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Myanmar Tsunami Premonition


What I've entered here is a visual story that is true. Because it is hand written I can't prove it. So now I blog my premonitions so they can be proved true.

#1. The first hand written journal entry refers to drowning-pulled under by distorted faces.

Notice the date -5/1/08

#2. Then you'll see my drawing of the drowning dream -notice the date-5/6/08

#3. Look at the Myanmar tsunami media pictures taken off the web

Notice the date -5/14/08

Notice what is circled in red is in my drawing done BEFORE the media pictures.

#4. 16 days after drowning dream and tsunami journal entry

Myanmar Tsunami Premonition 1
Myanmar Tsunami Premonition 2
Myanmar Tsunami Premonition 3
Myanmar Tsunami Premonition 4

So I spent a week starring at the wall.

I'm posting to this blog because there seem to be some people that need help understanding what's happening to them. I used to be one of those people, and I think I can help them understand.

I am psychic and have many premonition dreams / night terrors regularly. I also have been able to heal sickness, channel several entities, contact the dead, and see the past, present and future for others. I see myself as a transformer-helping with the shift from life to death. The dead or recently dead or soon to be dead come to me. The dead come to me for different reasons, to be found, to give messages to living loved ones, because I ask them to, or they know something I should know. The recently dead come to me for help moving to the next realm. Some because of a traumatic or accidental death so they don't know they're dead, some don't want to be dead so they are in a sort of denial, some just are confused.

I call myself pisswhychick, its psychic spelled phonetically. I can't spell very well and it's hard for me to remember how to spell some words and psychic is one of them. It seems very odd to be one of these folks with a title I can't spell. (I can't spell much anyway and I don't type very well either as you'll see from my blog.)

I don't use my real name yet because my blog is true and the truth can be ugly. I have a day job and need to maintain my persona to retain my position. If this wasn't the case I would reveal my birth name.

I've spent many years quite mentally messed up because of this "gift". When I'd had enough and almost died I spent the next several years finding my center. It took reading, meditation, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and acceptance.

2 months ago I decided to start a blog about the "gift". I'm hoping it may help someone avoid the anguish I went through for many years. I'm in the process of putting all my past, hand written journals and drawings up on it. As well as blogging my day to day or night to night experiences of the present almost every day. I have 21 years of old drawings and journal entries to put up.

I am an artist and much of my art work tries to explain my ability to transcend time.

Why did I finally blog? I'm not sure, the universe I guess. My blog is

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RevSilverson (103 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-13)
just one suggestion for you- write your notes in an email to yourself. This will automatically date your info and these dates cannot be changed. Your current handwritten notes will be suspect to some people as you can handwrite any date after the events have happened. You can post the email or scan it after that.

What a great day!
RevSilverson (103 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-13)
excellent! With your drawings and dated documentation you offer hope for many many people. This is the way we all need to prove our abilities and that they exist. I also have documented my experiences in this way and am writing a book so that they won't be "lost" when I die and to offer hope to others so they won't feel isolated when they experience these things. And to post your pictures here takes great courage and even though you don't wish to reveal your legal name for whatever reasons when we have enough proof we will no longer fear discrimination or hatred for our abilities. I was just writing this on another post today on this site. Thank you so much!

Love and Light... Always

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