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On April 7 every year the power at school goes out. They told us it was just old wiring but the year 1997 on the playground stuck out. 3 other people have said to be able to talk and feel her with them. So my BFF (one of the 3) and I looked around the school and found mold that grows were blood was splattered and old hair and smashed in gutters, knife stabbed whole in the wall and smeared paint. So we looked more and more and found out she had a sister named April. Our current suspicion is that her sister killed and berried her in the playground. So i'm pretty vague so I'm filling space up because I have to. The girl that is dead's name is Alice. Sometimes she talks to me or shows her self to me. Sometimes she grabs me and says "help she's gone Bananas" and i'm just speechless. Ever since April 7 this year I've been able to make light bulbs flicker and make lightning flash when I want it to. I've spent a long time trying to help her and i'm still trying. Alice interests me a lot. I thick she was reported missing and her case was never solved because she was killed and buried. I really need help understanding this. It can't be all in my head right. Please help me out please please please help. If you can please take this seriously.


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Nightingale (145 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-08)
Hello Emily,
I am glad that you are able to speak with Alice. May I ask what kind of conversation you usually have? There are some ghosts who are very confused about being dead. While it might not be something to bring up, are you able to tell whether she understands what has happened to her?
Meditation can help you control and focus energy. I would caution you not to overexert yourself or experiment with anything dangerous, but do embrace your abilities.
Do you feel afraid of Alice? If it is her making the power go out, she may be doing it accidentally or on purpose. Either way, take care to listen to your instincts. If you talk more abput this with her, speak to her with friends who know around if you can.
Does she ever leave the property? She may be trapped, reliving a memory. For some, movig past a tramatic death can be incredibly difficult.
If you feel like it would help, and you would feel comfortable, perhaps look into meeting with a professional medium to speak to Alice together. He or she may be able to help Alice, and your presence as someone she seems to trust must help.
Take courage and know you are not alone. I am glad you've posted your story and I hope we can help.
I wish you both peace,

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