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The Black Mass


As far as I can remember I have always had this massive black thing terrorising me. I would put things to keep my closet door closed because during the night I would see this thing open the doors slowly and just linger. I would wake up with bruises, scrapes, scratches, etc. I would wake up in the middle of the night clawing at my throat trying to breathe. The first time it really started getting bad I was 15 (im now 25). I had woken suddenly due to feeling a weight on my body. I then realized there was something touching my neck and its like cold water poured all over me when all I could see was pitch black. I cpuld physically feel hands around my throat. I couldn't move. All I could do was lay there in panic staring into this black mass as I struggled to breathe. Finally it was as if it was just gone. When I awoke the next morning I thought it was all a dream until I noticed bruises on my neck and sides. To say the least I was terrified. I knew it was there I would just try to ignore it or just stay up all night and just try to sleep at school. There was nights I would try to sleep and it was like we wpuld have a staring contest. I could never go outside at night without it being there, watching me, as if it was waiting for something. Mind you, I had countless things that happened to me growing up that made me wary of people in general. I never told anyone for fear they would think I was crazy. Growing up in a pentacostal and Baptist home where my mother forced religion on me didn't help my rebellious stage either.

I felt as tho it mocked me. My mother had some backwash preacher come and cleanse my room. All it did was make the thing angry and harass me more. Sleep paralysis, dreams, physical harm. I had actually had a premonition of my brothers death before it happened and had a bad feeling the day before. I was suicidal at that point.

About 5 months before my 18th birthday, I moved out to my dads after an altercation with my mother. It had followed me there. Tho it was if it couldn't get to me as often. Soon after I moved in with my fiance (now husband). His mothers house was closer to my moms house. It was then that activity increased. Reoccurring dreams. Walking through the house and seeing it standing around at random. Again I felt as if it was waiting. It never came into our room. But my brother was there. I had actually felt and saw him in there.

A few months later we move back to my mothers land. In my brothers house he had before he passed. First night i'm laying in bed and there it was bigger than ever at the door way staring. I can still feel the dread and suffocating feeling. If my husband went to sleep before me I would just lay there awake staring making sure it wouldn't come near me. If I fell asleep before my husband it would wait until ge was asleep to stand by my bed hovering around me. I finally broke down told my husband about everything. Him being native American understood what I was talking about and believed me. Tho he was hesitant due to i'm paranoid any way. But Then, he made a comment about when he would go outside he felt as tho there was something watching him.

Finally a physical attack happened for the first time after moving away to begin with. I woke up to the black mass choking me again. I will never forget the sinister feeling I got from it. It really wanted to kill me. My husband later told me he thought I was having a panic attack woke up to see this huge black thing lingering above my body and he noticed it had claw like hands wrapped around my throat. In a panic he spoke up and screamed out for it to leave. He said it just disappeared. I remember coming to and him staring at me in disbelief. We got up and he started cleansing the house with sage and his native ritual. Also went through a cleansing ritual that a priest would. (he is an ordained priest but doesn't do church or religion really). It terrified both of us so we went as far as making a cleanse so many feet around the house as well.

After that when you would walk outside we would see it standing there at the edge of the perimeter waiting for an opening. I have long since moved from there. I refuse ti go back. Something sinister has manifested itself there. I feel terrible because my sister told me my cousin whom is now 13 years old stays in my old room and tells my sister all the time that the black mass is still there and it is in the closet watching him. I haven't had any attacks from it for years now. But I still occassionally see it. And I will square up to it now. The last time it tried coming up on me and I challenged it. I told it that it needed to leave me alone and that I would not back down. It faltered and disappeared. But it does keep its distance now and only shows up every so often. I have no clue what it is. Why it targeted me. Not why it wanted to harm me. I will say tho I am still terrified of the dark. I am extremely aware of any gut feelings, premonition, any signs what's ever. I still get shivers when I tell this story.

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