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Felt Her Spirit Is In My Home


On Feb 1st of this year, my sister in law of 18 years passed away suddenly. Since that time I've felt that her spirit is in my home. I dreamed of her one night and is wasn't even like a dream. We talked and she said things to me that made perfect sense. Even told me that she was putting something up. I later found out that it was her house payment book and her husband had been looking for it. I hugged her and awoke sobbing uncontrollably. I could still feel the texture of her hair against the palm of my hand. Since then we've been having strange happenings in our home. Toy guns making popping noises and water faucets turning on. I feel that she's with us. Could this be true? We don't feel threatened at all, I just think that because of the things that had been going on in her life she feels that our house is the one she can hang around and be at peace. She came from a very tumultuous family and with them there would be no more peace than when she was alive. I feel that she was angry with her husband before she died. He has also recently moved her sister in his home and has begun a relationship with her. I think she's angry with them and stays with us because we don't approve of the relationship. Please someone respond with your thoughts! We just want to be at peace with her. She can stay. We just want to know if it's possible. Can we co habitat with her in a peaceful manner? Is she waiting for us to do something for her? If so how do we know what she wants from us? I just want to understand why us? Will she always be with us?

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kepha1979 (11 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-21)
Shalom Katgeo,

This could be a complex issue, and maybe more then what a post here can answer. We as humans don't really have all the answers...but, something bigger then us humans might. My advice would be to pray for her and ask God to give her peace. In your prayers, I would also include your brother, because he may need them as well, losing his wife. Prayer, and forgiveness may open up another dimention of thought and peace which is not now known. I wish peace for your family, and every blessing, it sounds like... Things have been difficult: (
spookvanger (13 stories) (137 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-21)
You mentioned in your post that your sister-in-law passed over suddenly. When that happens and the person does not know the Truth they very often do not realise that they died, and their spirit will carry on with daily chores as though they are still alive.
Your sister-in-law would have remained at her home talking to her husband who would have ignored her because he could not hear her. This was upsetting to her, but when her sister moved in she had enough and decided to move in with you.
As she is talking to you, you must convince her that she has passed into spirit life and that she must accompany her guide/s who will be with her dressed in white robes. She should be easily convinced. If you don't she may be earthbound for many years to come.
Please read my "story" titled "Inauguration of a Rescue Circle" in which all types of earthbound spirits are discussed.
Katgeo (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-19)
I understand what you're saying. I just had another encounter last night, and it's funny that you should say talk to her cause that's exactly what I did! My grandsons toy gun started popping right beside my husband and freaked him out so I just started talking to her and telling her that I know she's upset, and that I love her and she will never be forgotten. The cool thing about it was that it would stop popping while I was talking then when I paused it would start again!
crimsonwings93 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-19)
I think that the best for her would be to move on, although I'm sure she won't agree with this. It's possible that if she was angry with her husband before her death, she is still holding on to that anger. What I would recommend is trying to talk to her, acknowledge her presence, ask her what she needs. Your sister-in-law obviously is trying to tell you something. As for living peacefully with her... Um... That would depend...


B 😕

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