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The Fall Of The Berlin Wall


Back in 1974 I was a 21 year old student at the University of Tennessee and it was a hot afternoon as I stepped into a bar near the college to have a cold beer. I ran into a German friend, older than me, but who had seen the Berlin Wall go up when he lived in Germany. We started talking at the cigarette machine with our drinks on top of it. The subject of when the Berlin Wall might come down arose in conversation and would we live to see it.

Now remember that back then Nixon was in the White House and Breshnev was leader of the Soviet Union and we were in a deep Cold War! East German guards were notorious for shooting dead anyone who might attempt to cross the Berlin Wall. The Soviet Union was poised with a huge army ready to roll across any border given sufficient cause.

Suddenly as quick as a snap of my fingers part of my consciousness split off from my physical body and shot through time and space and emerged at the Berlin Wall where it was winter there! Lots of people in coats and scarves were up on the Berlin Wall with picks and hammers beating on it trying to knock it down. I could see pieces of concrete flying off the Wall. Others on the ground looked on with great joy and cheered them on! I immediately related what was happening to my German friend standing next to me. I shut my physical eyes so that I might concentrate better on the shocking spectacle I was seeing in the FUTURE as the Berlin Wall came tumbling down! A very strange experience to be in two time lines simultaneously.

Hans, my German friend asked..."What year is it there?" I said..."It's late 1989 in the Winter, I'm not sure of the month but I think it's November." Then Hans said..."That can't be right! The East German guards would shoot them off the Wall!" I said..."NO! It's both sides knocking the Wall down together!" Hans said..."The Soviet Union wouldn't allow that to happen! They'd roll their tanks and army in to quell it!" I said..."Wait! There IS NO SOVIET's GONE!" Hans exclaimed..."GONE!? What happened to it? A War?" I said..." was some sort of internal collapse, a military/financial meltdown." The Soviet Union is no longer there!"

At that moment I was hurled back through time and space into the year 1974 standing there in wide-eyed amazement talking to my friend Hans about the Berlin Wall that would come down in the Winter of 1989! I retold it to him several more times at the bar. I don't think he really believed me at the time. I could hardly believe my own time travel projection into the future! I witnessed a major history-making event unfolding in 1989 and yet to happen from where I stood in 1974!

Both Hans and I lived to see the Berlin Wall's destruction take place in the Winter of 1989. I'll share an observation from that Out of Body excursion into 1989; it seemed as if I were there witnessing REAL TIME EVENTS occurring. Crystal clear, very detailed as if I were standing there watching it, but in my case without a body; only a point of view.

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AnandaHya (guest)
13 years ago (2010-12-28)
this is an awesome story! It very interesting to learn about others stories and experiences with things most people would prefer not to even image is possible. Makes you realize no matter how much you think you know there is always a whole universe of information out there still to discover and experience. I know some of you are still pissed off at me but I want to thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with me and the world. I know eventually you'll forgive me before the anger burns a hole in your heart. At least I hope so. I'm a very religious person but I don't think you have to follow MY religions. It would be a boring world if everyone agreed with everything I said. I prefer hearing all different opinions and experiencing the full flavors and colors found in this world. Thanks again, Peace love and light to all.
David_Pack (6 stories) (12 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-14)
AnneV: You're welcome! I've read some about Bi-location, OBE, Soul Travel, Traveling Clairvoyance (which to me sounds like another name for RV), and Astral Projection. They're all similar in ways. Different pews in the same church? Seems a 'trigger' always set these things off somehow. In this case Hans and myself discussing the Berlin Wall and wondering about if or when it might come down.

DCinAZ: I lost touch with Hans and only saw him at a flea market in passing one day riding in a friend's car. I wish now I had stopped to chat again. I said to myself: He lived long enough to see the Wall fall in 89. Never saw him after that. We weren't really that close, just a friend I'd have a beer with now and then when I'd run into him.

Moonshine: Thank you for the compliment and you're most welcome. I am glad to share it with everyone. Before this experience I thought the Berlin Wall would be up for at least a hundred years. What was amazing to me about it was the period in which I experienced that event. The year 1974! During the height of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. WHO would have believed such a tale back then? Lol
moonshine (123 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-05)
David, THIS is why I came to this site! What an incredible experience. I remember watching the fall in 1989. Honestly, it was an event I never imagined I'd see in my lifetime. How wonderful for you and your friend to have been privvy to that information at a time when we were still practicing bomb drills in our schools because of the cold war.

Again, I feel this is the kind of psychic experience this site was intended for. Thank you for sharing!

DCinAZ (guest)
13 years ago (2010-12-04)
David, Thank you for sharing that amazing experience. And then to see it all happen just as you had seen it so many years before. So what was Hans' reaction when it all came to pass? Being the same age as you are, my curiosity is piqued. I would love to know what Hans had to say about that and the fall of the Soviet Union. This one is definitely going to my favs list! 😊
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
13 years ago (2010-12-03)
Thanks so much for sharing that. Another word for that experience is bi-location. When I took a remote viewing class I was only given random numbers and I eventually bi-located to the target and was "there" but without a body. It's exactly as you describe. It's interesting how it picked that certain event to reveal itself to you. Perhaps it was the historical significance that affected your consciousness.


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