haven't seen the shadow of death since then. Ask for God. He helps you.
ufw57 (36 posts)
9 months ago (2023-08-15)
[at] David_Pack

Thank you so much for understanding.

Some readings or automatic writings can come off negative or without information at all. Especially if its for someone else.

It's very hard for some of us Channelers/Mediums to sleep due to too much Extra~sensory perception coming from the Universe or environment... In order to get the true meaning one has to vibrate at a high frequency while having positive feelings about his/her future. But this can act as a road block because some aliens or Extraterrestrials' use this gate way to come to earth and ruin everything Source provided for us humans

For instance I was having a very bad day today filled with negative inputs and voices of how bad I am about things I don't even do... Like communicating to Extraterrestrials' that's absurd and annoying!

Thank you for your response and may God bless you.

Have a nice day
David_Pack (6 stories) (12 posts)
9 months ago (2023-08-10)
ufw57 Apology accepted, I was just reading you as showing off and being disrespectful to Pele', that's all. Don't take it personally, we all have days where we're too quick to judge. Please accept my apology as well and let's move ahead and enjoy this site and make some interesting contributions to it in the future. In the Spirit of Mahalo and Aloha I greet and thank you all.
Subject11 (9 posts)
1 year ago (2023-02-10)
He isn't rambling. I've been registered here for 8 years and never post... This is my first. I see the same thing... Just nasty sludge culling the young in off the beach to dream to become stranded victim. You have to wake up before it's soul death. Sunlight into ashes. Covert hypnotic impressions of bile if you can find your way you'll keep your grace.
ufw57 (36 posts)
1 year ago (2023-01-18)
I'm sorry if you feel that way. I was typing very fast and your story was the second last psychic experience that I was trying to help with my ability. I was not using my barin at the moment. When I closed my eyes after reading your story (you know, just to connect two & two togather) I saw a green, yellow and black flag. Then a shadowy figure like half dead, floating in mid air and was shaking & vibrating so much I could smell human rotten flesh. That smell you get when you visit a mortuary for the first time & have to go through a bunch of bodies.

So I went online and found out that the flag I received in that vision was Jamaica. Huwaii and Jamaica are both islands with a mixture of beaches and lash mountains. So I decided to call it.

Now about the "Dappy Ghost". There was one day on tv I saw a Jamaican investigation documentary about a ghost named the "Dappy Ghost".

So if I was there, I think that shadowy figure comes to me as The Dappy Ghost and to you as Madame Pele'.

I'm sorry if I was rude. I was typing very fast... Information was pouring through... My hands were TIRED and I was running out of internet bundles

[at] David_Pack
David_Pack (6 stories) (12 posts)
1 year ago (2023-01-02)
Why don't you grow up and make some sense? You ramble aimlessly and have nothing to say of interest so why criticize something you know nothing about?
ufw57 (36 posts)
1 year ago (2022-12-20)
You know the one thing about the Duppy Ghost is that it don't say what it wants there, you will trrrryyy! And cry! But it will still steal your soul😕

The Dappy makes someone hallucinate with names that don't exit. Some people say Jesus, a victim with "The Glory" says volcano. Guess who the Dappy is coming for? You!


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