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Giant Sedona Vortex: Incident At Black Rock


The biggest Vortex in Sedona, AZ is not on the Earth, but above it! My Out-of-Body experience in Sedona happened on a warm Fall afternoon as I was resting in the sun atop a small mesa after an exhausting hike to the top. The year was 1977, the month October, and the day Halloween. My friend George who was supervising some construction at the ranch on Red Rock Loop Road where I was visiting encouraged me to hike to the top of this mesa across Oak Creek and relax quietly at the top of it. Then soak up the vibes and see if I sensed anything special or unusual about it and we'd discuss it afterwards. Once on top I chose to walk around and enjoy the views. I stood and looked Westward towards California as I would be traveling there the next day. It dawned on me then as I had a Dejavu' moment that I had dreamed this very thing several months earlier.

An old foundation was all that remained of a house that once stood there. Some short distance away was a large black slate rock about 3 feet high and 10 feet in diameter that appeared to come right up out of the ground. I had no idea what it was used for, but imagined all sorts of pioneer chores having been done there, perhaps the pioneer residents having fought off Indian attacks behind it. In my imagination I saw animals being skinned and dressed out. At one point I envisioned it as an altar and felt like Isaac in the Bible when Abraham was about to sacrifice him to God!

Somehow I was drawn to the "Black Rock". I was tired and chose to lie down there on it to rest and enjoy the nice desert warmth before my hike back down. You wouldn't believe how an old black rock could be so comfortable with me just lying there flat of my back with the sun beaming down. Soon I began to lazily drift off and was almost asleep when I felt these pleasant vibrations reverberate through my entire body. As the vibrations increased I began to slowly lift up into the air and saw the clear blue sky above me while my eyes were still shut. When I looked below I could see my body lying on the black slate rock as I allowed myself to be pulled ever upwards into the air by whatever benevolent force had contacted me.

After rising about a hundred feet into the air a huge swirling vortex of white light suddenly appeared, turning slowly like a giant galaxy with spiral arms reaching from horizon to horizon spanning all of Sedona and contrasted against the clear blue sky. It was as if the vortex was pulling me into it like a black hole. I noticed that it glowed brighter the closer I got to it and the energy increased. What I didn't realize was that my spiritual body, energy and consciousness was getting more and more in sync with the vortex.

Suddenly in a flash of Light, the vortex disappeared and I was in another dimension standing near a circle of old Indian men sitting in a council of some sort with a Chief or Shaman speaking to them. All surprised eyes were upon me and I simply stood waiting respectfully until someone came over to me. At that point I assumed the Shaman and the others had invited me there, but that was not the case. The Shaman came over to me and asked me politely how I got there. I told him about the "Black Rock" on the Mesa and how the Giant Vortex brought me there and this was the first place I saw coming out of the light. He told me that these native souls were in what I would call "The Happy Hunting Ground" and that they had been here for many, many years after dying and were still learning. And that I had created quite a shock for them to see a 20th Century modern-dressed white man standing in front of them, having suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He said that this was a special place for native souls to learn and they would not understand my being there. He was happy to walk with me and show me an entrance into another place where I would fit in better. The Shaman seemed to take my accidental visit there as the hand of The Great Spirit at work, or else it wouldn't have happened. As we walked away from the group he asked me what the world was like where I came from and I briefly told him. Before I stepped through into yet another dimension I told him it was an honor to have met him and wished him and his group well.

As I stepped through the dimensional doorway from one world into the next I became aware of souls from the present time line in modern attire and not an entirely native place from an earlier time as before. No one was shocked to see me appear in their midst. The one dimension I just left and the one I entered into was Light Years apart in Consciousness, Culture and Creed! It was amazing how the old Indian knew just where the dimensional doorway was and how to open it so I could go through. It wouldn't surprise me if he didn't create the portal himself. I didn't stay long in this second place and asked if there was another dimensional doorway into yet another realm. The people there were a happy and joyful crowd and friendly to visitors somewhat like being at a Cosmic Cocktail party, but without the drinks. I was shown the other dimensional doorway and entered into it only to find New Age-type cult members residing or visiting there. It seemed to be the most recent of the spiritual communities above Sedona that I visited. They were friendly enough and somewhat similar to the previous group, but focused entirely on their path, their guru, and their talk centered around that subject mostly. The souls I had encountered in these various parallel dimensions were souls without physical bodies and others with bodies having an out-of-body experience like myself. I only visited three spiritual communities above Sedona and can only wonder how many others there are! You can tell the difference when somone is having an OBE because they won't shine as brightly on the other side with the physical body pulling energy from the spiritual body! Any soul in that spiritual realm can tell whether you're alive or not merely by looking at how brightly you glow! I did not stay there long until I felt the tug of the body and instantly found myself back in the physical body and on the "Black Rock" again. I looked up in the blue sky and tried to see the whirling vortex again but never did. I knew it was there! I believe it is still there today. I have not returned to Sedona but plan to visit again one day. Back then Sedona was sparsely populated and not a sprawling New Age Mecca as it is today. Overpopulated or not the Giant Vortex is still above Sedona, waiting for someone to take an OBE ride into other worlds!

Here's an interesting footnote: If you've ever seen the older Pillsbury Doughboy commercials, there's one that shows the Red Rock country in Arizona and a giant VORTEX swirling above it! I wonder if they somehow knew about the Giant Vortex above Sedona?

PS: When having an OBE in the physical realm I do one of two things. I either pop back into the physical body after a few minutes, or else shift into another higher plane or dimension! Somehow the Astral Body can not stay long in this physical realm, which is what I suspect of ghosts as well. That's why ghosts can only appear for a short time, then disappear! I've often wondered if some ghosts are people having OBE's.

I hope you enjoyed this true story, David Pack

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Reneemichelle (1 stories) (25 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-20)
Wow! Hi David 😁. I am a middle aged Southern California woman who has had many interesting experiences ever since I was 5 years old. I have to just say that by far your experience is one of the best ones I've read yet on this site. Back in the 1990's I went for some therapy sessions to heal from my childhood. During one of the sessions I slipped out of my body and was in the corner of the ceiling looking down at me and my therapist. It was brief but it really scared the daylights out of me. I will be reading more of your stories now 😁. Thanks for sharing, Renee
RevSilverson (103 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-13)
there are 5 major vortices and many smaller ones in that area and they all ovelap each other. The spirits directed me to go there 2 years ago to perform a marriage ritual between the great grandfather spirit of the north and the great grandmother spirit of the south. My frinds and I climbed up (at dusk) to a ridge near the kochina woman monument and we photographed the entire ritual. What was fascinating was in the many pictures my friend took with his digital camera, an energy mist entered into the picture frames from the left then, after the ritual was concluded it exited back out the left hand side. If this had been a fog or mist it would have follwed the path of the wind from left to right or up and down etc. But this mist didn't. The spirits had told me to look for faces in the mist and sure enough they were there. One looks like a mountain lion watching me as I performed the ritual. My friend posted all of the photos on Don't know if they are still there.

As the days passed the energy from the votices wore me down. I felt as though I was being absorbed into the earth. I felt like a lead weight.

Sedona is a very special place. I believe energy forms and re-forms above and below the earth there. After I performed this marriage ritual (the preparations for which is a story unto itself- the items I was instructed to collect from an indian burial mound in marqutte iowa included a speciman of phallus hadriani-- a penis shaped mushroom I had no idea existed. It was hidden in some brush but the spirits showed me the way to it and I took it to arizona with me for the ritual. This was to represent the greatgrandfather spirit energy. I have pictures of that too). Incidentally, the recent political changes in the middle east began shortly after I performed the ritual. I never question the spirits about what they ask me to do. I just do it with love in my heart and the knowledge that it is for the benefit of humankind.

Nice place- my favorite spot= aiport mesa, lovely views and energy there. Sandi said she liked that energy best even though it's supposed to be masculine energy. But I didn't go by the guidebooks--- just the feel of the different places.

Love and Light...always
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2013-02-12)
Hi David,

I do think thought and energy forms hang around other resonating energies (positive or negative).

You know, I had a flash-back while driving home yesterday after commenting on your story. I completely forgot this experience I had a few years back about vortexes. I was dreaming but fairly lucid when I looked up and saw pretty much the same vortex image in the sky but coming out of it were ravens! I love ravens and was delighted to think they too may use vortexes (why not?) but I never imagined that that could be the case until I saw that.

I have no idea when I'll get to Sedona (sigh) but it's always been on my list of things to do. I just did a trip to Europe last summer and saw Stonehenge up close so I guess I'll have to be satisfied for now!

David_Pack (6 stories) (12 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-12)
AnneV Thanks for reading it. Hope you get to take that trip to Sedona! I liked your story about being in the White Light and the peace and all you experienced. The Castle story fall was most interesting! I think that thought forms or energy hangs in a place where someone died with strong emotion, don't you? I'd say you tapped into it somehow and partially re-experienced it since you were open to those things. I was reading some of your responses to others experiences and you have a lot of wisdom and experience to share.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2013-02-11)
That was a great story to read. How fortunate that you got to experience that. Next time I find myself out of body, I'll definitely be taking a trip to Sedona!

Thanks for sharing.

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