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My First Clairvoyant Confirmation. I Feel Delirious


I recently started down the spiritual path after my mum died and came to me in a visitation dream. I was lucid in the dream, knowing my body was asleep, but I was also certain above anything else that she was actually there. She communicated telepathically with me and my life of an atheist dogmatist changed forever!

So I have been learning and absorbing everything I can on metaphysics, psychic ability, lucid dream OBEs, DMT you name it. And couldn't believe what I was seeing. There was a very definite and obvious link between everything I had always glazed over at the mere mention of, such as meditation, spirituality, afterlife etc and realized that everything makes sense once you have a spiritual experience! I now know the afterlife is a fact! My life has done a 180o turn!

So I've been meditating and getting extremely clear, vivid images/scenes in a TV format. (hope this makes sense!) floating across my mind VIVIDLY. As soon as I start trying to analyse the image before me it starts to move across my minds eye faster and faster until it has vanished. Then I had this vision recently which was unlike all my other 'TV' type ones, which started out in the blackness of my minds eye as hundreds of arms scratching frantically at soil. Just arms, no bodies. And the motions were almost shamanistic, or ritualistic. Eventually the rhythmical scratching had revealed a corpse of an African baby laying in fetus position on it's side in the soil, half decayed.

This worried me because I had no idea how to interpret it. This had me wondering if the baby was me from a past life or something! Anyhow, in the same meditation, I had a TV type image of a friend who I haven't spoke to for over a year crying hysterically in her kitchen, I could tell it was her intuitively even though her hands were covering her eyes and the image flashed so quick but I sensed another person in the room with her and even saw her hairstyle and that she had a fringe which I hadn't seen her with for years. I had to message her on Facebook to find out if this was anything or if I was bonkers!

After messaging her out of the blue and for the first time in a year, she is astounded and tells me she miscarried in October, and finally broke down about it in her kitchen with her auntie two weeks ago. She also told me how shocked she was because she had only two days before the kitchen incident had had her fringe cut back in. I did not tell her about the baby vision because I had no idea it was connected. But the more and more I think about it it seems like a definite symbolic connection! I am going to ask if the baby's father was African and that will definitely confirm it for me!

I guess now I just feel a little lost. I would love to help others through grief but don't know how to use these visions to help people. I didn't receive any uplifting messages to give her or anything but then again I was meditating when these visions occurred. I would love to develop these abilities further so that I may know how to interpret these images as I am having them rather than having to wait for who knows how long to have them confirmed, if this is even possible. I have heard you can switch it on and off like a light switch so that it is possible to only have visions for the person you are meeting with.

I also am very unsure of whether this is natural psychic ability or my mum helping me open up spiritually.

After absorbing more books on this topic I am hopeful and very excited to one day be able to help others through their grief, as well as, of course - speaking to my dear mum whenever I like!

Any feedback or insight for a newbie at anything spiritual would be much appreciated!

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vergil117 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-02-04)
you were remote viewing I think... Sometimes when you are so connected to somebody you can see them without being there. It happens to me sometimes to. I'm sorry for your friend... I can't imagine how bad that must be... 😭 could you share a bit more what you have experienced? I would like to help you.

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