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Little Girl Visits My Dream To Tell Me Her Story


I have to share this story to get it off of my chest. No one around me really believes in communicating with the after life except my 8 year old son, Jaiden. This story is about a spirit that I believed tried to seek my help in some way threw my dream.

That night I went to bed as normal, but this time it was very real. I ended up starting at the front door of this home, I believe was located in Arizona. I went inside and straight to this bedroom where I saw this little girl, she had brown hair that was cut in a bob style and brown eyes, she was dirty with dirt on her feet and legs, she was wearing white shorts and a pink shirt. I knew she was a spirit and she wouldn't talk to me because she was frightened of what I believe was either an evil spirit or demon that was in the other room. I closed the bed room door and sat on the bed with her. I asked her age and she was 6 and I asked her why she was so dirty. She then told me how she died. Her mother was a junky I believe and drove them (she had a little sister with her) to a field where she basically abandoned them to go be with this guy she was obsessed with. Note: I say believe because she was showing me telepathically not threw words. I believe I saw the mother come once or twice to feed them, but then she didn't come back. The little girl ended up drinking something she shouldn't have and ended up dying of poison I think or maybe it was starvation, that part was confusing. Even threw death she was brave.

I just remember feeling this overwhelming love and connection with her. It was almost as if we were bonded in some way.

After she was done I remember wanting to clean her up so I took her in the shower with me and I cleaned her up. While we were in the shower I asked why she isn't in Heaven. She then told me, "because they told me I would get molested in Heaven". I asked who and she didn't say. I then told her whoever told her that was lying because they wanted to keep her and she needs to go to Heaven and I begged her that when she could go, go.

We then ended up back on the bed in the same positioning we were in before and I looked down and she was all dirty like she was before. I was so sad and realized she is stuck in the same state.

This is the really sad and emotional part of all of this and I cry every time I even think about it. I knew I was about to wake up, but I couldn't go without making sure she was going to be ok. I told her I was going to be leaving soon and she said she knew and I told her that I will always love her and I won't forget about her and she smiled and I hugged her and told her I will miss her and she needs to find me again if she can't make it to Heaven. I told her I loved her one more time and then my mind starting slipping away and I ended up looking at the land and I saw where she died which was by power lines in the desert a few blocks away from the neighborhood she was in now and I remember thinking the reason she picked that house to go into was because it was the nicer of the homes in the area where she was. Then I woke up...

I was depressed for days and days and days after that. I know when she was saying goodbye she was smiling just to comfort me, I know she wasn't ok. There was also something very mean and manipulating that is around her and I couldn't help. I feel helpless. It's been probably a month now, but I have this feeling she didn't go to her peaceful place and that she is unhappy. I just feel it. I could be wrong though I don't know. This is my first dream experience. I normally can only feel spirits around specially the negative ones and I have seen a few in my life and been harmed by two or three in the past, but never had an experience like this.

I want to help her so bad and please don't tell me this was JUST a dream because it wasn't. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help her or if there is anything I can do if she comes back to visit or if any spirit comes to me again. I just tear up even thinking about it. I love this little girl so much and if she comes back I want to have answers or a way to help her get away from this negative entity. Although, I think she is stuck, but I am only guessing, I could be worried for no reason.

Please give me your thoughts and or advice. Thank you very much for reading my story, I tried to keep it as short as I could.

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Reneemichelle (1 stories) (25 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-22)
Hi nicholann17, my name is Renee. I'm new to this site. I just read your story and I am very moved by it. No I don't think that it is just a dream, I think their is really something to it. I have had the question in my head before in the past of why would a child's soul be stuck since they are pure? I've had many spiritual/psychic experiences in my life. I hope that you write and let all of us know what has taken place with this situation. Their HAS to be a way where you can get back in contact with this little girl and help her to move on. I'm going to learn about what we can do to help a stuck persons soul. Anyways, many blessings to you and thanks for sharing your experience. Renee
NicholeAnn17 (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-04)
Thank you RevSilverson. I will be sending you an email to learn more.
RevSilverson (103 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-04)
sorry- please contact me if you wish at revsilvers [at]

Love and light...always
RevSilverson (103 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-04)
this is a great example of clairvoyance. While this happened in a dream state is very similar to what happens to me when spiirts visit me during waking hours.

5 years ago, I had been living in a townhouse for about 3 months when this little boy spirit came to visit me. He was about 8 or 9, hispanic, very sad expression, had dark black hair with bangs, and was wearing a red jacket. Now after 40 plus years of experience I knew he was there to tell me his story so he could cross over into the Light. I got the impression he had been killed somewhere nearby many years ago. Suddenly these images of a man in camouflage jacket and pants came to me. This man was having a flashback to the vietnam war and this little boy looked asian to him. The man was afraid for his life. He thought this little boy had a grenade and was going to blow them both up. He pulled out a knife and ran at the kid, cut his throat, ran away as fast as he could and dropped to the ground expecting a blast. After a few minutes when no blast occurred the man got up and went back to the boy and found him dead. Reality returned to this guy and he was horrified at what he had done. He sobbed and sobbed and said i'm so sorry over and over. I sense this man buried the boy somewhere because he couldn't go to the police because of his psychological record (i'm guessing that was it).

I did the best I could to explain to the boy spirit what happened and that the man was very sorry and very sick. He didn't do it on purpose- he wasn't being mean. The little boy was smiling by the end of our conversation but disappered before I could help cross him over. He never returned so I prayed that he was taken into the Light.

What I have learned is that this spirit was still attached to the area and that he knew I was a kindred spirit and could help him. So he came to me much as the little girl came to you. I used to cry when the child spirits came to me but now I don't. I know they have unresolved business to break the tether that binds them to this world. It's not that I can find their bodies- they just need someone to talk to.

Your little spirit is being controlled by the nasty spirit of the mother. Her mother died bitter and beaten and refuses to cross over. She is the one who has told her daughter to fear the light. She is very nasty and I also sense the presence of a male spirit near the mother. He killed someone or several someones. Possibly a brother. It will be hard to cross over the little girl without first breaking the tie with the mother/brother. Contact me and I will try and help

Love and light...
NicholeAnn17 (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-01)
Thank you for your advice. I tried it last night, but my boyfriend was over so I don't think I was as concentrated as I need to be for this. I'm going to keep trying.
Nicki ❤
fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-31)
Hey NicoleAnn17,

First of all, I doubt many people here would say that it was all a dream; you're the one that experienced it, and if you say it happened, then I believe you.

Second, if you feel that she is still unhappy, you can try to find her the same way she found you: In a dream. Before going to sleep, try to mentally "scan" the area until you find a trace of her (where she died would be a good place to start).

If you find her, the next theoretical step would be to help her "cross over". There's a good chance that she won't be able to do it by herself, so I suggest doing something like the following:

1. Imagine a circle, mirror, or doorway in front of her. Ask her if she can see the doorway (try to imagine it glowing with some kind of light - white works best).

2. If at any point she becomes scared, imagine a white light is surrounding her, and make sure she can see it as well; tell her that nothing bad can enter the barrier.

3. Tell her that there are people on the other side of the item from #1, people that love her & can't wait to be with her again. (Don't try to describe any of them unless they come through - it will be up to the spirit to see them). It may also help to remind her that she can still come back and visit.

4. After this, if she goes through the doorway, slowly imagine that the light is fading away.

For this to work, imagination on both parts is key. A six year old can be incredibly creative (I got outsmarted by one, with a story I created), so follow her lead in the visualization. If she stumbles, give her an idea to keep going on (for example, say she runs into the negative entity - give her the idea that the light surrounding her will eat the entity, and protect her).

Hopefully this helps a little.

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